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    I didn t immediately put this book on my top priority because of the cover Yes, I know, it s weird, but I m not very much into cartoon yaoi cover, I prefer real gorgeous yummy men g ANYWAY, until a friend of mine told me that this was good and I should try it I m glad that I did.I really enjoy the story very much a couple of times it reminds me of Drew Zachary s writing There is a good balance of romance and mystery In fact, the mystery is really good because I never think that the perpretrator will be that one I like the progress of the relationship I really am not in favor for fuck fest with pages and pages of sex or immediate declaration of I love you so I m happy with how Ms Boudreau treats this one Definitely a good debut, and I want to read of her works if any is available in the future

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    I really enjoyed reading this debut novel When I finish a book with a smile and happy to have read the story the author in my opinion has done their job perfectly I ll be looking forward to reading from Wren Boudreau in the future and definitely recommend this well written romance.My complete review is posted at Rainbow Reviews

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    I picked up this novella a while ago from Loose Id because Wren has been a lurker commenter on this blog for a while now and I was curious as to how that online presence would match with her writing This is also the reason that it s sat on my TBR pile for a few weeks because I was worried that I wouldn t like it Fortunately for me and her , I did like it It wasn t perfect, but it is still a darned good read.Ice Cream on the Side begins with architect, Dylan, meeting teacher and artist, Michael, during a meeting to discuss a new arts block at the school where Michael teaches and it isn t long before the pair act on their mutual attraction However, the road to love isn t smooth for these guys, especially when Dylan has to deal with the appearence of an ex lover as well as the discovery of a dead body who turns out to be another of Dylan s ex lovers.Ironically, the thing I liked most about this book is also one of its weaknesses The book has a light breezy tone to the writing, and the third person narrator, Dylan, has a wonderfully self depreciating, dry, witty voice This narration worked extremely well for the first part of the book as we see Dylan and Michael meet and fumble their way to a tentative relationship Dylan s wry obversations on his sex life or lack thereof , coupled with his lust for Michael and bewilderment when things don t go to plan had me laughing at his expense a number of times Once the two men begin this journey towards love, the novella moves into darker territory as the first body is discovered and Dylan is involved in some distressing scenes with ex lover Ian It was at this point that I began to find the tone a little jarring with the content Dylan is connected to the first murdered man, and the witty asides that had seemed so engaging in the first half of the book made Dylan seem a little cold hearted and unfeeling when placed alongside murder As the bodies pile up, I began to lose a little sympathy for Dylan and his sarcastic comments.One unusual aspect of this book is that it is set in the art world Dylan has close links to the art scene and both Michael and Ian, are artists I liked that Ian and Michael showed opposing elements in the artistic temperament Ian is conflicted, tormented and self destructive whereas Michael is optimistic, positive with a flair for the dramatic The way that Michael throws his all into everything, both in his art and his relationships was endearing and I found that I liked him a great deal.The mystery element of the book worked quite well for me, even if it was a touch melodramatic on occasions There were plenty of false leads and red herrings and I didn t guess the murderer In fact I was completely convinced that it was going to be a certain character and it turned out to be someone else entirely This made it a good read, as I like mysteries where I m completely fooled.Overall, I really enjoyed Ice Cream on the Side Even my feeling about Dylan s seemingly callous tone towards the end wasn t enough to detract from my enjoyment As a first published piece, this was very impressive and I shall certainly be reading future books by this author I would recommend the book, with a grade of Very Good for those who are looking for a quick, clever read which doesn t take itself too seriously but which also contains interesting and likable characters.

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    First let me say that I truly regret that I left this debut for so long on my ereader without reading it But at the same time I m happy to have read it now, in my vacation, because it added to my vacay contentment But don t be fooled by the title or cover It s not a light, fluffy vacation read, although the ice cream probably triggered me to pick it up while I was on the beach This book actually has layers than I expected It s an excellent romance with a touch of mystery and suspense added And the role that art played in this story was beautiful it wasn t just a prop but meaningful than that.Dylan and Michael are well portrayed, wonderful main characters and they make for great, droolworthy book boyfriend material as far as I m concerned I loved the tender and hot moments between them Especially the kissing scenes were fabulous, but also the hint nothing of kink submission made me alternately melt and combust.The suspense and mystery are nicely interwoven with the romance between these lovely guys The identity of the murderer came as a surprise to me The mystery part of this story was actually done very well and added to the relationship development, which was a nice bonus.I was kinda sad when the story ended when the mystery was resolved because I would ve loved to spend some time with these two hotties, to taste a bit of their sexy chemistry and to wallow in their happily ever after for a little while longer That s just greedy me speaking, I admit it, because it s not that Ms Boudreau didn t offer enough of the sexy, happy times and hotness The contrary It s her skill to write good scenes that makes me want .As far as I know there isn t a second book from this author out yet, but I sure hope there will be one soon.4.5 out of 5 stars

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    I read this a few days ago and I really liked it I remember seeing the cover of the book and knew I had to read it even before I read the blurb, so I was very pleased this book worked for me.The book starts off with the classic old love making contact with the main protag Dylan Forest and just a few pages later Michael Gil, the person who was destined to cause Dylan some headache of the love kind is being introduced to him.So far so good The men quickly sort through the whys and the because of hooking up and giving each other a chance, as both men are carrying their own share of baggage Dylan, after having gone the route of love and all that has been badly let down so he shrouds himself in the superficial relationships which he likens to Ice cream nice for the moment, but once finished that s it, until the next flavour makes his mouth start watering.Michael is just scared of investing again in a relationship after losing it all before he quickly comes to the decision that it s better to have loved than to always be on the side lines You know things are not sunshine and daisies after that because a dead body turns up and another one is found soon after and both men are in the killers sights but for different reasons HighlightsI genuinely like Dylan and Michael they were level headed enough to make a career for themselves as well as knowing when to move on from a relationship However they still had that kind of vibes to them to know when to appreciate a relationship that is worth making the effort for.I thought there was a good mix of support cast some obviously got on my nerves but I think that only made the mix bag work better in the long run.The little burst of humour were a nice touch I thought, there were even a few scenes that I was hard pressed not to burst out laughing I m sorry to, um, disturb you, but it seems there seems to be a well, we received a call.Um, than one, actually I started to get the gist of where he was going with this andheld the receiver out a little, inviting Michael to lean in so we could both hear Yes, go on, I encouraged him We ve received some calls about the, ah, noise level in your room Michael had to pullaway the spurting noises he made as he tried not to laugh would be heard through thephone If he d been drinking milk, it would ve blown out through his nose What about the noise level in our room I tried to sound concerned Michael listened inagain Well is everything okay there, Mr Forest The gentleman next door was quite worriedthat, what with all the pounding against the wall, and the ah moaning,and um shouting, that someone might be hurt Or something I could hear a little smilecreeping into his voice now And another caller tried to describe what she heard, but seemedto be confused as to whether she heard people, or animals He snorted a little, stifling alaugh.Ice Cream On The Side Wren BoudreauMicromanaging a scene sometimes does not work for me but some of the memorable moments in the men s life I thought the authors step by step description of them were in very good taste A little mystery was there and I will admit for the first third of the book I felt one person was just a literal waste of space, but as the plot began to unfold I had that I didn t see that coming moment really good.I thought there was a nice balance of personality traits Dylan with is pragmatic nature was a good foil for Michael all will be well style Then with the backdrop of the book being set in the art world all the players brought their own positive and negative energy and no two were the same I am not a lover of books with too many support cast but I liked the fact that the author made use of every person she introduced me to and the circle of friend she surround the men with were easy to love and hate in equal measure I thought the guys genuinely connected and that made for some super hot smut.NigglesWhile the mystery held it s own the law enforcement details of this books did demand a bit of go with the flow To be honest after a while I didn t mind because Ms Boudreau added enough sarcastic humour here and there and filled some of the scenes with just the right amount of distractions.There was a little too much touchy feely for my liking and I ended up wishing for very bad things to happen to the guilty partyBottomlineI am very pleased this book lived up to my expectation As a first book out of the stabled I say kudos to Ms Boudeau Her style is easy to read, nice touch on the mystery and a good balance between the heavy stuff and little slices of humour.ICE CREAM ON THE SIDE worked for me on may levels and I will be looking out for of Ms Boudreau work.

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    Dylan Forest is an architect from a small Pennsylvania town called Raven Pass He is successful and fairly content with his life, but he s looking for something a little He compares his longing to a desire for his favorite dessert, ice cream When Dylan meets the town s new art teacher Michael, who is six years his junior, the two are almost instantly attracted to one another Michael is very cautious, though, having been badly burned in a previous relationship It becomes clear to Dylan just how strong this attraction really is when he visits Michael s house and discovers that his friend has painted a magnificent picture of him In the portrait, Dylan is portrayed as a beautiful angel From this point forward, the two are inseparable.Conflict arises when an old flame of Dylan s rolls into town, trying to rekindle what they d once shared When Dylan rejects the offer of his former lover, things get pretty ugly Two murders and a series of death threats keep things exciting, as well as a startling attack on Michael which nearly kills him In truth this story was a mystery Although the plot contained a very beautiful romantic element, the storyline was driven by the protagonist s quest to discover who was responsible for these unexplained murders and death threats Although I m generally not a huge fan of mystery novels, this one was very enjoyable for me When I first discovered the direction in which the plot was headed, I sort of rolled my eyes, thinking it was all too predictable In the end, however, I was pleasantly surprised Particularly, I was impressed by the strong writing as well as by the impeccable editing of this rather short story I felt the dialogue was believable, and the characters were both realistic and likeable Some of the secondary characters were confusing to me at times, though, for the narrator seemed to drop names as if the reader was supposed to automatically know who they were In the end, however, everything became clear.The romantic and erotic scenes in the story were extremely well written The author obviously has thoroughly researched gay sex and the male anatomy, something we sadly cannot always say about writers in the m m fiction genre.The story itself was quite powerful I was actually disappointed that it was not longer I do not want to include any spoilers, but I really appreciated the way the author used the conflict to strengthen the relationship of the central characters rather than to create a forced separation plot device Overall I loved the writing style of the author, and I thoroughly enjoyed the story It was exciting, interesting, and very romantic I do not hesitate to recommend both the author and the book.

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    Without doubt, from the cover and from the initial scenes, this novel appears to be light and pretty Dylan is a 32 years old successful architect living in a liberal small town he is well welcomed and with a lot of friends Apparently is life is perfect but suddenly strange coincidences start to happen his former college boyfriend Ian, the one who broke his heart but despite that remained one of his best friends, call to invite Dylan to the opening of his exhibition and at the same time to ask if Dylan is willing to spend some days together, obviously with the intention to refreshing than an old friendship During a work meeting Dylan meets Michael, a young artist who happens to be in the same exhibition as Ian Michael is young and cute and new in town, and willing to share than a simple work relationship with Dylan If being in the middle of an old lover and a new one was not enough, another past relationship comes back again in Dylan s life to bite him From being a funny and light novel, the story suddenly shift almost in a stalking horror Dylan doesn t know who to trust, are all coincidences or there is a crazy lover out there who wants to have exclusively access to Dylan Is it Ian who wants Dylan s back Or is it Michael who is unwilling to share Dylan s love Or maybe is it Quentin, who Dylan has always rebuffed in the past and who maybe is tired of it Is it Jeff, the young architect who obviously comes to work for Dylan only since the boss was gay There is a clear shift in the story, almost a Red Sea separation first part is basically a light and pretty romance, with two new lovers who have to know each other and test their possible love relationship both of them were burnt in the past, and have to be careful with their hearts, but when they realize that it s not a dream, and that maybe they have really found the perfect soul mate in each other, the step to happiness is easy and fast Then the second part of the novel, the love story goes in background and one by one horrible events happen in Dylan s life, and he is no sure of anything or anyone around him I have to say that the author was good enough to present than one possible culprit, and in this way it was not easy to find the one, but she didn t push too much on the mystery button as the relationship between Dylan and Michael started fast and developed even faster, also the presentation and resolution of the mystery had the same fast approach Ice Cream on the Side is a good debut novel for this author, I think both side of the story, the light and the dark one, were well built and balanced.

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    2.5This was a romantic suspense story It was short, cute, and the villain was not entirely obvious I was convinced it was Jeff for half the time However, I believe Mr Boudreau made a mistake when writing this in the first person The benefit purpose of the 1st person narrative is to provide the reader with a better deeper insight into the mind of the protagonist, and it is incredibly useful in certain types of dramatic fiction HOWEVER, Dylan, as a romance protag, a normal guy, especially with his sometimes flippant and nonchalant attitude, did not make a compelling 1st person narrator, nor did he have an original voice In fact, the reader feels a certain distance from Dylan, partly as a result of his various smart aleck comments in inopportune moments this also slows down the action and interrupts the suspense AND I felt that the romance part of the story was superficial, since the Dylan and Michael behaved like two teenagers at times, and there were a few scenes that had me rolling my eyes at their cinematic melodrama the declaration of love scene, for example.

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    Wow, I wasn t expecting as much of a mystery as this book turned out to be, but I really got engrossed in it Similar to most mysteries, I usually try to fit the puzzle pieces together and figure out the whodunit, but unlike most mysteries, this one stayed a complete surprise through the reveal Very clever I really enjoyed getting to know Dylan and Michael s characters They had a great budding romance and some pretty steamy scenes together I liked Dylan s musings and dialogue he had a strong voice and personality in the book Michael just seemed sweet and very affectionate This book had a little bit of everything going for it intriguing storyline, likeable characters, humor and mystery, and of course, a happy ending Looking forward to from this author

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    A 3.5 star read rounded up to 4 I really enjoyed the mix of mystery and romance in the story The author made enough people possible suspects that I had no idea until the mystery was solved I really enjoyed the story and it was well written, and that is why I rounded it up I think though that the building of the relationship and the stress that the murders and chaos going on around the two main characters ought to have stressed them out and put pressure on their relationship I don t mean that it needed to be angsty, but I believe that most people s reaction to severe trauma isn t being horny The story ended with a HFN, which is fine, but I would have loved to see of Dylan and Michael s relationship grow.

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