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Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror files Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror, read online Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror, free Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror, free Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror, Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror 5acb5dea3 Thirteen Year Old Falcon Quinn And His Neighbors, Max And Megan, Board Bus Number For School On An Ordinary Day In Cold River, Maine Only The Bus Doesn T Take Its Ordinary Route, And Falcon And His Friends Soon Find Themselves In An Extraordinary Place On Shadow Island, At The Academy For MonstersWith A Student Body Stranger Than The Cast Of Any Monster Movie Falcon Has Ever Seen, The Academy Is Home To Creatures And Oddities Of All Kinds In The Academy S Atmosphere, Falcon S Friends Begin To Unleash And Enjoy Their Monster Natures, From Flying With Pearl, La Chupakabra, To Decaying With The Zombie Snap Falcon Has Always Felt Different, With His One Bright Blue Eye And One Shadow Black Eye, But Is He Really A Monster Will He Discover The Other Thing That Makes Him Different When He Finds Himself In The Black Mirror And When He Learns That The School S Mission Is To Teach Students To Hide Their Aberrant Natures, Falcon And His Friends Need To Find A Way To Fight Back For Their Monster SelvesBestselling Author Jennifer Finney Boylan Introduces Falcon, Max, Megan, And Their Band Of Monster Friends In This First Installment Of A Hair Raising And Sidesplitting Adventure Of Monstrous Proportions

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    Falcon is an angel and he has chosen neither of us Or, rather, that he has chosen both of us This quote is one of many interesting thoughts in the book Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror, a fantasy about a boy finding out who he is This book is the first in a series that I love and highly respect.Falcon Quinn is a boy that finds himself at a school that is purely made for monsters As the story goes along, Falcon notices that the school isn t that much different from his normal life he still can t find a place that fits exactly who he is Falcon s largest enemies would most likely be himself and the school, both not helping him find out who he is Falcon adventures everywhere to find where he belongs and eventually he ends up right back where he started School His whole school faces off in a battle basically for being who they are I would say that the theme of the story is to be who you are despite how troublesome it may be.In a child s perspective, most stories are just stories They do not know that their stories could represent people or feelings and simply think that the stories are for entertainment As the child s mind slowly develops, it learns about the way author s present things and how the stories represent much than just a character For example, in Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror, The main character just goes through a sort of mission to help his friends and himself at the same time To a child, what I just described would be their story However, to a matured mind, the story could mean a normal person surrounded by people they don t understand is trying to find out who they are The author may have made it so that the main character was in a fantasy world, but many of the problems were ones that had a possibility of being related to For example, not knowing who you are and where you ll fit in The author also writes a poem under the name of Johnny Frankenstein, Monsters not human but monsters people It shows that the author wanted to show how some people that are labeled as monsters usually are not so.I believe that the author s detail was that of a small writer It was not bad for a children s book, but it could ve used detail in setting I feel as though the author spent most of their time trying to build a plot rather than explain everything in detail, which I prefer Basically, details were not horrible and were made up for by the amazing plot line.I would would rate this book a 5 due to it s new way of making a story and how it did t follow the exact Sent to a school to find out who they are sort of plot I believe that Falcon Quinn and his adventures are are perfect for any child, teenager or adult I myself would like to reread this book when I m an adult just to see what I will think of it then I would recommend this book to anyone that liked the Harry Potter series This book is a very good third to Harry Potter and will say many thought provoking things I put a quote in the front of my review and this quote made me think It made me think that this whole book was not only about a boy that had troubles finding out who he is It made me think that this book was also saying that angels aren t creatures of pure innocence and untouchable holiness Angels are people that have seen the bad of the world, maybe have even been a part of it, and still choose to be good after That is what I now believe an angel is and maybe the next reader of this book will find that just because someone is defined as a monster doesn t mean they are.

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    If there s one type of story that s popular right now, it s the one where special children go somewhere special to learn how to do special things Two of the biggest franchises in the world share this common theme Harry Potter sends children to a magical school to become witches and wizards Percy Jackson sends demigod children to a special summer camp to learn how to control their powers And now Jennifer Finley Boylan attempts to capitalize on this popular subject with Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror Does she succeed Well no Read on to find out why.So, what is Falcon Quinn about It takes place in our world, where monsters have been driven into hiding by pitchfork wielding mobs Whenever a monster child comes of age, they are brought to Castle Grisleigh the Academy for Monsters such an imaginative name, right Titular character Falcon Quinn and his two friends, Max and Megan, are taken there against their will to be taught how to control their monstrous natures.Let me get my main complaint with this book out of the way I HATE THESE CHARACTERS They are completely one dimensional, and very, very annoying Falcon is your typical brooding main character, having such a mild personality that it s almost nonexistent Max is the six foot tall seventh grader with severe hyperactivity problems Megan is the emo girl who hates everybody for being happier than she is Their entire character is laid out in front of you the moment you meet them, leaving nothing to the imagination Falcon sulks about how they have to go to school in the snow Max hoots and hollers like he s on a roller coaster Megan pouts and wishes all three of them were dead Characters you meet later on are no better Pearl calls herself the chupacabra, but a accurate term would be loud mouthed Tinkerbell with a stinger She is overconfident, and never at a loss for words Maybe it s just me, but I tend not to like characters who plant their fists on their hips whenever they speak There s also Lincoln the nerdy werebear, who predictably tries to find the logical explanation for all the freaky crap going on around him This story has an interesting concept, but it is absolutely ruined by these horrible characters.The next thing I need to address is the school itself While The Academy for Monsters is quite likely the most unoriginal name Boylan could have come up with, the name is the least of your problems First of all, the school is a castle Wow, Hogwarts much Again, not that big a deal The thing that really turned me off was the attitude of the school The teachers are all portrayed as unsympathetic idiots Oh, you just got taken away from your parents and you have no idea where you are That s nice, get back in line They claim that they only want to teach the children how to control their monster instincts, which, according to Boylan, is a bad thing Naturally, the children cry foul about this, claiming that the teachers are making them be who they don t want to be Conformity is bad, I am not who you want me to be, I want to live my own life, yadda yadda yadda While I m not one to oppose being who you want to be in life, the teacher s make it clear that they only want to teach the students NOT TO EAT PEOPLE Hardly a malicious goal, don t you think But according to the author, if a child wants to eat someone, they should have the right to eat someone.Now, there is one thing I liked about this book, and that s how Boylan makes fun of vampires With our culture s current obsession with the undead bloodsuckers, it would only be natural for them to be on top of the monster school s popularity pyramid The two we meet early on are total divas I enjoyed the author poking fun at them like this, especially when one is identified, instead, as being a giant enchanted slug Unfortunately, two humorous characters cannot save an otherwise horrible book.I ll be completely honest here I only got a few chapters into the story Why, might you ask, am I writing a review on it then Perhaps it gets better later on Maybe the characters get depth further into the story Maybe there s a plot twist that would really grab my interest While these are all entirely possible, I just don t care enough to wait for them to happen The beginning of the book is painful to read, and it failed to capture my imagination in the slightest I shouldn t have to endure lengthy sections of terrible writing just to get to the good parts if there are any good parts at all A dedicated reader than me might be able to keep going, and may possibly be rewarded for it, but I just don t care enough for the characters, the setting, or the story in general to continue wading through amateurish prose, and expecting me to do so is a bad move on the writer s part The entire book should be exciting and engaging, not just the later parts and that s assuming, again, that there are any good parts at all.In the end, Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror had a decent idea Children going to school to learn how to repress their violent natures instead of embracing them could have turned into a pretty cool story Unfortunately, Boylan failed this attempt by filling the story with annoying characters with idiotic ideals I really wanted to like it, but there s nothing in it for me to like If you re able to look past these flaws better than I could, then perhaps you ll find something to enjoy, but I wouldn t recommend buying this book unless you find it for 5 or less in a bargain bin.

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    Pengarang bernama Jennifer Finney Boylan ini dulunya adalah seorang pria bernama James Richard Boylan So, apa yg dirasakan Falcon Quinn yg terjebak dalam tubuh separuh monster dan separuh manusia kurang lebih menjelaskan hal hal yg mnrtku pernah dialami pengarang Falcon selalu merasa dirinya tidak cocok berada di manapun, setiap org punya kelompok sendiri, punya teman dgn minat dan hobi yg sama Bahkan di kalangan monster pun ia tdk memiliki tempat sama sekali krn ia tdk tahu ia termasuk monster yg mana bukan vampir, frankenstein, zombie, ghoul, cyborg dan juga bukan manusia anjing, apalagi big foot krn ia bertubuh kecil utk anak berusia 13 tahun Dokter monster yg ahli sekalipun tdk bisa mengidentifikasi Falcon itu monster apa dan bahkan mereka tdk yakin lagi kalau Falcon itu sama seperti mereka, monster, walaupun ada beberapa keanehan khas monster dlm diri Falcon Mereka curiga kalau Falcon adalah bagian dari musuh bebuyutan mereka, yaitu Pengawal, sekelompok manusia yg bertekad utk membasmi monster monster dari dunia ini Jika Falcon bnr2 adalah Pengawal, maka dengan terpaksa para guru monsternya harus melenyapkannya sebelum Falcon menjadi ancaman mereka Namun mereka memutuskan utk menunggu kemunculan wujud monster Falcon sebelum bertindak gegabah, tentunya dgn batas waktu yg ditentukan Pastinya kita bertanya tanya, kok para monster begitu toleran soal nyawa ya, hehehe Dan Falcon pun menjalani hidup barunya di sekolah monster di bawah pengawasan para guru monster, sambil diajari cara cara berbaur dgn manusia, cara berpura pura menjadi manusia agar tdk diburu Pengawal saat mereka lulus dari sekolah monster nanti Nah, kira kira Falcon itu yg mana, monster atau Pengawal Pada bab bab awal, alurnya terasa luar biasa cepat, imo Krn para remaja yg digiring ke sekolah monster dan dijejali dgn informasi bhw dirinya adalah monster punya kemampuan adaptasi dan penerimaan jati diri yg luar biasa cepat Jadi, tdk akan ada drama di mana para anak anak sulit menerima kenyataan bhw mereka ialah monster atau mencari cara utk kabur dari sekolah aneh berisi monster Mereka malah senang menerima kenyataan bahwa mereka harus tinggal di sekolah itu selama bertahun tahun Dan bahkan mereka dgn cpt langsung berubah menjadi monster dan menyantap hidangan khas monster yg menjijikkan dgn lahap seakan akan itu makanan terenak di dunia Well, naluri menyingkirkan logika pTapi, alur cerita yg cepat sbnrnya lbh baik ketimbang alur yg lambat p Novel lelucon, itulah yg kutangkap saat sedang separuh jalan membaca buku ini, bukan hal yg buruk, krn kurasa buku ini memang sengaja diperuntukkan bagi anak anak, dan dengan gaya bahasa yg ringan dan dipenuhi dgn lelucon konyol, buku inipun bisa diselesaikan dgn cepat tanpa merasa bosan Pendek kata, jika Anda sedang ingin membaca buku yg isinya tdk terlalu berat suram bikin depresi dan bisa mengusir stres, buku ini lumayan cocok untuk menjadi dunia tempat pikiran dan imajinasi Anda berkelana sejenak Lelucon yg paling kusukai adalah saat para Zombie yg masih dlm wujud manusia melakukan Zombie Snap dgn melantunkan semacam lagu hip hop atau puisi Zombie yg diikuti dgn jentikan jari secara serentak, dan hupla, mereka pun menjadi zombie, haha.Ini dia salah satu puisi Zombie Snap Sebut aku ahli gizi, yang sedang berdiplomasiAtau bilang dokter gigi, saat napas tak sedap,Tapi monster dalam diri, menuntut agar kau matiNantikan serangan kami Ini dia Zombie Snap

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    Really Average rating in the high threes Did it really get better in the second half Book club declared this one a disaster We wanted to like it, but it was just so badly cliched, weirdly bigoted, awkward, slow paced I think I m going to try to finish it before I bring it back to the library, but I m feeling kind of masochistic about it.

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    Falcon Quinn and the Black MirrorBy Jennifer Finney BoylanA Book Report By Chase Pixley Falcon Quinn always knew that he was different than other kids Falcon s father fell through the ice on Carrabec Pond while his mother didn t want him He seemed to belong nowhere at his middle school in Cold River, Maine and had two different colored eyes one blue and one black It is the first day of spring during Falcon s 7th grade year After a close call on Carrabec Pond his normal morning bus, number 13, misses every stop besides it s first Falcon s house and brings Falcon and his neighbors Megan Crofton and Max Parsons to a place called Shadow Island An island in the Bermuda Triangle, Shadow Island houses the Academy for Monsters, a place where young monsters learn to imitate humans As the other students begin turning into monsters Falcon stays the same He knows that he is different, but is Falcon Quinn really a monster A 5 star book, this story raises a question is it better to pretend to be someone else to stay alive or accept who you really are, even if you are a literal monster This heart wrenching story about a seemingly normal boy is truly a work of art Look for it on book shelves starting May 11, 2010.

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    I wrote this book with my middle school aged boys.

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    Falcon, Max, and Megan are standing in line for the bus on a morning much like any other morning Only this time the bus doesn t take them to school At least, not the school they wanted At the Academy for Monsters, the students will learn things suited to the monstrous natures they ve inherited Things like how to blend in with humans Which isn t a goal all monsters shareOn the level of a school story, with the wacky characters, interesting monsters, and various mishaps, I enjoyed this The cast is excellent Lincoln Pugh, the high IQ seven year old who s convinced everyone is insane and that he is NOT a gigantic bear that terrorizes everyone the fearless Pearl, who knows no obstacle her sheer determination and sharp stinger can t overcome tentative Megan, whose entry into these waters is slow despite some pretty overwhelming evidence and Falcon himself, who can t quite fit in even with a whole school of misfits.So it s not the story itself that bothered me, exactly The philosophy behind the story is what bothered me It s a story where only two things are really evil intolerance and insincerity Although it is admirable to be honest and try to understand others who are different, this is a poor substitute for right and wrong, good and evil It falls over because there are characters themselves who contradict this message Why should a certain helper be villainous for attempting to murder Falcon and successfully eliminating someone else He is, it could easily be argued, simply acting sincerely in accordance with his monster nature And there are numerous contradictions Falcon s guardian nature prompts him to kindness, compassion, healing yet when the guardians finally show up, they show none of this, even to each other a certain mockingbird comes to mind Falcon s monster nature proves even troublesome, mostly inciting him to rage and the desire to crush his opponents yet love is attributed to the monster, not the guardian Falcon s choice to embrace both is puzzlingly skewed in favor of the guardian flavored emotions, as he chooses to defend and heal rather than destroy.The final thing that bothered me was the absolute dismissal of those who had chosen to blend in, to live as human In other words, those kids who actually believed that going around indulging in their basest urges might, in some respect, actually be wrong The practical implications when applied to a leprechaun should be radically different when applied to a ghoul burying gold is not the same as devouring humans But for story purposes they are the same The whole concept of harm is never brought up It is, apparently, important to be true to yourself than it is to protect those around you from yourself, if necessary Ironically, even here there is a contradiction Crow understands the concept well enough to nobly sacrifice his own chance at a life for the sake of those he loves, and what makes his choice so different than those children he despised They, too, have chosen to limit themselves, many in the belief that this is the only way they will see their families again.So the philosophy directing the story, than the story, is what left a sour taste in my mouth It is a fun romp through wacky circumstances, but it promotes an agenda with which I cannot agree I rate this book Not Recommended.

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    Everyone needs a label, a category in which to fit If you don t claim one for yourself, others will assign you one Emos, goths, athletes, geeks, monsters, guardians everyone has to fit in somewhere.Right monsters Falcon Quinn doesn t, though He s never been part of any group, never been put into a category or stuck with a label He doesn t fit he s a misfit And life is lonely when you re always an outsider So when Falcon, with two classmates, gets whisked away by a magical school bus one morning and dumped in a strange castle, told he and his peers are not humans but monsters just beginning their lives at an academy for monsters, he thinks he s finally figured out why He s never found a home with his human classmates because he was a monster, and now he s excited to have finally found a place he can fit in.Except, as his new classmates start turning into zombies and vampires, elementals and minotaurs and , Falcon stays the same And he overhears the faculty saying he might not be a monster, that he might be something else that s a danger even to them and that they may need to eliminate him Just what is Falcon and will he ever belong anywhere Why does everybody have to be so determined to kill each other Falcon said Why is everyone so So mental said Quimby He sighed, and the escaping air made his floating form sink in the air a little bit You got me, Falcon Quinn Maybe because it s easier to have enemies than not to have them How is it easier If you don t hate people, you have to learn to like them, said Quimby And liking people That s not easy Believe me, the way people behave There are times I wish I was back in that jar

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    I d give it 4.5 stars if I could Can a book be 100% original but also extremely derivative This title shares a lot of similarities with the first Harry Potter book, not the least if which was the use of a mirror as a main plot conceitHowever, for some reason despite all of that I found myself flying through the book with its quaint cast of monsters I think the only reason I did not give it 5 stars for poor entertainment was that I felt some of the dialogue was annoying and repetitive particularly from La Chupkabra spelling , and I did not like the Guardians very muchJust a fun read in the vein of Harry Potter but with a lot of potential for the future as well as it becomes its own series a little so

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    Fun, fun, fun, fun book Silly, inventive fantasy novel where some ordinary kids find out they are monsters when they arrive at a monster academy Great characters and friendships, and a good message about being true to yourself Definitely recommended for readers who like fantasy and mild silly humor very middle grade friendly Also, if you re a parent who wants a book that is fun and funny but has a good moral about being true to yourself, this is good for you Jennifer Finney Boylan wrote it for her kids, and I think it fills a niche nicely.

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