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Savannah by the Sea (Savannah, #3) chapter 1 Savannah by the Sea (Savannah, #3), meaning Savannah by the Sea (Savannah, #3), genre Savannah by the Sea (Savannah, #3), book cover Savannah by the Sea (Savannah, #3), flies Savannah by the Sea (Savannah, #3), Savannah by the Sea (Savannah, #3) c5be3040e0043 First, I Had To Lie To My Boss Sort Of Then My Parents Had A Fight They Never Fight The Pint Sized Lapdog That Is Treated Better Than I Am Has Thrown Up Twice This Vacation Hasn T Even Startedand I M Ready To Go HomeNo One In Her Right Mind Would Actually Choose To Spend A Week At The Beach With A Steel Magnolia Drama Queen, A Tragically Disappointed Diva In Training, And A Yapping, Hurling, Supremely Annoying Little Canine Princess But I Love Seaside, So I Came Then I Ran Into The Gorgeous, Exasperating Joshua Northand Watched My Good Sense Slide Rapidly South Which Goes To Show That Even With A Tan And Maybe A New Man In My Life I M Still The Same Old Savannahfrom Savannah

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    Thoughts on the entire series Savannah my introduction into Chick Lit and some of the absolute funniest reading of my life.Oh, sure, a few parts of the humor hinge on things one might roll her eyes at and say, Right Like that really would ve happened, but the fact that Hildreth wasn t afraid to let loose and get a little ridiculous made me appreciate the series all the I mean, why always be confined inside the box of what s realistic Let your hair down, be a little silly, and laugh about life Note, though, that what I appreciate most about the books is that they aren t just all silliness and giggles, as Hildreth gives her heroine some serious lessons to learn, all without bogging the story down with sermons detached from the plot Excellent

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    Sweet, funny series I liked this final book most of all It wrapped all all the storylines and included a sweet romance I found a new author I plan to enjoy again

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    I love this series and this was a re read for me These books are hilarious and tell a great story.

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    I read this because I wanted to finish the Savannah series and because I met the author a couple of times a few years ago and instantly liked her Like the first two Savannah books, it s an easy read and takes me to the familiar locations of Savannah, GA and the beaches of 30 A in Florida I enjoyed the way real places like the restaurants and stores of Savannah and Seaside are woven into the story Savannah is one of my favorite cities and even though I ve never stayed in Seaside, I ve visited the beaches of 30 A enough times to feel right at home with the settings As in the first two stories, Savannah herself seems a bit spoiled and a little naive for a woman in her twenties But, she s still an enjoyable main character with some funny lines Her best friend, Paige, makes a good sidekick But, the star of the book is Amber Topaz Childers, the tiara wearing beauty pageant queen who is constantly bemoaning her loss of the title Miss Georgia United States of America not just once, but twice She is by far my favorite character in the Savannah stories If you re looking for a sweet, happy ending book look no further There is a Christian theme of human imperfection and lessons of forgiveness running through the story, but it doesn t preach Enjoy this one with a glass of sweet tea, or an icy Coca cola, Savannah s beverage of choice.

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    The first book in the Savannah series prompted me to read the other two Book two didn t meet my expectations so much the plot seemed to drag on far too long and with quite an implausible ending The final book showed a deeper side of Savannah at times, but I am still waiting for her to grow up to really get serious about the writing she claims to love so much and to stand on her own without accepting so much financial and materialistic help from her parents especially from the mother she is so critical of Even with the promising ending, I still see Savannah as a spoiled college student masquerading as a self sufficient, career minded young woman I can only hope that with the rather hopeful ending, that Savannah will finally grow up.

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    if your looking for a feel good, funny book this book is for you going on vacations isnt exactly what savannah had in mind but but after refusing and refusing she finally gave in little does she know it may changes her entire life i laughed so much through out this book reminded me so much of myself and my vest friend the characters become really people though this book hey, u may even c yourself in this book unfortunetly i didnt know this was the last book of the savannah series but even though ive read the last book i have every intention of going back and reading the first 2 book i felt comfortable reading this book was very clean and enjoyable especially at the end of the day when u wanna relax hope this revies helps you and enjoy the book

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    I like the Savannah series because they are enjoyable to read And while Hildreth covers real topics of faith she does it with humor and lightness thrown in as well This third book, and I believe final, book in the series was a great wrap up to Savannah from Savannah I think I like Savannah so much because she s relateable She s real There s no pretense in her She isn t made out to be a super Christian but a REAL Christian I can relate to that as nobody who follows Jesus could ever make the claim that they are super, we all are real and struggle but are we honest about it Savannah is and I can relate to that.

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    This is the conclusion to Savannah I actually think this was my favorite of the three It had so many humorous scenes in it as Savannah takes a spur of the moment trip to the sea with her parents, her mom s new dog, her friend Paige, and Amber I laughed out loud in so many parts By the time we get to the end of this book we can look back and really see how much Savannah has grown through the course of the books These are easy to read, witty, funny books I would recommend them

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    So, I got this book from the beach reads shelf at the library I took it to the beach and it really surprised me I skimmed a lot of the beginning it was really descriptive of the panhandle and since I was there I didn t want to read about it Anyway somewhere along the way it became a touching, clean, heart warming story that had me laughing out loud at times It was a fun, simple read perfect for the beach.

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    And so it draws to a close totally predictable ending with some minor bumps in the road The drama queen antics were annoying rather than amusing her father is my favorite character, although the relationship with his wife is hard to buy simply because their personalities are so drastically different I know opposites attract but it really is overdone here I probably would have really enjoyed this book if I were in my early 20s and wasn t quite so jaded about life

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