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    In The Other Mr Darcy, last year s debut Austenesque novel by Monica Fairview we were introduced to Fitzwilliam Darcy s American cousin Robert Darcy Now the story continues with The Darcy Cousins, a Pride and Prejudice sequel to a sequel, when his two younger siblings Clarissa and Frederick Darcy arrive from Boston and join their brother and the Darcy family at Rosings Park, the palatial estate of Mr Darcy s officious aunt Lady Catherine de Bourgh Being young, brash Americans, Clarissa and Frederick immediately ruffle Lady Catherine s unyielding standards of social stricture Dutiful and na ve Georgiana Darcy is shocked and intrigued by her cousin Clarissa s adventuresome and unguarded behavior Her shy and retreating nature has always acquiesced to proper decorum and her family s wishes So has her sickly cousin Anne de Bourgh, who at age 29 remains unmarried and firmly under the thumb of her tyrannical mother Clarissa is convinced that Anne has been imprisoned by Lady Catherine at Rosings like a tragic heroine in a Gothic novel Together, Clarissa and Georgiana clandestinely meet Anne hoping to learn her mysterious back story, offer their friendship and encourage her to improve her situation Clarissa s lively spirits also makes her very popular with the young men of the neighborhood, especially to rakish charmer Percy Channing Clarissa welcomes his attentions while wide eyed Georgiana watches a seasoned coquette in action She is also attracted to Channing and in turn annoyed by his sensible and matter of fact cousin Henry Gatley who sees right through Clarissa and Channing s affected airs But the perversity of the human spirit is such that when a young lady longs for a specific partner, every other partner counts for nothing When Georgiana overhears Channing privately proclaim to his cousin that she is an insipid bore, she is determined not to be the dull as ditchwater little rich girl and entreats her cousin Clarissa s help to school her in fashion and the art of feminine allurements And then the unthinkable happens Their cousin Anne simply vanishes without a trace Has she been abducted or is this a run away marriage to Scotland Speculation and emotions escalate until Lady Catherine unjustly places all the blame on Clarissa and Georgiana s influence upon her daughter As Mr Darcy defends his sister and young cousin the battle lines are drawn and a family riff erupts Will the Shades of Rosings be thus polluted Can Georgiana have her London Season under the shadow of her cousin s unexplained disappearance and the family scandal How can she earn her families trust after her disastrous affair with George Wickham Will her newly acquired feminine wiles lure Percy Channing away from her cousin Clarissa And why is that pesky Mr Gatley always at the ready to remind her that she s a swan trying to be a peacock In this coming of age story Monica Fairview presents an engaging historical romance through the eyes of innocent Georgiana Darcy who idealistically thinks the grass is always greener in her cousin Clarissa s court Hard wrought lessons on human nature and love must be learned before she can find her own happiness We are never in much doubt that she will succeed, or whom she will bestow her favor upon, but that matters not Fairview has such an effortless way of unfolding the narrative that we are swept along with Jane Austen s beloved characters and her own new additions seamlessly The story is infused with the flavor of Austen s world but entirely her own unique creation It is hard not to compare her skill at irony to Austen s when her Lady Catherine is annoyed at Napoleon, not for his impending threat to invade England, but for the inconvenience he has caused by too few men at her dinner table, or to the ribald humor of Georgette Heyer when Georgiana is stood up by Mr Channing who invited her for a drive in his high phaeton through Hyde Park and is then quickly replaced by the waiting Mr Gatley When they encounter Mr Channing driving another young lady, just as Mr Gatley predicted, Georgiana is exasperated by Channing s sublime forgetfulness and Mr Gatley s smug sagacity Ha Readers will recognize a bit of Mr Knightley in Mr Gatley and a combination of Austen s slippery villain s in Mr Channing Fairview understands Georgiana s personality perfectly adding a few surprise twists to Austen s shy, trusting young lady that give her added depth and interest Infused with humor, wit and a bit of social commentary Fairview has proven again why she was my top choice of Austenesque debut authors of 2009 She is well on her way to becoming a nonpareil in Austen paraliterature and I recommend The Darcy Cousins to those who dearly love a satisfying love story and a hearty laugh.Laurel Ann, Austenprose

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    I have hoped for The version of characters from PP was at least peculiar, in some cases even awful I can t imagine Anne de Bourgh or Caroline n e Bingley as it did Monica Fairview And I had many, many doubts with Georgiana In my opinion, an author tried too hard to made Georgiana and Anne a strong character For me it was too unnatural So, as a sequel of PP it was bad.I think if some ideas would have been put in a new novel it could be better to read There were a dozen times when I read with interest Unfortunately, besides those moments I often skipped paragraphs hence I finished it so fast E.g I read too many times why Darcy hadn t been in Rosings Park for some time readers aren t so forgetful, I think.A love story had some good moments You could summarize it with quote from the book When a person is uncertain in love, there is nothing easier than for him to put one and one together and to make three out of them Yes, there were many misunderstandings.I can see that most reviews are praising, alas the book haven t spoken to me.

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    This was a fascinating book I enjoyed it tremendously It centers mostly on Georgiana instead of our usual cast of characters There s a bit of Darcy and Elizabeth, Col Fitzwilliam, Anne and Aunt Catherine But by and large the newcomers cousins from America as well as the gentlemen Georgiana would meet as a result of being a young woman and coming out There was an ending we were all hoping for about the middle of the book but a variety of misunderstandings kept happeningsuch is life But eventually at the very end there were a couple of happy endings Whew I m sure I missed important details as the whole last half I was eager to see what happened I ll definitely reread this one many times.

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    Well written, obviously since it is by Ms Fairview, but not my favorite Perhaps because it was a long time since I was a teenager that it was like a Regency after school special starring Georgianna Darcy Maybe for a younger crowd Clean, for those of you who need that in a book.

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    Darcy CousinsThis story is focused on Georgiana Darcy and her American cousin, Clarissa Darcy Clarissa is the younger sister of Robert Darcy, that we met in the other Mr Darcy Clarissa is a spitfire Being American, but having English nannies and an English governess, Clarissa seems to have missed many lessons on social restrictions of English society Clarissa is the epitome of what the English think of most Americans presumptuous, outspoken, and opinionated Of course, Lady Catherine described Elizabeth the same way also Both Darcy families are at Rosings Fitzwilliam, Elizabeth, their son, William Lewis, and Georgiana Robert, Caroline and Robert s siblings, Frederick and Clarissa Clarissa and Georgiana make friends with Anne, and she is convinced to escape Mrs Jenkinson Anne spends and time the the two cousins Cousins, Mr Henry Gatley and Mr Percy Channing, spend time at Rosings getting to know the two girls Channing is drawn to Clarissa, Georgiana is drawn to Channing, Gatley is drawn to Georgiana However Gatley and Georgiana had a disagreement coming out of church Mrs Channing and Mrs Gatley give a ball Gatley dances with every young lady without a partner and twice with Georgiana since Channing feels Georgiana is dull and boring so he s not interested in her at all She overheard the discussion between the two cousins, and feels she needs to have her cousin teach her to be like her Colonel Fitzwilliam arrives, and Lady Catherine tells him he needs to marry Anne He chokes on his tea and Anne runs from the room She tells her companion that she has a headache, gives her dose of medicine, and leaves her to sleep When she doesn t come down to break her fast, Mrs Jenkinson figures she s still sleeping from the draught given her the night before When she still hasn t come downstairs later in the day, when they check for her, she s not there A search is started including Lady Catherine riding alongside with Caroline By dark, the search is called off to be resumed in the morning with every available person to search The second night they again have no luck, and Lady Catherine blames Clarissa and Georgiana Tempers flair, and Lady Catherine kicks the Robert Darcy family and the Fitzwilliam Darcy family out of Rosings in the morning Back in London, Darcy hires investigators to try and locate Anne One report has her heading north to the border Later another report has her leaving for America With no clues, it seems like Anne was not kidnapped or forced to leave She left of her own free will Lady Catherine s solicitor proceeds to disown Anne Back in London, the girls continue to engage in activities that just are no correct for a young debutant Their latest haphazard disaster involves a letter from Anne, getting Mr Gatley to take them to her, an accident where Gatley is hurt, and a night at an inn two unmarried women with a single hung man Georgiana sends for the two Darcy gentlemen When the calm, cool headed Fitzwilliam Darcy arrives, he immediately accuses Gatley of an assignation at the inn with the two girls and his cousin, Channing Gatley, angered to the point of almost calling Darcy out, tells them he was not guilty of misconduct Georgiana deceived him and after angry words, he leaves Georgiana is upset because she likes him and all along he s been telling her that a beautiful white swan should not try to be a peacock that the simple beauty of the swan was perfect Collins comes to Darcy House and tells him that Lady Catherine is doing poorly All the Darcys head to Hunsford and are invited to the Gatley manor by Mrs Gatley Cannot stay at Rosings, because they were all kicked out When Henry arrives the second time, he hears that his cousin is engaged and thinking Georgiana s the bride, goes to congratulate her Actually, she received two proposals that day, one from Mr Channing and one from Mr Moffet Gatley goes out to apologize to Georgiana for his stupidity, she apologizes for not telling the truth Eventually, he s dancing around the words he needs to say after telling her what she means to him, and he cannot get them spoken so she blurted out Yes, I ll marry you They come in for Fitzwilliam s consent and blessings, and Elizabeth convinces him they need to be teased Darcy s expression held rigid disapproval, while Elizabeth looked decidedly grim Clarissa squirmed uncomfortably in her chair Mr Gatley, please explain why you took Georgiana upstairs without a chaperone said Darcy with a straight face I guess I need to uphold her honor and have that duel we mentioned at the inn When Gatley begins to stammer, and Georgiana s mouth drops open, the room bursts in laughter Champagne is brought out to toast the young couple Mrs Gatley starts to plan the wedding The Darcys are happy, Georgiana had a good Season The only thing I disliked about the story is the jealousy Georgiana had over the change in her brother, his love and need to protect Elizabeth, and now both of their time spent with their young son Just didn t ring true.

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    This book was like a sequel to Pride and Prejudice with the addition of new characters I felt the writing was very true to the style and feel of Jane Austen s novel, and quite enjoyed reading it.

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    Georgiana Darcy, reserved, affable, and well bred, is preparing for her big debut into society, which is a very momentous occasion in a young girl s life Georgiana hopes to have a successful season but with her naturally shy disposition and the remembrance of her past misjudgments, she views her coming out with a bit of trepidation Fortunately for Georgiana, her American cousin, Clarissa Darcy, is journeying from Boston, Massachusetts to make her own debut into society as well Clarissa is beautiful, exuberant, fearless, and a little impetuous Will Georgiana be left in the shadow of her engaging and charming American cousin Or will our shy and reserved Georgiana be influenced by her forward and flirtatious cousin Georgiana isn t the only person to benefit from Clarissa s presence Anne de Bourgh at the age of twenty nine has become a prisoner in her own house Because she is regarded as weak and sickly, Anne is never without her companion, Mrs Jenkinson, or her formidable mother, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, by her side Clarissa, bewildered by Anne s lack of freedom and reticence to participate in conversations, conceives it is her mission to draw the quiet and forgotten Anne de Bourgh out of her shell Clarissa and Georgiana discover that Anne de Bourgh isn t as weak and complacent as everyone believes her to be, and that she is capable of doing something very uncharacteristic and dramatic.I am quite enchanted with these delightful sequels by Monica Fairview The Darcy Cousins is actually a sequel to her Pride and Prejudice sequel The Other Mr Darcy, which was released October 2009 I love that Ms Fairview has branched out the Darcy family tree to include some American cousins, they make a very suitable and lively addition to the Pride and Prejudice community In addition, I like how the focus of this sequel was Georgiana and her coming of age I was endeared by Georgiana s feelings of insecurity, awkwardness and inadequacy and I was reminded that, whether it be the nineteenth century or twenty first century, transitioning into adulthood has never been smooth and easy Lastly, I greatly enjoyed Ms Fairview s new hero, Mr Gately, who, with his honorable behavior, quick perception, and penchant for lecturing Georgiana, reminded me a lot of Mr Knightley from Emma Ms Fairview is very proficient in creating romantic, attractive, and Austen worthy heroes The only very small issues I had with this book were that Mr Darcy sometimes seemed a little too harsh on everyone, and that the ending was left a little unsettled for Clarissa, but that might be because there is another book to follow this one.Monica Fairview is a talented and skilled author with a keen understanding of Austen s world and I dearly hope she has continues to pen many brilliant and charming Austenesque sequels The Darcy Cousins by Monica Fairview is a tender coming of age story that is sure to delight Pride and Prejudice fans who want of Georgiana Darcy I highly recommend it Austenesque Reviews

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    LOVED it I didn t like it as much as The Other Mr Darcy Did you know Mr Darcy had an American cousin , but I enjoyed it a lot Monica s Georgiana and Darcy are very different than Jane Austen s, but it worked One of my favorite secondary characters was Anne Adding it to my favorites shelf

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    This book started out very interesting and what seemed a great storyline However by the middle it began to drag slowly and the characters became unpleasantBy the end it really fell apart I found it not up to Jane Austen standards A disappointing read, I kept hoping for a good ending.

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    view spoiler The first sentence in this book, for me, really set the tone The church door flew open and footsteps resounded through the church The poor choice of words and resulting double church boded poorly for the rest of the writing See what I did there That was a joke But seriously, I discovered this author suffers from that common ailment lack of a thesaurus There is no reason to be repeating either verbs or metaphors within a sentence, or even a paragraph The next page over boasted sea of eyes used twice in quick succession I also noticed multiple occasions where sentences could have been worded a bit smoothly for example, on page 40 there could have been a comma between Georgiana Clarissa which would have made it read better On page 282, the triple hit of castigate seems to be the author bragging about her understanding of a little used word First and foremost, this is a fanfic Let s not beat around the bush And at least to begin with, it certainly reads this way Immediately page 4 Fairview uses the term faux pas and then stampedes ahead to explain that faux pas Jane Austen never had to explain how wicked her characters were or were not, as her readers were also immersed in the same society and understood how it all was supposed to go Fairview then dumps a character s history on the reader, all in one paragraph Thankfully, the rushed and inexperienced writing becomes less jarring as we read on, but it was a rocky beginning Much of the language used, while not inappropriate, was a bit too modern This is supposed to be a sequel to Pride and Prejudice, and yet it reads like a current novel Many of the characters vocalize in a very modern fashion, using expressions and words not yet slung together in Jane Austen s day I did not appreciate famous phrases stolen from Jane Austen s original so blatantly Page 5, Channing says not handsome enough to tempt me Lady Catherine uses almost exactly the same accusations to Frederick that she once made to Elizabeth, on page 29 You seem very decisive for one so youthful On page 87 Mr Darcy reasserts his opinions on dancing being for savages And Georgiana s denouncement of Gatley on page 237 is so close to Elizabeth s of Dary it is insulting In addition to stealing speeches, Fairview steals plot points also Georgiana overhears nasty comments about herself by accident, spoken by Mr Channing to Mr Gatley I found this not only shamelessly stolen, but extremely contrived I was a bit annoyed at the display of American arrogance The American Darcy makes than double what the original makes Additionally, the servant characters are written speaking with clipped country accents a typical American solution to distinguishing classes in England Clarissa seems to me, the quintessential fan character She is modern enough in sensibilities to become the perfect vehicle for the reader to inject herself into the story She is also the instigator of vulgarity lifting her skirts in front of gentlemen on page 20 is something none of the characters in Jane Austen s novels would ever do Even in the USA at this time, this kind of behaviour would never be practiced by a well bred young lady And this vulgarity is infectious, as shortly afterwards Georgiana imagines everyone in a state of undress on page 87 In another breach of proper social graces, the characters often refer to gentlemen using only the last name, with no prefix Only the absolute best of friends would use this omission to express their camaraderie, and never a lady of a gentleman friend As a final insult, Fairview has Georgiana and Gatley not only embracing, at his proposal, but KISSING I find it very difficult to believe that a well bred young lady would ever embrace a lover, even after an offer of marriage was accepted Hand holding would be inappropriate enough Small points like this make the whole novel feel pathetically un researched Mr Collins is described as scurrying on page 113, and I find this a gross misinterpretation of the character s behaviour The original Mr Collins is fascinating, because although he grovels to Lady Catherine, he is extremely proud and would never stoop to huddling or scurrying His toadying is entirely verbal On page 137, Elizabeth says We are not characters in a novel This is a great example of how Fairview lacks subtlety Had this sentence been worded gently, I might have been slightly amused and not downright irritated I eventually came to page 214, where the unknown author of Pride and Prejudice is mentioned I found this to be made in extremely bad taste, doubly so as there was already an attempt at tongue in cheek edness with Elizabeth s statement The actual story was not as bad as it could be I loved Anne s escape, and likewise Lady Catherine s separation from her family and eventual dissolution into an invalid state The inclusion of Napoleon s imprisonment, the novel Waverly , and poetry of the time, helped to set the stage where Fairview failed at writing like Austen view spoiler hide spoiler

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