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    I m at 10% in this book, it has been torture to read The verbal snobbery, weird phrases, waste of money, the desperate attempt by the author to make this character seem so upper class is ridiculous I ve known old money people and they were never so outlandish Cripey, I haven t even seen bad soap TV stars act this idiotic I read the reviews, most say if you can make it through the first 50% the second half is pretty good I am debating on reading one paragraph Is the second half good enough to read this this muck I just answered my own question Thank you inner dialog I am quitting this before I waste any precious time Good bye Nancy, and your over stated excellent sense of style Time to put my comfy pants on and get real with some lower class characters.

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    What a wonderful summer read This is smart chic lit with twists, turns and strange discoveries While the people and situations may seem far fetched or those of a class few actually belong to, it is very relatable and touching to all.When we meet Nancy Carrington Chambers she is spoiled, picky, rich and hard to like She lives to control those around her and, when she can t, runs away to something safer and easy to manage When she leaves her husband for a break and to help launch her party planning company, Froth, her husband agrees to hire her an assistant This assistant ends up being exactly what she has always wanted a classy, suave, handsome gay Englishman They work wonderfully together and, when Nancy s flighty, selfish cousin Birdie drops her daughter off with Nancy, they adapt to this new creature In no time, Nancy, Derek the gay English assistant and Eugenia the four year old creature now inhabiting Nancy s walk in closet are forming a strong, if strange family But what happens when everything is turned on its head and secrets are reveled that will change this happy existence Can Nancy survive in a new, less than fabulous world Anyone who enjoys chic lit or fun fiction will love this book.

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    Kindle edition.I expected this to be comical than it actually was In fact its not very funny ha ha at all Instead I found it thought provoking and somehow rather sad at times It was the cover that drew me to this novel simple and elegant and very perfect and it was free to download at the time At first I was a little unsure about the writing It seemed very distant but then it all made sense and I found myself thoroughly enjoying the story and eager to find out how it ended.A lovely, somewhat sad tale, about how the other half live Yes, some of it was a tad overdone but this was enjoyable and readable and I finished it with a sense of having read something just that little bit special.

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    Nancy s Theory of Style by Grace CoopersmithContemporary Romance Chick Lit May 18th, 20105 starsNancy s Theory of Style is a must read This is the perfect feel good book for the summer It is certainly one destined for my keeper shelf If I could grade it than 5 stars I would Usually contemporary or chick lit books are not my 1st choice This is because the relationship and the dialogue have to be strong or I quickly lose interest In paranormal or suspense romances at least there is the mystery or magic to keep me intrigued even if the main characters do not But Grace Coopersmith has succeeded in writing a book that has a surprisingly poignant romance and witty dialogue that kept me in eager anticipation of what funny thing the main character would say or do next Nancy has the perfect life She looks good, has money and a husband most women would envy So why does she feel her perfect life is draining her She decides to take a break from her husband Now she can finally start the event business she always wanted Unfortunately, her father and husband never felt she was serious Her first step is to find an impeccable assistant When she giddily hires the urbane Derek she knows she will be a success As Nancy stumbles through each zany adventure she finds a strength and sense of purpose that she didn t know she had.The wonderful thing about this book is how it slowly grows on you Nancy is a rich socialite And at first glance she seems like the typical blonde who is concerned about her looks and status than other people and their misfortune But as I grew to know Nancy, I grew to love her and so did her love interest Nancy s personality is effervescent She is like champagne, but instead of tickling your nose she tickles your funny bone and keeps you happily drunk on her view of life It reminded me of a modern day Georgette Heyer novel On the surface this story is a funny, lighthearted and frothy read As I mentioned earlier, Nancy does have rare style and grace Her entertaining and outrageous personality carry this book But Nancy also has unplumbed depths I was surprised how invested I became in Nancy s struggles Her growing pains as she realized who her real friends are and what really counts in life were very emotional Although Grace Coopersmith cleverly disguises this story as a light chick lit, I found it a far deeper story I was enthralled at Nancy s fortitude and courage as she finds both real love and herself This book was empowering and uplifting It kept a smile on my face long after I finished it I can only hope Nancy s adventures continue Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

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    The Good Stuff absolutely positively delightful and fun Great dialogue Wacky characters You wont want to put it down you will be having so much fun Nancy comes across at first as a total flake, but she is a flake with heart and compassion and knows when to do the right thing Milagro is in it briefly I love that quirky lady Grace Coopersmith is the pen name for Marta Acosta who writes the Casa Dracula books and owner of the fabulous blog Vampirewire and she really is cool for an American said in the voice of Bruce the Shark from Finding Nemo this is also a joke since I love American s and cuz I know you are going to save our ass in case of killer meteors, aliens, ice age, etc Fluff but with intelligence and humourThe Not so Good Stuff Nancy is so rich, annoying and clueless at first, its hard to like her but don t let that get you, you will end of liking her despite yourselfFavorite Quotes Passages Oh, that naive American dream that a house can bring happiness and fulfillment Continue to hope I always thought you should be with someone who got your humour and realized that when you seem to be joking, you re serious, and when you seem to be serious, you re joking Nancy preferred children in magazines to the tantrum throwing, nose picking, noisome three dimensional versions Will your heart break when he realizes that no matter how assiduously he tends the garden, a penis will not sprout from your nether regions What I Learned I soo want a hot gay assistant That I must stop reading funny books on the bus, because when I snort with laughter, people stop and stare Nancy would have a lot of work to do on me in terms of fashion and well pretty much everything else, but I woud still love herWho should shouldn t read Those who enjoy chick lit Smart women who already read and love Marta Acosta I m thinking Natasha will not like I really think fans of Bridget Jones and Sophie Kinsella will also like4 Dewey sI received this book from Simon and Schuster in exchange for an honest review

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    Nancy Carrington Chambers had everything a woman could dream of the perfect life and rich husband So then, why is Nancy leaving her life behind Nancy packs up her things and moves into her San Francisco apartment to focus on her event planning business, Froth.Nancy can t run her business successfully without an assistant She hires Derek Catheart Derek is British and gay Which is such a bummer as Nancy feels an attraction to Derek As if Nancy needs any upheavals in her life, her cousin leaves her daughter, Eugenia at Nancy s doorstep Can Nancy, Derek and Eugenia make a family together If you think the book cover for this book is good, then you have will be in for a treat Nancy s Theory of Style is a laugh out loud read You don t want to miss this book whether you are commuting to work, taking a road trip or heading to the beach Nancy is a hoot If she was real, I would be friends with her At first I thought that Nancy was going to be spoiled and one dimensional but instead Nancy turned out to be very smart, savvy, and funny and had a nice heart Derek is a girl s best friend It was too bad he was gay He and Nancy worked well together Eugenia was much wiser beyond her years I can t wait to see what Grace Coppersmith had in store next Whatever it is you can bet I will be checking it out.

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    I heart Nancy.I was sitting here wondering when I could get my hands on the next book in the Casa Dracula series and here it was on my nightstand for a week I started reading Nancy s Theory of Style and by the fourth chapter when a certain character named Milagro appeared and I knew I had heard Nancy s name before, except I remember her as Fancy Nancy Nancy is of course Milagro s former roommate from college in the Casa Dracula series and her one liners are so snarky and special you will want to claim them as your own Heck, half of the lines in this book would make witty comebacks that you should file away in your little black book of quotes Of course, the book should be from Prada and in subtle carmel shade according to Nancy The writing just sparkles and the humor jumps off the page This is THE book for summer The plot has enough twists and turns to keep it from being typical chick lit, yet still leaves you feeling good Even though you should probably hate Nancy for being so superficial, you have to love the fact that she grows and becomes someone that is responsible when all of those around her seem to fail at that quality There are so many little plot details in this book that elevate it from the usual summer fare.Stop by my blog to read the interview with Grace and enter to win a copy

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    Never having read anything by author Marta Acosta, and this being her first foray under the pseudonym Grace Coopersmith, I had no idea what to expect from Nancy s Theory of Style Since humor is a common hallmark of chick lit novels it wasn t the abundance of it here that caught me by surprise What did, however, was the brand of funny put forth by the novel.Nancy is an utterly unique and delightfully refreshing character Her behavior and speech is often ridiculous and, the majority of the time, she s fully aware of that fact Her way of viewing the world may be flawed as her story begins, but it s so much fun to watch her take on life The development of her new relationships with her niece cousin Eugenia and her new assistant love interest Derek add touching notes to this captivating story of a women in transitionTo continue reading this review visit my blog, The Eclectic Book Lover.

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    Small trivia Grace Coopermsith is the pen name of Marta Acosta If you are a fan of her Casa Dracula books then you are familiar with Nancy Let s just say that she is someone I avoid because of all the perfection and rules about social etiquette and what not But I love this girl, despite her high standards, use of fancy words, and elaborate ridiculousness about flowers and stuff I can actually relate to her She s hilarious and has a strong personality So imagine her with a gay English assistant and baby sitting her irresponsible cousin s 4 year old daughter The ideas are endless, I tell you.

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    This book is a must read, I found myself laughing out loud at the situations Nancy the main character found herself in The book also touches on real scenarios that we all at one point have encountered that leads us to personal growth It s touching, funny, witty with elements of style weaved into the story The author is a master of creating a great story with a message I found myself rooting for Nancy and I was left with wanting to read about this character when the book endedHope fully there will be a part two

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Nancy's Theory of Style summary pdf Nancy's Theory of Style, summary chapter 2 Nancy's Theory of Style, sparknotes Nancy's Theory of Style, Nancy's Theory of Style 72d7d89 Lively Young Socialite Nancy Carrington Chambers Has Always Believed An Excellent Sense Of Style And Strict Attention To Detail Are What It Takes To Succeed, But Her Own Husband Todd Is Showing Symptoms Of Incurable Tackiness, So Nancy Flees Their McMansion For Her Posh San Francisco Apartment She Knows Her Event Planning Company, Froth, Is A Real Winner, But She Must Prove Herself By Reinventing The Turgid Barbary Coast Historical Museum Fundraiser Luckily, Nancy Now Has The Perfect Assistant Derek Cathcart Is British, Impeccably Dressed, Gorgeous, And Clearly Gay So Why Does Nancy Find Him So Attractive Before Nancy Can Unravel Her Feelings, Her Irresponsible Cousin Birdie Abandons Her Little Daughter With Nancy And Takes Off Nancy, Derek, And Eugenia Make An Unlikely Family, But Strangely It Seems Incredibly Right Now Nancy S Parents Are Pressuring Her To Return To Todd, And She Still Has To Pull Off A Spectacular Party For Someone Who S Always Known Exactly Where She S Going, Nancy Is In Dangerously Uncharted Waters Irresistibly Funny And Romantic, Nancy S Theory Of Style Shows That Happiness And Love Just Like Fashion Aren T About Playing It Safe

  • Paperback
  • 362 pages
  • Nancy's Theory of Style
  • Marta Acosta
  • English
  • 26 December 2017
  • 9781416598862

About the Author: Marta Acosta

Marta Acosta lives in the San Francisco Bay Area She was a feral reader, roaming the stacks of the public library.She received a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from Stanford University and has written for the San Francisco Chronicle, the Contra Costa Times, and Spaces Magazine.Marta lives with her husband, spawn, and their crazy dogs An avid gardener, she likes independent fil