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Tomb with a View summary Tomb with a View, series Tomb with a View, book Tomb with a View, pdf Tomb with a View, Tomb with a View f2cf8e26d2 Cemeteries Come Alive For Amateur Sleuth Reluctant Medium Pepper Martin Cleveland S Garden View Cemetery Is Hosting A James A Garfield Commemoration For Tour Guide And Reluctant Medium Pepper Martin This Means That S She Ll Surely Be Hearing From The Dead President Himself And When She S Assigned To Help Plan The Event With Know It All Volunteer And Garfield Fanatic Marjorie Klinker, She Ll Wish Marjorie Were Dead Too Bad Someone Beats Pepper To It

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    Pair one of our less interesting presidents, James A Garfield, with a cute slender, sexually aware, private detective, cum medium, and what do you get You get this delightful cozy mystery, one of several in Casey Daniel s series of Pepper Martin adventures.But be warned If you don t like a bad pun or two, several tongue in cheek jokes and a huge riff on one of the presidents of these United States, this delightful novel isn t your cup of tea.On the other hand, if your humor runs to the mildly risqu , you don t mind a self aware sexy cemetery tour guide who happens to be reluctantly channeling the dead President, and you enjoy fast paced well conceived criminally artful plots, this latest adventure of Pepper Martin is definitely a winner.Around every prominent figure in history there swirls scandal and scandal attracts the greedy If this author is to be believed, an incredibly audacious land swap plan was under way when anarchist Charles Guiteau fired the bullet that cut short what might have been a sterling presidential career.That s all in the past What s here and now, is a well managed, funny, and twisty story peopled with interesting characters, not the least of whom is well named, Pepper Martin.

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    While the story was clever i.e., it centered on a credit card fraud identity theft ring making use of one of the mausoleums at Pepper s cemetery , I was extremely disappointed at how dumbed down Pepper was in this book In past books we ve learned that our material girl was an art history major, that she d become accustomed to the finer things in life but had been taken down a notch after her father was indicted and subsequently incarcerated for fraud That said, the little jabs about her lack of understanding of some pretty mundane vocabulary rang tinny when she d been so very clever in previous outings Not sure what s up with that, but maybe Casey Daniels can return Pepper s IQ to the same level in future outings.

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    Casey Daniels s heroine Pepper is a stitch A terrific series

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    In Casey Daniels s Tomb With a View, the 6th installment in the Pepper Martin paranormal cozy series, this newest mystery had a hint of historical flair to add the drama For Pepper Martin, she s about to host a commemoration on President James A Garfield for the Garden View Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio But there seem to be a snag and a big problem Her name was Marjorie Klinker, the newest volunteer member who claims she s related to Garfield as a know it all She s giving everyone at the cemetery a hard time including Pepper And when she s about to show off her surprise to Pepper, she wound up dead Someone must ve pushed her over the edge Now it was up to Pepper to solve the mystery with a hand from President Garfield s ghost who seems to haunt the tomb and haven t crossed over yet As Pepper deals with a love triangle between Scott from the FBI and Quinn from the Cleveland PD, she has than enough to deal with like a con man named Jack and a stalker While Pepper tries to solve the puzzle by figuring out whodunit and why, she becomes the next victim on the killer s list if he doesn t get what he wants fast.

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    Tomb with a View is the sixth Pepper Martin cozy mystery In this book, Pepper is helping an annoying volunteer prepare for a commemoration ceremony for President Garfield when she begins to find some shady things in the memorial Then Marjorie Klinker is thrown over a marble balcony and smashes her head below Pepper works around handsome FBI Agent Scott as well as adorable Detective Quinn as she tries to solve several mysteries at once.

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    Pepper is still snobby she makes a lot of internal comments on being grossed out by the elderly having a love life, dissing fast food work and Indiana but I realize the author plays this up knowing these traits make her unlikable in ways The mystery is fun and the two cops involvedamusing This time a ghost isn t wanting her to solve a crime, it ended up being a creative change Review soon

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    So worth the 5 stars I love every book she has written All amazingly beautifully written You easily fall in love with the characters You laugh, you cry you even want to yell at times An amazing mix of a cozy mystery with spookey, fun, loveable Ghosts.

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    BACK OF BOOK SAYS SINCE CLEVELAND S GARDEN VIEW CEMETERY is going to be celebrating james a garfields 179th birthday, pepper has been assigned to plan it with marjorie klinker know it all vounteer and garfield fanatic it s enough to send pepper to an early grave especiallyb ecause marjorie won t shut up about being related to the late president.but when majorie takes an assited header over the balcony in the garfield memoiral, pepper needs to solve the case if only to show up her detective ex boyfriend.this was a very good book, very enjoyable didn t even miss the ex boyfriend all that much, actually like the new almost one better.book progessesed at a good pace, and wasn t predictable at all left you guessing who done it until the very end which was a surprise you didn t see comingvery good this is book 6 in the series, now on to book 7 a hard days fright and book 8 wild wild death

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    Another Pepper Martin mystery this one involving President Garfield A good read.

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    This review was originally posted on Once Upon a Chapter Cemetery tour guide and reluctant medium Pepper Martin is always up for some fun that doesn t involve seeing and talking to dead people So a gig commemorating a dead president can only mean good times are not ahead How do I start to describe Pepper Martin She s spunky, fun, confident, smart and always fashionably up to date Just ask her, she ll tell you Not only is Pepper all of these things, but she is also a private investigator for the dead Pepper can see those who have not passed over to the Other Side On most occasions these ghosts have unfinished business here on Earth and they cannot depart until it is taken care of This is where Pepper steps in.Pepper works at the Garden View Cemetery A few years ago, Pepper hit her head on the mausoleum of a gangster named Gus Scarpetti On that fateful day, Pepper gained her Gift to see the dead Pepper has helped several spirits pass over since that day Usually this ends up getting her in some sticky situations and some near misses Although Pepper is reluctant at first to help, she usually ends up becoming attached to the ghost she is trying to help.This time around Pepper finds herself working on the commemoration of President James A Garfield President Garfield is buried in his memorial at Garden View Cemetery Not only does Pepper not want to be working on the commemoration but she definitely does not want to be doing so with Garden View s most annoying volunteer, Marjorie Klinker.Marjorie claims that she is the descendant of President Garfield She alleges that President Garfield had an affair and that she is the descendant of the son that came of that affair These claims have been rejected by the President s family, Marjorie s family and those who know her There was never any proof of an affair Marjorie has spent her entire life collecting all things President Garfield in hopes of proving her connection to the family Marjorie and Pepper have to go through the archives at the cemetery and Marjorie s personal collection to decide what should be on display for the commemoration It is during one of these sessions that Marjorie reveals to Pepper that she will have some new and especially wonderful information regarding the President Pepper doesn t take the bait and that s really too bad The next day Pepper finds Marjorie Klinker dead in the Garfield memorial.What information did Marjorie have that was worth committing murder There are a lot of questions and it seems few answers Pepper finds herself in a world of deceit, fraud, murder and scams She also can t figure out how she s supposed to help President Garfield cross over when it is abundantly clear that he is enjoying himself here in his memorial.Once again Casey Daniels has taken us on a crazy adventure filled ride Pepper is funny, clever and loyal to those she helps She also demands that same kind of loyalty Tomb with a View had me laughing out loud and tension filled I couldn t wait to figure out who dun it and per usual, I didn t figure it out until it was revealed to me Casey Daniels is a mystery mastermind There was also a secondary mystery that related to the primary mystery so there were several possibilities going through my mind Never mind that not one of them was right.Tomb With a View is a great addition to this series The mysteries are great and Pepper is a refreshing and funny heroine If you haven t read any other book in the series, I honestly don t think that you would have to before you read Tomb With a View I like having the entire back story so I ve read them all and have added each one to my keeper shelf.

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