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  • Paperback
  • 325 pages
  • Person or Persons Unknown
  • Bruce Alexander
  • English
  • 10 January 2018
  • 9780425165669

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    Another fine entry in the John Fielding series In this one, the blind Magistrate who basically invented the modern police force in mid 1700s England faces a brutal serial killer Someone is targeting prostitutes, either one careful stab or hacking them to pieces and leaving their bodies to rot.Or is it than one person Young Jeremy Proctor, the narrator, finds himself increasingly involved in the investigations as he grows, and several times directly in danger, not just to his body, but this heart as well.Again the time period comes to live so richly you can almost hear the hoofbeats on the cobblestones There are only a few small quibbles in this time period, autopsies were virtually unknown rather than a standard action in criminal investigation and Sir John uses the word profile in a manner not invented until the 1970s with the FBI.

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    Much atmospheric than mysterious As if life for the working class in 1770 London wasn t difficult enough, Covent Garden becomes the haunting ground for an 18th century version of Jack the Ripper A psychopathic killer is targeting the local street ladies and blind magistrate John Fielding knows the savagely brutal murders will continue until he apprehends the killer and brings him to English justice at the end of a rope on Tyburn gallows Despite being an easy reading lightweight historical mystery set in Georgian England, Person or Persons Unknown is most definitely not a cozy mystery in the style of Agatha Christie or Susan Wittig Albert A graphic and gritty portrayal of the rough side of 18th century London, Person or Persons Unknown will treat its readers to extraordinary characterization and atmospheric embellishment that brings people, time and place to life with a sparkling vitality and a sense of realism that can hardly be rivaled the sights, the smells, the sounds, the slums, the prisons, the docks, pubs, outdoor markets, dark alleys, upstairs, downstairs, courts, gaming houses, bordellos, street walkers, pickpockets, scamps, cut purses, thieves and even the callous exhibition of a public hanging at Tyburn Nor does Mr Alexander hold back on a very graphic description of the savagery of the prostitute murders In short, Bruce Alexander brings a very nervous gaslit Georgian London to life with an unrivalled clarity.Atmosphere, growth of his starring characters most notably Sir John Fielding s prot g , young Jeremy Proctor, and former street tough, Jimmy Bunkins as well as sparkling realistic dialogue are than enough to compensate for the novel s obvious weakness As a mystery, the solution is somewhat pedestrian and the hunt for the murderer seems to depend much on happenstance and good luck than inspired detection or dogged police work and perseverance A one star deduction for the weakness in the plot in what would otherwise have been a stellar novel.Person or Persons Unknown, preceded by Watery Grave, Blind Justice and Murder in Grub Street is the fourth entry in Alexander s highly successful Sir John Fielding series While it does stand alone as a satisfactory mystery, readers will derive the most enjoyment if they dig into the series from the start so they can revel in Alexander s wonderful multi story character development as well as the mystery.Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended.Paul Weiss

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    I freely admit that I disliked okay, hated the conclusion of the 3rd book in this series so much so that it was over a year before I could convince myself to give the fourth book a chance.I m happy to say that I appreciated this book a great deal A very good thriller, and I continue to really like most of the characters in this series and for all that I appreciate a good mystery, I find that for most books it s the characters that keep me hooked I like youthful Jeremy, and I really enjoy his growing friendship with one of the Bow Street Runners Fielding is distant in this book, but still has the sharpness and fairness that makes him a compelling magistrate and now, on a temporary basis, coroner.I ll admit that it was than a bit jarring to read a book which essentially extracted Jack the Ripper and than a few details of his crimes from the pages of Victorian history and inserted it into the fictional 1770s, but other than a few minutes of feeling, wait, really it didn t really detract from my enjoyment of the story.All in all, a fun read so it won t be another year till I read the next book.

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    My fourth of the series and as enjoyable as the first I particularly enjoy keeping up with the progress of Jeremy and watching the development of the other regulars I suppose that this is similar to the admiration that some have for soaps.I have the fifth of the set ready as my next read Definitely 4 but pushing for the fifth.

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    Probably my favorite in the series thus far, excpet perhaps the first one.

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    Reading my way slowly and with great delight through the Bruce Alexander series about Sir John Fielding, the Blind Beak, judge, and in this book, temporary coroner, who organized the Bow Street runners The series is narrated by Jeremy Proctor, a young boy who was adopted by Feilding in the first book in the series, who is eager to read law He serves both as eyes for Feilding and eyes for the reader, since he s an outsider, just learning about the law and about how to weigh evidence and testimony And since Feilding is a judge, it s only natural that he s called to investigate any murders that happen in London in the 18th century thus avoiding the Cabot Cove syndrome I was a bit confused at the start of this book when Jeremy is suddenly practising law, but it turns out that is only a frame and he s actually looking back on this particular case Unlike most of the series, in this book a vicious serial killer appears to be at work killing prostitutes in grotesque ways But unlike most authors, Alexander doesn t use this premise to indulge in a lot of gore and perversion there is some of each , but as an opportunity to teach young Jeremy about the problems inherent in making assumptions too early in an investigation I ve already ordered the next book in the series.

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    A Jack the Ripper style murderer is abroad in Covent Garden, and it s up to Sir John Fielding to find the fiend dubbed person or persons unknown and protect the vulnerable women of the street This is the 4th book in the Sir John Fielding series Although it s a mystery story, it s also a coming of age story for young Jeremy Proctor, his assistant and prot g He continues to learn to navigate the world s that come together in the Bow Street Court of Justice.

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    Told from the point of view of 15 year grown old assistant Jeremy, 1770s London is an intriguing setting peopled by a fascinating cast I d like to find out how Sir John was blinded, and married his present wife I look forward to in the series.

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    Excellent series Bruce Alexander wrote in such a way that you feel it was written in 1770, without the confusion and archaic language you would find in a book actually written in 1770 He also found that magical key that makes you care for the characters.London, 1770

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    The fourth Sir John Fielding book has two vicious killers prowling London and we get a better picture of life in and around Convent Garden and discover the Fleet River The mix of mystery and human interactions is riveting and the hint of Jack the Ripper is enticing

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Person or Persons Unknowncharacters Person or Persons Unknown, audiobook Person or Persons Unknown, files book Person or Persons Unknown, today Person or Persons Unknown, Person or Persons Unknown 6892c John Fielding Was Famous Not Only As Cofounder Of London S First Police Force, The Bow Street Runners, But Also As A Magistrate Of Keen Intellect, Fairness And Uncommon Detective Ability When A Crime Was Committed, He Often Took It Upon Himself To Solve It What Made This All The Remarkable Was That He Was Blind Now The Blind Magistrate And His Young Assistant And Ward, Jeremy Proctor, Face A Series Of Crimes That Hit Shockingly Close To Home Prostitutes Are Being Murdered Around Covent Garden, And There Are Troubling Implications About The Identity Of The Killer Baffled And Frustrated, Fielding Devises A Daring And Desperate Plan, But The Consequences Are Unexpected And Terrible Even Than He Could Imagine

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