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  • Hardcover
  • 280 pages
  • Vlad the Impaler: In Search of the Real Dracula
  • M.J. Trow
  • English
  • 19 June 2018
  • 9780750929653

About the Author: M.J. Trow

Meirion James Trow is a full time teacher of history who has been doubling as a crime writer for seventeen years Originally from Ferndale, Rhondda in South Wales he now lives on the Isle of Wight His interests include collecting militaria, film, the supernatural and true crime.

10 thoughts on “Vlad the Impaler: In Search of the Real Dracula

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    This was interesting but not what I was looking for and I think the title is somewhat misleading It is not a biography of Vlad the Impaler Vlad Dracula but of a history of the medieval times he lived in There is very little information about his family and his two wives which I was interested in researching.

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    Interesting book Not a biography in the traditional sense of the word, but of a comparative study of sorts between the various legends and what is actually known as little as that is about him The conclusion of this particular author seems to be that despite all the horrible stories about Dracula, he wasn t really all that much worse than most other rulers of that time It was a pretty bloody and disgusting time, and lots of bloody and disgusting things happened to a lot of people at the hands of a lot of people How Dracula ended up with the worst reputation is not entirely clear Maybe because he ultimately lost his wars.Anyway, as I said, interesting book, and worth reading if one is interested in the subject matter.

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    M s all de las seductoras mordidas en el cuello, los colmillos afilados, la capa y el look envaselinado que Hollywood nos vendi , Trow nos invita a atrevernos a cruzar la frontera m s all de la selva, a trav s de la selva, es decir Trans Silvania En los mismo terrenos del verdadero Dr cula, Vlad Tepes, El Empalador, se nos presenta como una gran dualidad a n no descifrada H roe o villano Sus or genes, posibles traumas, influencias, entorno hist rico y usos y costumbres de la poca nos enmarcan la oscur sima personalidad de uno de los personajes m s controvertidos de la historia de Europa Rumania, para ser exactos.Un menudo an lisis y puntual trabajo de Trow, que desnuda al inspirador del mito del vampiro No les cuento m s Mejor l anlo, si lo pueden conseguir y si se atreven.

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    Well lets not beat about the bush, this is truly awful mainly due to the aspect of the sheer amount of historical inaccuracies that are littered throughout this book It begs the question if whether or not this was ever proof read before publication as some of the things that are incorrect just cannot be forgiven as an unwitting reader could be so misled by the misinformation contained within the pages of this book Also there is actually very little of the book that really delves in to the life and reign of vlad the impaler and i couldn t help but feel a little short changed when reading this book.one for bottom of the book pile or as a conversation piece when discussing the worst history book you have read with your friends.Even Keanu Reeves dodgy accent in the 1991 movie Bram Stokers Dracula was impressive than this effort.

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    One of the well researched books on the topic of Vlad the Impaler There s little firsthand account of Vlad, and much of what was written was done by his enemies after his death Trow tries to separate the man from the myth by showing how the myth was built and how it persists and metamorphizes through popular culture.

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    Good historical book about the real life of Dracula I found some parts too much descriptive but in general I give it 4 stars

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    The best precise Treaties on the sadistic king of the dark ages.

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    A number of people have complained this book isn t just a biography but of an overview of Vlad the III, his society and times, whether he deserved his evil reputation and his influence on Vampire culture That s what I like about it You really can t seperate Vlad from his shifting border world of Islam and Christianity, medieval feudalism and peasant warlord anarchy It s easier to understand why he was so ruthless when you consider basically EVERYBODY around him was the same or worse The opening chapters on Dracula movies are great fun if not especially deep you can tell he s straining for links to the real Vlad , but the last chapters on modern state run violence vs Vlad s style of government terror seem kind of unnecessary How can you compare the middle ages with the 20th century One warning though when the history starts, pay attention There s 4 Vlad s and 4 Mircea s in the story and dozens of other characters with hard to pronounce names keep popping up I put the book down for a couple of days when I picked it up again, I was lost Got the story thread back but it wasn t the same Best bet just assume everybody in the book is out to get him They were anyway

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    This is a very good book It sheds real light on the man who was Dracula He was prince Vlad the Impaler He was also Vlad the Second of Walackia, which is modern day Romania because His father was Vlad the First was called Dracul, which means dragon in Romanian Vlad the Impaler was called Dracula because it means son of the dragon in Romanian Vlad the first was called the Dragon because he was a member of The Sacred Order of the Dragon The Sacred order of the Dragon was a Holy Roman Empire Order dedicated to defending Christian Europe from the invading Muslim Turks who were invading southeastern Europe during the 15th century This book along with the classic novel by Abraham Stoker and the movie entitled Dracula from 1992 makes this book enjoyable in my opinion Her s a link about the movie

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    This book is not a biography of Vlad the Impaler Rather it is an in depth look at medieval life in what is now Transylvania The author has thoroughly researched this topic and follows the intrigues, truces, and shifts in power during this volatile time However we don t get a glimpse of the actual life of Vlad Tepes until well over 100 pages in.Also, the first few chapters deal only with the vampire in film, literature and legend Not specifically referring to Vlad the Impaler, this would have been better at the end bringing the legend up to the modern day incarnation.

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