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House at The Corner pdf House at The Corner, ebook House at The Corner, epub House at The Corner, doc House at The Corner, e-pub House at The Corner, House at The Corner 6285fa459f5 What Is It That Makes The House At The Corner Different From Any Other House In The World The Farrell Family Lives There Five Children And Their Father And Mother Life In The House At The Corner Is Much Like Any Other Place, Until Waspish Aunt Grace Comes To Stay She Is Very Sharp Tongued With A Habit Of Interfering In Other People S Affairs Particularly The Children SAdventures Soon Start To Happen Thick And Fast And Life In The House Is Never The Same Again

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    Bookish, unattractive, nerdy youngster with whose only skill is in writing steals a march over her clever and attractive siblings Need I explain any further why I loved this book

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    When Aunt Grace comes to visit her nephew John who is a hard working surgeon she is surprised at the way his children have turned out there is Pam the eldest, beautiful and very intelligent but conceited and so full of herself, Tony who is intelligent but mean and spiteful spends his time playing tricks on his school master, Lizzie talented but without any spunk a scapegoat for her older siblings and the twins David and Delia who love the garden and work so very hard to learn everything they possibly can from the gardener Frost but wrapped up in their own world The Mother thinks of her older two children as brilliant and excuses their bad behaviour as only some besotted mothers can, ignoring Lizzie as mediocre and the twins as babies.But things sometimes do not work out as we want them to, the Father meets with a terrible accident which could leave him incapacitated for a long time to come.The grit and determination with which every member of the family works to turn things around is simply amazing Simple things but everything done with a lot of hard work, determination to change and be a part of the family, down to earth sound common sense with no frills is what works for the Farrell family.Although a lot has been said about Enid Blyton, her books speak of a lot of excellent values, applicable not only to children but to any adult This one particularly was an eye opener.

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    The House at the Corner will feel familiar to anyone who s read a few of Blyton s family or school stories In it we meet a group of siblings each with a gift one ambitious and clever one popular and amusing a self deprecating writer and two twins solemnly dedicated to gardening and nature Blyton sets them up, knocks them down, and we see who rights themselves.The over arching moral of the story is a good and valuable one a gift is worthless if you don t put it to work The children who are serious about their talents and use them for the good of the family pull through, and the ones that don t learn a harsh lesson but become, as you might expect, a Better Person for it.As with a few of Blyton s moral tales, a few elements have dated so awkwardly that I wouldn t give this book to a child I liked The fact that the shy little girl turns out to be beautiful all along after she gets rid of her ugly glasses and braces is a wholly unnecessary touch The unusual focus for Blyton on the power of prayer makes things a bit trite And the handling of the clever, ambitious, career focused girl, who gets scornfully put in her place and taught the value of True Woman s Work , makes for pretty grim reading for anyone who loves independence.

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    Lovely to find an Enid Blyton that I hadn t read before, and that was right up my alley as well Lovely story of a year or so in the life of a family whose aunt comes to stay, and we get to watch a lot of changes in the children Of course the two bad ones get a dreadful comeuppance each but then as is to be expected, they mend their ways and in the end are rewarded I was most fond of the young twins, Delia and David, who end the tale by going off to Whyteleafe School the school that the The Naughtiest Girl went to Nice little link there D

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    This was an Enid Blyton I hadn t heard of before let alone read And it s really quite good It s got a bit actual peril and wrongdoing in it than I remember from a lot of her stories, but it s a really good, pacey read I enjoyed it and think that it has lots of themes in it that are interesting for children to consider, even if the world has moved on a bit since it was written.

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    Keluarga Farrel memiliki 5 orang anak yang cerdas dan ceria Pam, Tony, Lizzie, David dan Delia Hanya saja Pam dan Tony memiliki karakter yang kurang baik Mereka berdua memang cerdas, namun sifatnya sangatlah angkuh dan tukang pamer Suatu ketika salah satu bibi di keluarga mereka, Bibi Grace datang berkunjung Sebagian anggota keluarga merasa senang dan sebagian lagi merasa tidak senang karena Bibi Grace adalah orang yang sangat cerewet dan senang mengatur Namun dibalik sikapnya seperti itu Bibi Grace memiliki sifat dan tujuan yang mulia.Suatu ketika kejadian tak terduga menimpa keluarga Farrel Secara drastis kehidupan mereka berubah Mereka berada dalam kondisi sulit yang tidak pernah mereka rasakan sebelumnya Dan pada akhirnya semua anggota keluarga mencoba berubah dan bersikap lebih baik dan saling menolong.Novel ini, merupakan novel tentang keluarga Blyton menyampaikan bahwa keluarga yang indah adalah keluarga yang harmonis dan kompak, bukan keluarga yang hanya mengandalkan harta Dan anak anak yang baik adalah hasil dari didikan orang tua yang baik Jika orang tuanya hanya merasa kasihan dan memanjakan anak anaknya maka yang didapat adalah anak anak yang manja dan tidak mandiri alias sangat mengandalkan orang lain Dan seperti inilah yang dicerminkan dari sikap Bu Farrel yang selalu merasa tidak tega menyuruh Pam dan Tony bekerja Hanya karena mereka menonjol dalam kepintaran IQ, maka bu Farrel merasa harus menjadikan mereka sebagai anak kesayangannya, sementara Lizzi dan si kembar David dan Delia ia lupakan.Novel ini cocok dibaca oleh anak anak berusia 8 tahun Dalam novel ini anak anak akan belajar mengenai pentingnya kekompakan dalam keluarga dan betapa menyenangkannya jika kita membantu orang tua, juga betapa buruknya bersikap seperti Pam yang angkuh dan Tony yang senang menjahati orang lain.

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    What amazed me about this book was how there s a member in the family that anyone reading can relate to, in terms of personality and attitude I personally connected instantly with the shy but kinder daughter She was so much interested in the Aunt Grace visiting the family, and was the only one who went to get her at the train station upon arrival Enid Blyton s depiction of a family going through ups and downs is excellently delivered in House at the Corner, and I recommend that you read this book if you haven t cause trust me, you re definitely missing out.

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    This is my first Enid Blyton book I m 24 DI have really enjoyed this I m not going to feel bad for not reading it before Better late than never Whoever reading this book can relate the characters to them or with the people they know Like how each one us behave in a different manner how everyone has a talent one way or the other.I m not that adjustable but I can relate myself to Lizzie sorry. Elizabeth in some ways Aunt Grace is like a God mother to the Farrell family.It really is a wonderful children s novel The book can make them understand the ups downs in a family, how to treat respect others, how a small motivation can change a person s life altogether and many other things.

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    Very enjoyable family story Enid always writes good wholesome family stories This is about a family that after a tragedy, learns to pull together and keep their world together.

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    Das sch nste Buch das es gibt

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