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    Full Moon City is a nice collection of short stories about werewolves who have adapted to city life I ve encountered many of the authors here before, and some of them I esteem as important to modern sensibilities than sliced bread There were a few stories that were a dud for me, and one in particular was disappointing, but overall, there are winners here The Truth About Werewolves by Lisa TuttleSet in modern day Houston, this story concerns a lonely woman who puts an ad out in the paper looking for fellow werewolves to socialize She hooks up with one of the attendees for a one night stand, and discovers the truth about werewolves Sex isn t necessarily involved, but dreaming is This is a strange opening piece, as it s so disconcerting in its message Innocent by Gene Wolfe This short story, related as a first person narrative of a psychopathic killer proclaiming his innocence from prison to an unknown father, would have made an excellent opening selection for this anthology Our prisoner, who recounts his youth and his discovery of the joys of eating raw meat, is creepy as all get out His tales of his eating habits, moving from spoiled meat to rats and other animals, and finally to humans, is sickening I loved this story Kitty Learns the Ropes by Carrie Vaughn This was a neat introduction for me to Kitty Norville, the werewolf radio personality with her own urban fantasy book series that I keep meaning to get to Here, Kitty accompanies a reporter to a boxing match to determine if a boxing champ is human or werewolf I liked this story, and probably would have liked it better were I acquainted with Kitty No Children, No Pets by Esther M Friesner I loved this story, it was so freakin weird and awesome It s about a strange werewolf girl who roams Central Park and claims to live in the Plaza Hotel About 7 years old, she has memories of her father, who was an American Communist, offing himself after the arrest of the Rosenbergs She s been taken in by the local werewolf pack after she is turned by a strange, bug eyed weredog, and she goes around quoting bits of Marx and spouting communist nonsense in her 7 year old slang The ending is a great little happy twist for the poor, downtrodden nanny and the girl Very nicely done Sea Warg by Tanith Lee This was probably the story that disappointed me the most, because I am such a huge fan of Lee s I ll leave it at that Country Mothers Sons by Holly Phillips Here s another sad and lonely werewolf tale, but in a different way from the opening piece by Tuttle, where the weres are looking for soul mates Here we see the aftereffects of war on farming communities, and what it looks like for widows and orphaned sons to move from country to city and try to adapt to a strange new life The only mention of wolves comes at the end, when wolf song is heard Another desolate piece A Most Unusual Greyhound by Mike ResnickProbably my favorite story in the entire collection Resnick delivers a comic piece about a mafia bookie of a lovesick Mexican werewolf pretending to be a greyhound Very slick, very cool The Bitch by P.D CacekThis is another great piece, an awesome little story about a bitch ex girlfriend stalker who finally gets her comeuppance when the new girlfriend decides that enough is enough The Aarne Thompson Classification Revue by Holly Black Being a werewolf means that when you take off your clothes, you re still not really naked You have to take off your skin, too.I really loved this piece, too Again, there s a feeling of isolation as a young weregirl moves through life in the city, imitating humans and trying to get by While waitressing, she auditions for and receives a part in a musical production The inital performance is, literally, showstopping Weredog of Bucharest by Ian WatsonA British writer travels to Romania for inspiration and hangs out with the local artsy fartsy crowd and a police inspector He rides along for a murder investigation, learns a lesson in hidden elevator doors, and gets the werewolve transformation from the local crone This one was okay I was a Middle Age Werewolf by Ron GoulartWe move from the Balkans to Hollywood to meet a Beverly Hills screenwriter, recently fired from his latest writing gig, fighting off a vicous ex, and learning that he s growing a full fur pelt There s a comic voice to this that mixes Curb Your Enthusiasm dry sarcasm with Beverly Hills Chihuahua camp that s fun to read The ditzy daytime actress daughter who ends up responsible for the whole mess makes a great ending Kvetchula s Daughter by Darrell SchweitzerThis one s cute and fast paced The daughter, of course, is a liberal minded daughter of Jewish vampire loving parents who return from their Romanian vacation in coffins, having been turned into vamps They, in turn, quickly turn their daughter s retarded hippy boyfriend into the family Renfeld, and expect her to become a minion Except, of course, she meets a local werewolf named Heinrich Wolfgang and falls in puppy love Expect the cubs to be raised Jewish This one s cute And Bob s Your Uncle by Chelsea Quinn YarbroI love Yarbro, and this short delivers for me A nine year old boy gets a shot at vengeance against his mom s abusive boyfriend when meets a werewolf in the park Very nicely done The Bank Job by Gregory FrostA bank heist goes south when one of the customers is a werewolf A decent story La Lune T Attend by Peter S BeagleProbably the longest piece in this collection, and a solid close to the book Here, two aging Cajun werwolves, with family homes and grandchildren, must come to terms with an evil werewolf they thought they killed and buried forty years ago I really liked this one.

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    Hummmm, just read the book description Celebrated fantasy author PETER S BEAGLE tells a chillingly lyrical story of three Louisiana loup garoux locked into a deadly dance of death. Holy COW A deadly dance of death stupid me, thinking that a deadly dance could be something as a deadly dance of sunshine or cute bunnies nooooooooooo a deadly dance is of what Death people are payed to write this kind of book description

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    I got this just for the Kitty story and I m getting caught up on books I have before the last book comes out I skimmed some of the other stories, but none caught my attention Kitty Learns the Ropes very typical Kitty I liked it, but it didn t really add anything to the series It s one that could be skipped and nothing missed.

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    A reporter drags Kitty into confronting a boxer she suspects might be a werewolf Nothing special, but a nice quick read to entertain fans of the series.

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    I only read the Carrie Vaughn story set in the world of Kitty It is a short story dealing with a character from her last book Very cute and classic Kitty.

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    Solid werewolf anthology Peter S Beagle, Esther M Friesner and Gene Wolfe carry the day, while Carrie Vaughn and Gregory Frost let the side down a bit by not researching the non supernatural elements of their contributions professional boxing and professional bank robbing, respectively.

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    I read the kitty Norville story Short but decent.

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    The book was good some of the stuff didn t make enough sense like the first chapter with lisa turtle Does Werewolves astral project to a wolf soul or did Mel lie About being a lycanthrope because she was completely exposed to the full moon yet she drived away its good but its confusing

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    It s no secret that I love anthologies And what could be better than a book full of werewolf stories Almost nothing One of the reasons I love anthologies so much is that I can revisit old favorites as well as discover new writers, and this collection was no exception There are stories from some of my favorites, like Holly Black and Carrie Vaughn, and stories from new to me writers that I want to further explore.Rather than dissect each story in this collection, I just want to touch on a few I Was a Middle Age Werewolf by Ron Goulart was an amusing look at a down on his luck Hollywood writer who finds himself cursed with being a werewolf I also got a kick out of Darrell Schweitzer s Kvetchula s Daughter, about a nice Jewish girl whose life is ruined when her parents become vampires What can I say, I like wacky humor In a different vein, No Children, No Pets by Esther M Friesner is about a six year old city werewolf who lives in Central Park Don t think I ve ever read a story where the main character was a child werewolf before Or would that be a werewolf cub Very original My two favorite stories were Kitty Learns the Ropes by Carrie Vaughn and The Bitch by P.D Cacek I ve read several books in the Kitty series, so it was nice to see her again And while I haven t read Cacek before, this story about an old girlfriend who refuses to let go was really good Loved the ending All in all, I think this was a really nice collection of werewolf stories Some were not as strong as others, but it s a good anthology The good stories outweigh the weaker contenders, and the authors are all talented writers Definitely recommend this one

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    Mixed bag of stories Had to trudge through a lot of them Highlights are Carrie Vaughn s Kitty Learns the Ropes, The Bank Job, and the final story The others were rather disappointing.

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