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    Jimmy is back in the sewers Can he teach an old urban legend a new trick Can he teach a sewer crocodile how to turn over Good continuation of a quirky, humorous, and edgy series The sewers and the attitudes kind of stink, but we have sewer saint Jimmy Flannery to guide us through to a better day.

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    In the third book in the Jimmy Flannery series, a light hearted series that features a Chicago precinct worker as the unlikeliest of detectives It is a city where the old world of favor for favor is fading out and the old guard is retiring Flannery is a redheaded Irishman who simply wants to do favors for his community and doesn t really have an interest in power politics But, he has a knack for getting involved with dead bodies and situations and cover ups and he, like any junkyard dog, doesn t let go once he gets his teeth into something.In this book, he encounters every sewer worker s nightmare, a body severed in half by a giant crocodile, but when he tries to find out what happened because, in the natural course of things, there should not be any crocodiles in Chicago s sewers, he finds people trying to shut down his investigation.What s great about this series is the different neighborhoods that Flannery encounters and the down home way of talking and narrating Flannery has that always make you feel as if you are sitting in a tavern having a beer with him, listening to him spout off wild yarns.

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    I liked it Sorry no one else did Robert Campbell Robert Wright Campbell takes some getting used to his main character, Jimmy Flannery barely if that made it thru high school and is in Chicago in the 1980s But after three or four pages, I adapted to the poor grammar spoken by Jimmy Jimmy is a funny, savvy survivor in a world of crooks His father, Mike, is some help, and his will be wife is a working class woman There is no prejudice, no extra characters tho there are plenty of those , no misdirection, and at 206 pages it is short and sweet.

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Hip-Deep in Alligators download Hip-Deep in Alligators, read online Hip-Deep in Alligators, kindle ebook Hip-Deep in Alligators, Hip-Deep in Alligators 81084f6f2c55 A Chicago Sewer Inspector Sees A Lot Of Strange Things, But When Jimmy Flannery Finds A Body Half Eaten By A Crocodile, He Follows The Clues From A Pigeon Pinching Ring To First Degree Murder And It Will Take All His Street Smarts Just To Stay Alive