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Into Danger summary Into Danger, series Into Danger, book Into Danger, pdf Into Danger, Into Danger a8162ae507 The Woman In Black Every Intelligence Operative In Washington DC Knows Her Name But Little Else A Tough Navy Seal With A Reputation For Efficiency, Steve McMillan Has Heard All The Stories About The World S Most Glamorous Assassin But Nothing Prepared Him For The Goddess In Tight Black Leather Who Now Stands Before Him Marlena Is His New Assignment His Superiors In The Shadow World Of Secret Missions Want Him To Get Information And Then Turn Her Over McMillan Is The Consummate Professional, But Dealing With This Beautiful Enigma Is Playing With Fire To Trust Her Would Be Crazy As Crazy As Following His Burning Desire For Her To Its Passionate ConclusionBecause There S Something Beyond The Yearning In Her Eyes And The Inviting Softness Of Her Lips Dark Clouds Are Circling Around Marlena Maxwell, Drawing Steve Along With Her Into A Lethal Game Of Deception And Betrayal And Perhaps The Deadliest Mistake They Could Both Make Would Be To Fall In Love

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    This was the debut novel by Gennita Low and I enjoyed it as much as the first time I read it years ago.What I loved the most was the kickass heroine..Marlena Maxwell, an infamous assassin is a cross between LARA CROFTand VAMPIRE SLAYERand DANGEROUS ASSASSINALL IN ONE.She has no need to be saved by Prince Charming She does her own saving She plays by her own rules She has no time for love and romance in her life and is not averse to get closer to someone that attracts her but it will not sidetrack her from her completing her mission.But all that toughness hides a soft heart SEAL Steve McMillian has been assigned to protect Marlena and get information out of her I really liked his character strong, loyal and moral..and very sexy too Both have their own agendas Despite unsure about whether to trust or not each other, they feel an incredible attraction for each other.Together on a secret mission, Marlena finds herself feeling something for Steve and she s not sure how much she can give of herself to him Steve just knows that he has deep feelings for her..Great chemistry Hot sexual tension They are such engaging characters that you just want them to get together.Really interesting secondary characters especially Marlena s friend can t wait for her story Fast paced and riveting story with non stop action, suspense, espionage, intrigue and hot romance.A fabulous debut novel.

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    This was a fairly decent read by a new to me author, Gennita Low I liked it enough that I will likely seek out a few others in the series, hopeful that the writing style will even improve The heroine, Marlena, is one tough chickie, a mysterious agent assassin Stash Steve , our Navy SEAL hero sent to keep an eye on her, is no slouch either I felt like it was a bit too immediate unexplained reaction to one another for my taste, but they were both action oriented characters with neither sitting on the sidelines The action intrigue is based on CIA type cloak and dagger with a tad too much of the suspense storyline being explained away in explanatory paragraphs rather than through the action I ll stand by my 3 star review in that it was able to hold my interest well enough and I did like it I have higher hopes though for others by this author, beacause she does have a knack for peaking my interest in some of this book s secondary characters uh, like maybe Hawk anyone Now, I ll warn you if you re new to my reviews first one on here, though I ve shared thoughts on books with my email pals , there don t seem to be many books that I give less than 3 stars to I dont know, I m either relatively easy to please or I am able to find something enjoyable in most books that I read.

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    Too much telling, not enough showing Vague plot progression.STORY BRIEF Steve is a former SEAL currently working for the CIA Marlena is an assassin for hire who is under surveillance by the CIA She just arrived in town and is waiting for a male assistant to work for her while she s in town The CIA kidnaps the assistant before she meets him and sends Steve in his place The next day she has Steve accompany her on a clothes shopping spree, which is drudgery for him That evening she has Steve escort her to a social event They have several kissing sessions.REVIEWER S OPINION I read half the book, and I couldn t go any further It was too confusing and frustrating Most of the scenes were verbal bantering and flirtation between Marlena and Steve She lets him kiss her and then she pushes him away Things were too vague Events weren t explained Things were told and not shown Two examples follow.At a cocktail party, A is looking around and sees something suspicious There is a gun shot The next scene has B arriving and telling A that A was a hero I have no idea what A did that made A a hero There were no details about the shooting or what happened immediately after the shooting I was shaking my head, saying what happened Another scene has C locked in a room A little while later C is no longer in the room I have no idea whether C escaped, or was let go, or why.The author is creating conflicts in the minds of the two main characters and in their conversations, rather than conflicts shown through events and plot progression Maybe others might find this method of writing interesting, but it didn t work for me I don t know if some of my questions would be answered later in the book I was too frustrated to keep reading to find out.DATA Story length 373 pages Swearing and sexual language probably moderate Number of sex scenes at least two Setting current day Washington D.C Copyright 2003 Genre romantic suspense.

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    Stash and LenaThis series opener is a great start to the SASS series It features Steve McMillan, a SEAL from STAR standing and ready who s been assigned to the CIA s Tactical Intelligence and Related Activities unit It s like oil and water He has clashed with his CO there, a hard nosed, by the books desk jockey But he s also been tasked with the role of lackey to Marlena Maxwell, rud assassin She s brokering the sale of very sensitive and potentially dangerous information, and Steve is there to gather the information needed to pull her in But there s another game in play and a mole in TIARA, one that has his sights set on Marlena.

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    Dangerous LiaisonsThank you for this titillating story about Stash and Marlena and the intriguing operations in which they become involved The storyline was exciting and so we re the different characters.

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    Wow There is nothing to dislike about this story It s all guns, love and sex, and impossible to put down, once started

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    TRASHDid not like this book at all Didn t get far before I simply hit the trash it button Don t waste your time.

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    Love the GEM sM and Stash, gotta love em Marlene is so tough and secretive Stash just keeps going at her LOL is for T s story.

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    Voor de liefhebbers van de erotische thriller

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    Gennita Low takes us into the heart racing land of corporate espionage and government spy agencies with her romantic suspense, Into Danger Steve McMillan s character, as a Navy Seal sent undercover, is written to Alpha perfection But it is the character of Marlena Maxwell, the world s most glamorous assassin , where Gennita s skills as a storyteller shine Marlena is a highly intelligent and strong female character, that happens to be both combatant and competen As of her character is revealed, it is clear that she is also a perfect partner and love interest for Steve Into Danger is fast paced with the two main characters fighting for dominance as they both try and expose a thief and a murderer their attraction to each other is off the charts I won t give spoilers but let me just say I learned a new use for a strand of pearls MERCY The secondary characters have been written with such clarity and care that the readers want to know about each one, especially the back story of Tess and Alex.Dayreader Reviews gives this high octane thrill ride an astounding 5 stars

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