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Coles Awakening (Shifter, #5) chapter 1 Coles Awakening (Shifter, #5) , meaning Coles Awakening (Shifter, #5) , genre Coles Awakening (Shifter, #5) , book cover Coles Awakening (Shifter, #5) , flies Coles Awakening (Shifter, #5) , Coles Awakening (Shifter, #5) 0f231c8f934fb Celine Draeger Has Always Wanted Cole Sexton, And Knew He Was Her Mate She Just Didn T Know How She Would Make Him Hers His Code Of Honor Towards The Family Prevents Him From Staking A Claim, So She Decided To Do One HerselfCole Fights Within Himself For The One He Wants The Most No Other Will Do For Him But Celine Only He Can Barely Take Care Of Himself, So How Is He Going To Care For A Mate That Is The Question Which Prevents Him From Placing A Claim On Her But When Celine Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands, Cole Finds He Can T Refuse Her AnythingThe Heat Of The Full Moon Has Come, So Hot It Is Guaranteed To Ignite A Fire To Burn The Soul An Awakening Has Begun But Who Will Be Consumed By It

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    loved it

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    Good series

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