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Santa Baby summary Santa Baby , series Santa Baby , book Santa Baby , pdf Santa Baby , Santa Baby 8ed3896ff7 Having Been Burned By His Father S Betrayal, Real Estate Tycoon Trip Wakefield Has No Interest In Love Or Relationships Until He Meets Arietta, A Struggling, Sultry, Blues Singer, In His Favorite Club Seduced By The Silken Velvet Of Her Voice, He Pursues Her With A Single Minded Purpose Arietta In His Bed, At Any Cost He Offers Her A Deal If She Will Be His Mistress She Can Have Anything She Desires, Except His HeartA Woman Who Knows Her Own Mind And Goes For What She Wants, Arietta Decides That She Wants Him And His Heart So She Takes The Ultimate Gamble And Agrees To Become His Mistress But When The Stock Market Crashes Trip Loses Everything Knowing That He Can T Keep Up His End Of Their Bargain He Tells Arietta It S Over Arietta Takes Another Gamble And Moves In With Him And Gives Up Everything She Owns To Help Him Rebuild His Wealth In A Gift Worthy Of The Magi She Offers Him Everything She Has Herself

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    Really enjoyed it, great character development and spicy moments

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    Description The moment real estate tycoon, Trip Wakefield, lays eyes on blues singer, Arietta, he s thunderstruck He wages a campaign to make her his kept woman, but after a reversal of fortune, he must rethink his ideas about love or risk losing her forever.The Good This was a very charming story with some seriously hot sex scenes Trip is one of the most realistic portraits of an alpha business man that I ve seen I love that he and Arietta both have financial ups and downs and that s it s weaved into their romantic storyline I also loved that they both came from big, funny and ridiculous families In the end, they turned out to have in common than one would have thought reading the description Also, this story is on and popping from the beginning Holcomb excels at maintaining sexual tension while allowing her characters to get to know each other.The Bad Though I loved the family, I wished they had been introduced sooner They re arrival after the story s midpoint along with what I d call a light bulb realization on the hero s part gave the final act a somewhat rushed feeling.The Naughty Erotic Exhibitionism Light anal play Explicit language Editing issues Minor I counted three.Publisher Loose IdLength 155 pagesFinal Grade B Happy Reading,Theodora from irbookreviews.com

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    This is my second book by this author, although Santa Baby is entertaining, I think Rock Star is better This story lacked the amount of character and relationship development found in Rock Star Spoiler Alert I admire independent women, when Arietta gave the majority of her money to Trip from the sale of the condo which he gave to her , then having to move in with his family caused me to lose some respect for Arietta Maybe my thinking is old fashion but there were other ways of dealing with the economic issue.Overall, the story was okay but could have been longer I rate this story a 3.5 I like stories about musician because I am one I realize the author, Ms Holcomb is a contemporary writer but it would be nice to see her write a historical musical fiction centered around an interracial relationship.

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    Arietta and Trip s story This story was romantic, loving, sweet and tender I absolutely loved it I enjoyed how Trip wanted to protect his lady and he did not play any joke with her safety What Arietta did to demonstrate her love for Trip was amazing He offered her the world and all she wanted was his heart I have not read anything by this author before but I loved this story

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