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Simple Secrets (Harmony, #1) files Simple Secrets (Harmony, #1) , read online Simple Secrets (Harmony, #1) , free Simple Secrets (Harmony, #1) , free Simple Secrets (Harmony, #1) , Simple Secrets (Harmony, #1) 1befb62af Secrets Buried Alive Never DieGraphic Designer Gracie Temple Wants It All The Big City Lifestyle And A Successful Job In Advertising And It Looks Like Her Life Is On The Right Track When She Takes A Job At A Struggling, Midsize Firm In WichitaBut When Gracie Inherits A House From Her Unknown Uncle In The Mostly Mennonite Town Of Harmony, Kansas, She S Not Sure What God S Trying To Tell Her Especially Once She Discovers The House Comes With A Dark Legacy And A Cast Of Eccentric Neighbors Will Gracie Shake Off The Dust Of This Town, Or Will Its Secret Charms Pull Her In To Stay All Sam Goodrich Wants Is To Get Married And Start A Familyand He Thought He D Do It With His Fianc E But He Can T Bring Himself To Agree To A Wedding Date When He Meets Gracie Temple, Sam Discovers She S Everything He Doesn T Want He Loves His Fruit Farm, And He Loves Harmony So Why Does He Feel So Drawn To An Outsider When Someone Tries To Keep Gracie From Discovering The Truth Behind The Town S Collection Of Secrets, Will Sam And Gracie Cling To Their Faith To Help Them Decide What S Most Important Before It S Too Late

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    I didn t have any expectations when I received this book, but just a few chapters in, I was hooked Mehl crafts the perfect setting and mystery that did keep me guessing as I read I thought it would be a light Christian romance, so the added twist was very intriguing.What confused me a bit at the start was that the main character, Gracie Temple, didn t demonstrate any outward expressions of her Christianity until she arrived in Harmony I felt like it was a bit strange that she didn t pray or mention her faith while living in the big city, but all of a sudden started talking about her spirituality and showed how she is led by the holy spirit in her prayers, in asking for God s will to be done It just seemed like all of a sudden she showed up in Harmony and it was helpful for her to be a Christian so oh, yes, Jesus this and scripture that I didn t feel the book was overly preachy, but just wished that her faith was integrated in the story earlier on.I loved learning about the Mennonites as I read and growing in an understanding of their beliefs and desire to live simple lives focused on God I also felt that the message of relationship over religion rang very true I know too many people, myself included, who have been hurt by the church or a pastor who has lost sight of what is important and what the Bible says Silly rules for the sake of control, power, greed, etc Religion for the sake of religion and denominations being a source of divisiveness instead of pulling together in love of the same God and Christ Mehl does a wonderful job of gently turning the negative thoughts of the church as a whole back towards what religion is supposed to be That the thoughts of a congregation or the actions of a priest pastor church leader, do not necessarily reflect the message of Christ or the feelings of Christians as a whole.

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    I truly enjoyed Nancy Mehl s Simple Secrets, the first in her Harmony series Her heroine was a believable, complex character Her hero was a man any woman would fall for The conflicts were real, not forced The suspense thread was intriguing and compelling I guess the theme is Sir Walter Scott s Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive I would recommend this for anyone 13 and older who enjoys a sweet romance and a good mystery.

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    If you enjoy Amish fiction, I m sure you ll like Nancy Mehl s new book, SIMPLE SECRETS, out now from Barbour Books SIMPLE SECRETS is the first of a series combining mystery, romance, and suspense, set in the fictional small Mennonite town of Harmony The town itself becomes a character in the story, and you ll find yourself wanting to settle in for a visita place populated by nice, friendly people, one of whom happens to be a killer SIMPLE SECRETS is a charming read with a likeable heroine who resolves a family secret, solves the mystery, and finds love.

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    I just completed reading the copy of Simple Secrets that I received in the goodreads giveaway It was a great read that included both romance and mystery The characters were well developed, the conversation was believable and the setting was unique Sam and Gracie both were great main characters and the supporting characters were interesting as well The mystery kept me guessing until the very end That s awesome because it makes the read so much enjoyable I will definitely be reading the second book in Mehl s Harmony Series T

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    This was an interesting Christian mystery novel with a love story intertwined with it I liked the characters and the overall story line All of the twists and turns of the plot were exciting all while keeping the slower pace of a novel set mainly among the Mennonites I liked it even this second time reading it.

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    Gracie is happily working as a graphic designer when she gets a call that her uncle had died and left her his house She soon finds out that her parents do not have fond memories of the area and she plants to visit get the house ready to sell and leave But nothing goes as planned once she arrives in the small Mennonite community of Harmony Kansas She soon meets the odd neighbors One is an older lady who goes by the name Sweetie and the other is a very handsome man named Sam Gracie has no intention of staying but she finds herself drawn to the town.Another hiccup in her plan is a letter her uncle leaves for her telling her of a dark family secret Gracie feels she needs to find the truth before she can sell the house and the adventures begin She soon finds a friend in both the neighbors and maybe she will even find love.When I first started to read this book I was not sure I was going to like it but I did The author does a very good job of balancing the mystery suspense with the romance between Gracie and Sam as well as adding some humor to the story which kept me smiling She is also very descriptive Telling many details of rooms that the characters are in etc The only negative I have for this book is the fact that its only told through Gracie s eyes I really wanted to know about Sam as I got to know him A lot of times I have trouble finishing a book when only told by one character but this author is really good and it was not a deal breaker for me just a little bit of a disappointment This is book one in the series and I am looking forward to reading the other two books as well.http abbiesreadingcorner.com 2011 0

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    When Gracie Temple gets a phone call from her father saying that her Uncle Ben has passed away and has left his house and belongings to her, she sets out as soon as she can Her Uncle lived in a small Mennonite community in Harmony, Kansas and Gracie has never even met him She arrives with the intention to get things sorted rather quickly, but soon discovers there may be a greater plan at work A letter addressed to her from her late Uncle causes her to stay and solve a decades old mystery She meets the handsome Sam Goodrich, who instantly volunteers his assistance Together they discover sinister things going on in Harmony, including a former corrupt Bishop, a thief, an evil man, and possibly an attraction to each other.I liked that the way the mystery unfolded over the course of the plot There were no slow points, and since there were clues in just about every chapter, the reveal wasn t left for a huge climax at the end I thought Sam was quite the romantic guy Gracie is a fish out of water for most of the book, a feeling that many readers will be able to identify with I enjoyed being there with her as she saw the Mennonite people as something other than her back woods country assumptions It seemed we met modern Mennonites than the conservative old ways ones Nancy Mehl adds a ton of little details on their way of life especially when it comes to the cooking my mouth was watering the whole time With a last shout out the beautiful cover, this series is sure to be a hit with the Amish and Mennonite readers.

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    Simple Secrets by Nancy Mehl is the first book in the Harmony series about a mostly Mennonite community in Kansas Gracie Temple grew up disliking her family s hometown because of the Ban on her parents for their marriage against the bishop s wishes When her uncle Ben dies, whom she s never met, and leaves her his home, she s forced to go to Harmony to deal with the home A letter from Ben tells her of a thirty year old murder and secret that she must get to the bottom of if she is ever to return to her life as a graphic designer in Wichita, but after meeting Sam Goodrich, Gracie isn t so sure that Wichita is where she wants to be Mehl puts an interesting spin on the extremely popular Amish or bonnet fiction genre Gracie is an outsider with a prejudice against Mennonites, and the community has plenty of secrets to hide The reader comes to understand the differences between Mennonite groups as Gracie meets her neighbors and the townsfolk There s a couple of strong messages people are individuals regardless of the groups they belong to and sometimes the past must be dealt with before the future can be lived I hope in future volumes Mehl finds companions for lonely Sarah and bitter Sweetie, but the town of Harmony will provide plenty of compelling romances for quite some time.

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    Simple MennoniteSecrets Nothing simple And there are a lot of them.I ve read this author s work before but it has been awhile I like her books She weaves a story and before you know ityou HAFTA keep reading.This has lovely romantic elements But the mystery honestly is what pulls you in Who And why I d love to meet Ida And visit Harmony, Kansas.

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    Good read, I liked the story Of course you knew all along that Grace was going to end up moving to Harmony but the story along the way was solid with a few interesting twists and turns that I didn t see coming Even though Mehl is classifying this book as a romantic suspense I felt that it had all the trappings of a cozy mystery Dead body from 30 years ago , no blood gore, protagonist and male companion searching for clues and trying to figure out who the killer was It was a surprise to me to find out who done it I would recommend.

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