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Her and Me and You chapter 1 Her and Me and You , meaning Her and Me and You , genre Her and Me and You , book cover Her and Me and You , flies Her and Me and You , Her and Me and You 01170e30285aa First Love, Broken Friendships, And Heartache All Play A Part In This Evocative, Voice Driven Novel About Alex, A Girl Whose World Is Ripped Apart When Her Father S Affair Splits Her Family In TwoAlex Moves With Her Mess Of A Mother To A New Town, Where She Is Befriended By Hot, Enigmatic Fred And Alternately Flirted With And Cold Shouldered By Fred S Twin Sister, Adina Others Warn Alex To Steer Clear Of The Twins, Whose Sibling Relationship Is Considered Abnormal At Best, But There S Just Something About Fred And Something About Adina That Draws Alex To Them And Makes Her Want To Be Part Of Their Crazy World No Matter The Consequences

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    2.5 out of 5 ratingUmmyeah I don t really know what to say about this book It only took me about an hour to read Thank goodness I think if it took longer I would have been upset at wasting my time This book was just so flat for me Alex is a complete pushover Her best friend from back home, Evie, isn t very nice to her Adina is just plain awful and Fred sticks up for Adina s behavior And Alex knows that her behavior isn t right but hangs around anyways Pitiful And for some reason, the way she kept calling her mom Mommy at her age was just weird for me And I kept waiting for there to be something Some big climax or reasoning as to why Adina was the way she was But there was nothing It was like the book just ended I love books about twins and was looking forward to reading this one, but unfortunately it let me down.

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    4.5 stars I came into this with insanely high hopes, and they were not at all disappointed Just like NOTHING LIKE YOU, HER AND ME AND YOU is a slim, haunting story with chapters like vignettes, and it hits you harder as it goes and means to you once you ve closed it than you realized while you were reading The book definitely improves as it progresses the last third of the book is stunning The first few scenes were a bit too straightforward to me the conversations seemed to hit their marks too quickly but once the main characters and conflicts were introduced, that issue disappeared My issues were small The end was a bit abrupt and maybe a smidge too tidy, and I don t feel like the eating disorder body image aspects were fully explored, but that isn t what the book is about, and I know I m sensitive than most when those issues crop up And unlike NOTHING LIKE YOU, where the slimness was one of its virtues, I wanted this to be longer I wanted to see of the characters I wouldn t go so far as to say it was too short the story did work at this length, and it worked beautifully Strasnick can still say in fewer than 200 pages than most can in 400 And it s a compliment to her that I wanted time with these characters.All in all, an absolutely breathtaking book, and not one I m going to forget any time soon.

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    After Alex s dad has an affair her mom and her move to a new town There she makes a new friend in Fred and is thereby forced into a friendship with his twin, Adina Adina seems to flirt with her and Fred The other girls Alex meets at school tell her to stay away from the twins, because they are bad news But, when things with her old best friend start to crumble she has no choice but to cling to Fred for life support Adina however, could do without Alex hogging her brother and may try anything to stop them.This was a really interesting book I loved how well you got to know the characters in such a brief time frame Alex is cool but broken from her parents split, Fred is a nice guy but is hindered by his sister Adina and Evie is the old best friend The relationships between the characters were so chaotic and authentic which I appreciated thoroughly Lauren Strasnick created a heartbreakingly realistic story about what it means to be a teen Strasnick took a seemingly normal situation crushing on a guy and made it far interesting and entertaining by throwing in a crazy twin I will definitely be reading Lauren Strasnick in the future This was an excellent read that took something ordinary and made it a little feisty.First Line I met Fred first Favorite Line He looked down then back up, you don t like my shoes

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    2.5So bizarre There was just no real ending, it was a completely abrupt halt I kept waiting for the final reveal, but nothing ever came A shame, because this had an interesting premise.

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    When I read the synopsis of this book I really wasn t all that intrigued, but I figured I would give it a shot Turned out I have better instincts than I give myself credit for What drove me absolutely crazy with this book was that it had no relevance Nothing Nada The pages could have been full of drawings to color in and it would have content than the story Okay maybe that was a bit harsh I may be exaggerating just a tad I just can t even begin to express my frustration with this book It had all the potential in the world to be a pretty decent read Sometimes potential is just not enough While I am all for unique writing style, I have to say I did not enjoy reading this It was choppy and about 90% of it was dialogue Dialogue is all well and good, but even the dialogue didn t hold much in the way of interest It was short, choppy, and really rather uninteresting There was no descriptors to accompany the dialogue either Maybe on a rare occasion maybe For instance instead of I do not have a crush on Fred, I replied indignantly, feeling my cheeks turn red, it was I don t have a crush on Fred The End With almost every single set of dialogue It was so vague that I had trouble picturing anyone or scenery I m a creative person but even I had trouble filling in all the blanks Frustrating to say the least As for the plot What plot The most exciting portion of the whole book was when someone got in a car accident and I could honestly say I did not care one bit It was just a whole bunch of teenage angst And I HATE teenage angst There was no conflict, no tension, barely even a romance This is largely due to the writing style There were things that happened that would cause conflict and tension, but the writing was just so bare boned that it all fell flat The main character s father cheated on her mother She hates and loves him, yet I didn t catch a whiff of any emotion I didn t feel what she felt, I didn t even wonder because I just didn t care It is truly rare when I could not give a rats ass about what happened in the story I m not hard to please when it comes to books, so when I say I really didn t enjoy this you will understand just how blah it was And truly that s what it was It wasn t bad It wasn t offensive and there wasn t anything in the characters or story that made me hate it It was just lacking in everything The story was non existent, the characters uninteresting, and the writing was bland Just plain blah Another thing that was bothersome was the fact that I got through the whole entire book and was just left with questions The ending was so abrupt and just so weird I literally flipped the page and flipped back to make sure I hadn t skipped one Adina s weird obsession with her brother, why she was anorexic, why their father was always AWOL, and just what the heck was going through Adina s mind was all not answered Nada I just got the vague impression of Well that s F ed up and moved on That was what really irritated me about this novel The lack of answers Just utterly frustrating Since I don t have one single positive thing to say about this novel I won t drag this out much longer Did I hate it No, I just couldn t find one single thing that I liked about this novel It was just so bare As my Spanish teacher would say Beef it up The story and everything in general just needed MORE At least it was short and didn t take me long to read I don t feel like I wasted a significant amount of time reading it So ya First ever entirely negative review Shocker I didn t think I had it in me.

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    I m not quite sure how I feel about Her and Me and You I enjoyed the overall storyline and the characters were intriguing, but, by the end, the book still felt incomplete.After Alex s dad has an affair and breaks her family apart, she moves with her mess of a mother to her deceased grandma s house a few hours away Without her best friend Evie and her favorite parent, Alex feels isolated and alone.Strasnick s characterization of a lonely, angry, and understandably frustrated girl are spot on Alex is easy to relate to off the bat, but I found her to also be quite the pushover, which may or may not have been intended Alex seems to let people walk all over her and let her down again and again with little to no protest There are moments where she explodes and all her anger come out, but I wanted to see of that.As for the twins with the abnormal relationship, they were different I like Fred He seems like an okay guy and he was developed well, as was Adina, but the hot and cold from both of them grated on me a bit Their close relationship is viewed as than a little strange to the outside world and when Alex gets thrown into the middle of it, she understands why.I really enjoyed the ambiguity of Alex s sexual orientation and her reaction to both of the twins She s young and not really sure who she is, so it worked really well Strasnick s writing is also gripping and pulled me in The chapters are short and the story moves quickly, so it s easy to get caught up in it I finished the book in about an hour or so, not wanting to put it down I have to say that I really wasn t satisfied with the ending Towards the end, things began to escalate and get and chaotic and I loved that, but then it just ends And here I am, left wanting .Opening line I met Fred first pg 1Favorite line s Three Three used to fell right Me, Mom, Dad the perfect unit Now three felt lopsided and odd Me, Evie, Ben Me, Adina, Fred Someone was always, always getting pushed to the side pg 123 This is an ARC and lines, page numbers, etc are subject to change

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    An intense, fast paced read, Lauren Strasnick pulled me into the twisted, passionate world of Alex, Fred, and Adina I finished the novel in just over an hour, but the story continued to ricochet through my mind even after the last page was turned Alex is the main character, but it s Adina and Fred, and their interesting relationship, that steal the spotlight Fred is immediately likeable and it wasn t difficult to imagine why Alex would fall him, even as she s being warned against him and his sister It s Adina, however, that gave the novel an almost sinister feel Right from the beginning, the reader can tell there s something not right with Adina She s possessive of Fred, manipulative of everyone, and her fragility makes her easy to underestimate As I read, I couldn t help but be a bit impressed by her deft manipulation of Alex and Fred The lengths she was willing to go to achieve her goal was terrifying, but I found it hard to look away.The novel is comprised of than just Adina and her games Alex and Fred s relationship unfolds slowly, tenderly The two are comfortable, yet hesitant and I found myself hoping they d break free of Adina s control, despite how interesting I found her intrusions and designs.Strasnick has succeeded in writing a gripping novel populated with compelling characters that will leave you wondering where the last two hours have gone.Grade A

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    I love Strasnick s spare writing style, and the rapid pacing of her stories, and how much she captures with so few words In her other two books I ve read, this has totally worked for me In this one, though, it just felt like a half done story she didn t feel like finishing There was so much compelling in what I read, but I don t understand how this was published as a complete novel It certainly didn t feel to me like one, so much as set ups for several different cool ones Basically, it made me glad I ve already read The Secret History and Underneath Everything, so at least i could fill in blanks with complete stories.

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    Alex moves to a new town with her mother when her father gets a new girlfriend Her family life isn t so great now, but at least she still has her best friend But she s slowly leaving Alex behind when she gets a boyfriend At the town and her new school, Alex befriends Fred Fred has a twin sister, Adina, who is an enigmatic as Fred Alex isn t sure what to make of this pair of siblings who keep to themselves.One thing is for sure though two s a company and three s a crowd Alex is slowly feeling like the permanent third wheel Her and Me and You is a fast paced novel because of its stylistic of narration It is told in first person and short, clipped sentences Despite this face level of an easy breezy read, Her and Me and You is so much Fred s and Adina s past is a haunting one and the reader constantly wonders the psychological effects that it dealt to these young children It lingers on the mind throughout the book especially when Adina does odd thing or anything Adina in particularly is one slippery character she has her quirts and her niceties One thing frustrating about the first person narrative is the lack of knowledge on the other characters.Adina is so very fascinating She is part anorexia and part bipolar and all insane But the reader does not if this is true All we know is what Alex perceives Adina could be in fact a sane girl who is manipulative and conniving and staged everything to keep Fred I want to read of Adina.Alex s close friend from her old town God help me, I can t recall her name is one that many readers have probably read elsewhere The girl who has had history with the main character, but changes and develops over time into someone who is different than the childhood friend And not for the better She oh gosh, what s her name is not as memorable as Adina as you can tell by the lack of name but she does play an important role by connecting Alex to her past.Alex s old town where her father and current girlfriend still lives is just another form of her life constantly changing Here, her father, is a man of the past that will forever be a part of her There, her soon to be stepmother, is a woman of the future that will become part of her These two characters are no snobby than you or I They are concerned on what Alex thinks, what Alex feels, and tries to open their home as still her old home And for that I cannot hate them Instead I believe that it portrays society perfectly.As you can tell, Her and Me and You is such a short novel around 200 pages but it packs so much between the lines Her and Me and You is a haunting novel that will stick to the reader But there were so many lingering questions that I feel leaves Her and Me and You hollow.

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    Alex and her mom have moved to Meadow Marsh to live in Alex s dead grandmother s house because my favourite parent, Dad, had done some very bad things with a paralegal named Caroline Faster than you can say trouble, with a capital T, Alex meets Fred and his twin sister, Adina They re odd Well, at least Adina is, but Alex is drawn to them anyway Mostly she s looking for an escape from the wreckage of her parents marriage and her mother s subsequent nosedive into a bottle.There s not a lot of plot here nothing much happens but the triangle between Alex, Fred and Adina is almost immediately fraught with a weird and buzzing tension that Alex can t quite get a handle on One minute Adina is her bestie, the next she s icing Alex out To further complicate matters, Alex finds herself drawn to Fred, his freckled face made her want to bake a batch of cookies Down a gallon of milk There s also the problem of what Alex has left behind her best friend, Evie, for starters has fallen in love and Alex felt furious about it Everything had changed so fast Dad Mom Evie Especially Evie Her and Me and You is a relatively light weight coming of age novel that is just better than average because despite the fact that it has many of the standard YA realistic fiction hallmarks divorced parents, absent parents, eating disorders, underage drinking, high school drama, it also has a compelling protagonist Alex doubts herself in the way of all teenage girls, but she also has a wonderful capacity for growth and forgiveness I liked that about her Her and Me and You is a strangely compelling YA novel and I think it mostly has to do with how it navigates the tricky world of teenage relationships.

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