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About the Author: Patricia Highsmith

Patricia Highsmith was an American novelist who is known mainly for her psychological crime thrillers which have led to than two dozen film adaptations over the years She lived with her grandmother, mother and later step father her mother divorced her natural father six months before Patsy was born and married Stanley Highsmith in Fort Worth before moving with her parents to New York in

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    3.5 starsIf you re following my reviews, you may have known that I ve bought 19 kindle books of Ms Highsmith, and I m working my way through them So far I ve loved what I d read until now.This was a mediocre collection, not bad, but no evidence of the genius the author has often displayed in many of her other works She has been quite prolific, with over 30 published works, this one in 1987 at the age of 68 My impression was that this was a collection of political rants, written solely due to the urge to write, with little else for inspiration other than issues she felt she had to comment on Often, the stories just ended when she ran out of things to say.10 short stories The Mysterious Cemetery a creepy, H.G Wells type of horrorMoby Dick II Missile Whale story about the conflict between a whale and hunters okayOperation Balsam about a nuclear waste dump under a football stadiumNabuti satire on an emerging African nationSweet Freedom about the mentally ill and homelessnessTrouble at the Jade Towers cockroach horror at a ritzy high rise apartment buildingRent a Womb vs the Mighty Right political rantNo End in Sight a woman who lives on till past 200 years old, commentary on nursing homesSixtus VI, Pope of the Red Slipper another political rantPresident Buck Jones Rallies and Waves the Flag another political rant, this one about nuclear warIf you want to sample some Highsmith, and don t get 1 click fever like I did, I would skip this one.

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    I always persevere with anthologies because you never know what the next story will bring In this case, a severe dose of boredom.I found the writing flat and lifeless Not recommended.

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    When reading Patricia Highsmith, I always expect her stories to have some sort of point Is the story about cockroaches in a luxury apartment building about the idle rich getting their comeuppance Is the story about homeless people picnicking on the White House lawn advocating the institutionalization of the homeless Surely, in a few pages, the story will take some twist to make it clearer where she s going with this But instead, the story just ends naturally and inconclusively There is no moral lesson to take away, except that sometimes terrible things happen and there is generally nothing you can do about it The Strangers on a Train lesson anyone can be turned into a murderer The one exception is a story in this book which pretty clearly says we should kill the old before they become a burden on the living How prescient and relevant to our current pension problems

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    Not a very good collection of short stories None of them were engaging or pulled me in I found myself thinking that this must have been a compilation of previously unpublished stories that weren t worth including in other collections.

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    An interesting collection of bizarre short tales from a skilled yet tortured writer in her later years, better known as the author of The Talented Mr Ripley Every one of these stories follows poor judgement, misunderstanding, mixed with a heavy dollop of stupidity and gleefully describes the disastrous outcome Clever satires, they lurk on the edge of our tenuous reality, making us wonder if any of these tales could actually take place There is little by way of dialogue, but that doesn t seem to matter the imagery is subtle, yet memorable, and the stories grip you by the throat in an enticing, almost sinister manner Written over 20 years ago, many of the political and cultural references are still very relevant today And for those of you scared of long books, this one is short and sweet, and won t take long to finish It was a captivating, enjoyable read This is the first book I ve read by Patricia Highsmith, and it won t be my last.

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    A pretty low quality collection of tales The first one, about mysterious excrescences growing in an Austrian cemetery, was about on the level of the horror stories I wrote when I was fourteen In tone and style, these remind me of Roald Dahl The one I liked best was about a corrupt west African nation expecting a visit from a U.N watchdog group but first they have to kill all the homeless people and burn their bodies, spiff up the Presidential Palace for their visitors, and try to get rid of the haze of smoke from all the burning bodies In another story a crazy First Lady launches a missile strike against Russia Also a widowed whale goes nuts a man gets locked inside a nuclear waste dump roaches infest a chic New York highrise surrogate mothers form a union and do battle with religious right protesters and a pope stubs his toe.

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    Trash Highsmith She s capable of sooo much better But kind of enjoyable Leftist horror stories, creepy and compelling, with various bad people coming to bad ends whalers, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, feckless UN officials, corrupt nuclear regulators, New York realtors, and other high status lowlifes And the prose, atmosphere, pacing impeccable So I dug it.

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