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Dead Sexy pdf Dead Sexy, ebook Dead Sexy, epub Dead Sexy, doc Dead Sexy, e-pub Dead Sexy, Dead Sexy 7da3f05e6fe From The Author Of Tall, Dark Dead, The Second In The Paranormal Series Featuring A Gem Of A Heroine Mary Janice Davidson Tall, Dark Dead Introduced Garnet Lacey, A Bookstore Manager Witch Who Accidentally Unleashed The Dark Goddess Lilith On Vatican Assassins Now She Has Other Things To Worry About Like Pesky Frat Boy Zombies, A Gorgeous FBI Agent Hot On Her Trail, Love Spells Gone Wrong, And Keeping Her Vampire Boyfriend A Safe Distance From Her Vampire Ex Boyfriend There S Just No Rest For This Wiccan

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    5 Stars It is an intelligent and fast paced paranormal novel with some fun but quirky characters The story line is fast paced and can stand alone though references to the previous novel are referenced I could feel right along with Garnet It was easy too understand why she couldn t let Daniel go, as much as she loved Sebastian It s also understandable the attraction with Gabriel being human with a Wicca connection Who will she truly wind up with My absolute favorite and will read again and again I strongly recommend It has outstanding qualities The characters are wonderful and surprising and multi dimensional The writing is luring, engaging, and well crafted enough to keep me interested from cover to cover and beyond The plot is astonishing with twists and turns weaved into a well thought and planned story There s no pretense and romance was well balanced and done entirely correctly with properly distributed amounts of hints, behaviors and incredible, undeniable chemistry Predictability is at an all time low With the exception of series based books that follow the same path but are just as good Overall, Favorite, must read again, recommend

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    I liked this a lot Garnet Lacey is funny Sebastian is sexy Gabriel is kinda cool for an FBI guy and Parrish is loyal All around a good cast of characters for a sexy cozy mystery involving witches, vampires and zombies.

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    This is the second book in the Garnet Lacey series continues the story from a few months after the last book ended Now that Garnet Sebastian have managed to avoid the Vatican witch hunters life should be back to normal but that all changes when an FBI agent turns up at the store to question Garnet He wants to question her about the murders of 6 Vatican witch hunters the year before Garnet panics and realising that she is the prime suspect she tries to hide her identity The fact that the FBI agent is psychic doesn t help so she takes matters into her own hands by creating a love spell that she hopes will get him to listen to her side of the story.She is still dating Sebastian but her jealousy issues are causing problems just like they did with her ex Parrish she doesn t want him to feed from her but hates the fact that he has to feed from others to survive It doesn t help that she is keeping secrets from him he has no idea that Lilith killed the 6 Vatican witch hunters or that Parrish is currently hiding out in her basement Throw in the fact that Garnet is coming across zombies at every turn and things are bound to get interesting.I really loved the first book in this series but while I still enjoyed Dead Sexy I don t think it quite lived up to my expectations This story wasn t as fast paced as the previous one and I don t feel that there was as much comedy this time If you liked the first book then you ll probably still enjoy this one it was still a cut above some other books I ve read but I m hoping that the third book will be even better.

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    I do not dislike this series But I don t adore it Still, it has its fun moments, its sexy interludes, and many interesting ideas at its foundation This time around Garnet must deal with the FBI breathing down her neck, while following a querulous crow around town and coping with Sebastian s jealousy of Parrish It s never a dull moment for this Wiccan.There are laughs to be had and bittersweet moments to treasure, but Hallaway s characters still don t feel fully realized to me Something about the men in Garnet s life strikes me as derived from a template While both are attractive, Parrish is a bit real than Sebastian, even though the latter is her present boyfriend The FBI agent provides some interesting interactions and prompts Garnet to come to terms with the death of her coven The zombie plot and the crow messenger, while intriguing, seem secondary to everything else going on and the resolution is anti climactic I m unsure how I feel about the Goddess Lillith residing in Garnet Most often, her only involvement is in making Garnet s tummy rumble Her powers are under used to the point that she really serves no purpose outside of providing brief bursts of strength Overall, this book is a very chick lit brand of UF, and yet Garnet is not a chick lit kind of girl That dichotomy, paired with the lack of truly thrilling moments, keeps me from loving the series But it s not a bad way to laze away a rainy afternoon.

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    Magic is not for the gutless And I, Garnet Lacey, have become a seriously powerful witch.Let s just hope I can stomach what s comingI should ve known I d never get away with murder Especially when the people I accidentally unleashed the dark Goddess Lilith on were Vatican witch hunters Besides, I ve had other things to worry about I really don t want my vampire boyfriend to find out my vampire ex is stowing his coffin in my basementMeanwhile, pesky frat boy zombies are popping up everywhere, even at Mercury Crossing, the occult bookstore I manage And if that weren t enough, I ve got a gorgeous FBI agent hot on my trail What to do A teensy little love spell might encourage cute FBI guy to listen to my side of the story, and I could break it any timeright Between love spells gone wrong and sharing my body with the Goddess Lilith, a plea of innocence won t be so easy to conjure up

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    I really want to like this series, but Garnet is making it difficult What a bunch of stupid decisions she made.What I enjoyed Sebastian Still not sure why he loves Garnet though Benjamin, the attack ghost Barney, the cat who is allergic to magic Dominguez Basically the guys are great and the women aren t.What could have been better Garnet Seriously, who in their right mind thinks it s a good idea to put a love charm on the FBI agent who is investigating you Especially when you already have a jealous boyfriend and an ex boyfriend hanging around Izzy view spoiler Yeah, let s just look the other way while your cousin turns people into her zombie slaves WTF hide spoiler

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    meh light and fluffy.

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    This was so fun I still can t believe how long it took me to get into this series despite owning some of the books My main concern at the end of the first book was a love triangle that didn t seem to have a positive outcome available Well, Dead Sexy ended the triangle and I m glad to see it go It was as satisfying a way to end it as possible for this book, though it definitely wasn t the best case scenario where all people find love and happiness.This one had some fun humor with zombies, a love spell gone awry, and a voodoo priestess Not to mention an FBI agent on Garnet s trail and a car chase.I look forward to reading and am continuing to enjoy the narration A good series for audio.

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    Not nearly as intriguing as the first book The MC spent too much time waking up and wondering what happened Also, I found it personally difficult how much time she spent being in love with her boyfriend while also lusting after and dabbling with her ex and another character Unless she was polyamorous, it seemed inappropriate And her boyfriend s long suffering attitude was also unrealistic But, I find this world intriguing and I love a lot of the characters I ll definitely read book 3 and then decide if it s worth continuing.

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    Quick read Reminds me of the Sookie Stackhouse books, but without the southern gothic feel Less like urban fantasy and like chick lit with a dash of witch, a pinch of vampire, and a sprinkle of zombie.

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