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Nothing Created Everything summary Nothing Created Everything , series Nothing Created Everything , book Nothing Created Everything , pdf Nothing Created Everything , Nothing Created Everything b829025c36 Richard Dawkins Is Arguably The Modern Poster Boy For Charles Darwin However, A Key Difference Radically Separates The Two Men Darwin Believed In The Existence Of God And Calls God The Creator Seven Times In The Origin Of Species Dawkins, In Contrast, Claims, The You Understand The Significance Of Evolution, The You Are Pushedtowards Atheism It Seems Professor Dawkins Thinks Charles Darwin Didn T Understand His Own TheoryJust Months After The Discovery Of The Supposed Missing Link, Author Ray Comfort Turns The Tables On Evolutionists In Nothing Created Everything, He Examines The Evidence For Evolution And Shows It Is Lacking He Demonstrates That When It Comes To Explaining How Life Began, Atheists And Evolutionists Offer Faith Not Facts Ironically, Atheists Insist Nothing Created Everything, A Scientific ImpossibilityIn A Conversational Tone, Comfort Speaks To Both Atheists And Believers And Urges This Discussion Be Based On Hard Evidence And When It Is, He Insists, People Will Realize Evolution Is A Theory That Can T Be Tested Or Measured And Therefore Can T Be Scientific

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    Scatterbrained ramblings, science illiteracy, and reality denialism packaged between two covers.Ray Comfort s arguments are some of the most laughably flimsy and poorly constructed to be found His books, and this one in particular, provide the best examples around of logical fallacies and dishonest rhetoric Devoid of anything approaching scholarship or actual research, the author plays fast and loose with facts and often not with facts at all transparently misunderstanding and misrepresenting his target Right from the beginning, any reader with the intelligence above that of a drooling imbecile will see the glaring idiocy embedded in the writing of this book In the first few pages alone, the author manages to conflate cosmology with biology and abiogenesis with evolution not a very auspicious start But that is what we have come to expect from Comfort and he does not disappoint The goal of the book is to take the pithy little slogan that Ray is proud of An atheist is someone who believes that nothing created everything and flesh it out namely by trying to discredit modern biology in the hopes that the Genesis mythology will win by default Besides demonstrating the erroneous conflation that I ve mentioned, the structure of that argument screams fallacious false dichotomy But fallacies seem to comprise a fundamental characteristic of Comfort s reasoning However, in trying to prove his points, the author just ends up showing that his slogan and title are merely empty headed hollow rhetoric Instead of demonstrating atheism to be an intellectual embarrassment as he repeats zombie like as if trying to convince himself he ends up showing that he hasn t the faintest or foggiest clue about scientific subjects Any casual perusal of current cosmology shows that thinking about the formation of our universe is bound to be counter intuitive involving complex topics such as quantum mechanics Comfort s common sense approach is a misguided and absurd attempt three miles past goofy But, this doesn t even factor prominently in the book as the author is so confused, misinformed, and uninformed about the topic that he can t even distinguish cosmology from biology One of the most egregious errors employed by the author is that of false analogy Comfort continually compares man made artifacts with living creatures Even though he has been corrected a thousand times on this issue, he must think that he can convince a few ignorant readers if he repeats it often enough When he, or any other creationist for that matter, can show that artifacts reproduce with variation and have differentiated survival rates then they can continue to use the watchmaker argument Until then, they are either just being dishonest or freakishly stupid.Ray has admitted on his blog that he hasn t studied the theory of evolution beyond a few books and it shows in this screed I have to wonder if his claim is honest as any perusal of even a middle school biology text would correct many of his errors One example of this is found in his parroting the claim that the eye is hard to explain with evolution This is such a ridiculous assertion that even many creationists have abandoned it because biologists have soundly and overwhelmingly demonstrated the evolutionary pathways that have led to the structure of eyes Intelligent design proponents, for all their blustering and substance free posturing, have let that argument go and moved on to such things as the bacterial flagellum But that s what you get with this book it s the scum at the bottom of the barrel of putrid intellectual wastewater that constitutes creationist work.

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    What an eye opening and thought provoking book As a Christian I didn t need this book to believe in God, I needed it to see me for who I really am This book brought me closer to my God, my savior, and my judge I m better off having read this book

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    It s not the author s premise that bothered me, I don t think It was the complete lack of a sound argument and an obvious ignorance regarding evolutionary theory There are problems with evolution Any good evolutionary biologist will admit that Rather than addressing any of those difficulties, he made up his own problems that aren t really problems at all Oh, and cosmology and biology Not the same He also seems to ridicule science for being science If some piece of scientific evidence refutes some previous hypothesis, the hypothesis changes Isn t that a good thing And he also claims loads of scientific evidence for lots of things, but he doesn t actually cite what that evidence might be But I don t know why he d want scientific evidence for the flood, for instance, if he doesn t think much of science to begin with In case it isn t clear, I didn t like this book.

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    great books with information.Regards Joel stinThank You Ray

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    Ray Comfort once again demonstrates that he has no intention of ever understanding what evolution actually entails A man who has never been to university thinks he can disprove the most strongly support theory in the history of science A scientific theory which has withstood 155 years of such attacks and has won every single battle and passed every test with flying colours.Describing Lucy, the famous Australopithecus afarensis, as an ugly monkey should immediately inform people that he has no intention of honest discourse on the subject, as not even Ray Comfort is ignorant enough to confuse an ape and monkey, leaving it obvious to the reader that he is lying.If Ray really had evidence to disprove evolution, he would put it in a scientific journal The only reason he wrote this book was to make some money from gullible people who didn t understand the subject he is talking about any better than he does.

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    The book itself is an easy read Ray Comfort clearly lays out logic in this book and answers common questions objections made by atheists The title sums up what is left to believe if you don t believe in God though I suppose an atheist would be uncomfortable with the word created so maybe they would prefer everything happened from nothing or something to that sort It is also clear though that his objective in the book is not to win an argument, but rather to win a soul This is shown by his constant presenting of the gospel in each chapter.

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