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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • Prophecy (The Blending, #5)
  • Sharon Green
  • English
  • 06 January 2018
  • 9780380788118

10 thoughts on “Prophecy (The Blending, #5)

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    It s such a pity The magic in these books is really cool, and obviously I ve enjoyed the series enough to finish it But it could have been so much better Once , almost the entire book is filled with misunderstandings and conflicts between Tamrissa and Vallant Of a very annoying kind, I might add Facing the opposing blending is somewhat of a disappointment The opposing blending refuses to blend, and, being honorable, the good blending can t blend either Really How does someone come up with such idiocy In what way is it dishonorable to blend, when the whole point of contention is which blending is the strongest one Pff, I suppose it seemed such a good idea at the time, since it allows the group to split up once Can t have a book without repetition after all Yes, that s what happens again, they all pretty much go through the same thing, and it has to be described in detail each of the five times Despite all of this, I did enjoy the book enough to finish it It s got some good ideas, the magic is cool, the blendings are cool But it could have been so much better

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    you know, i forced myself through this series out of a sense of obligation to see how it played out The last book started out well and suddenly petered out at the wrap up And by the end I was SICK as % of the endless bickering of two of the main characters, one of which was the irrational main narrator of annoying italicized introductions who couldn t seem to emote her way out of a wet paper bag GAHHH why did i buy these back in the 90s and why did i assume i should read them now I could have been reading trashy romance novels instead.

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    The author s excessive use of ellipses is borderline infuriating I often find myself mentally rewriting the close of each chapter to exclude them Happily, if you just take them completely out there isn t much to change and you still have the same effect Seriously, Green NINE instances of elliptical usage in a two page span Let some other punctuation have a chance There are lots of great ways to punctuate a novel There were 12 on two thirds of a page Now THAT was excessive Otherwise I enjoyed the series for the most part I m curious about the second series, so I ll have to think about checking it out.

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    when i was fifteen, i thought this series was the shit the writing wasn t great, but hey, the sexy parts were good, so it didn t matter that the plot was like swiss cheese sliced superthin, right looking back, the fact that the sexy parts are the best parts of these books is pretty telling the premises of the plot and characters aren t bad, and there are some parts that are actually interesting, but overall the series is repetitive and predictable, and probably not worth the time it d take to get through all five.

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    I liked this series when I read it as a teenager, but it wasn t awe inspiring even then That probably tells you something At that point in my life, the sex omg it makes ther magik stronger lololol held my interest enough to read the whole series These days, I probably wouldn t waste my time and would look for something else with substance.

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    I am tired of reading about tea Getting tea Drinking tea Finishing tea Longing for a restorative cup of tea Enough By the time our lovers at odds finally worked it out, I did not care any longer With that said, there are some interesting ideas here and like able characters it s just not that well written.

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    After skimming than reading this thing, I came to one conclusion life s too short to read bad books.

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    unimaginative ending to an unimaginative series.

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    I enjoyed the series and was even willing to reread the same scene from 5 different people view, which was really annoying as I was interested in the characters However after battling on the ending was rather lacking in thought and wisdom which has been theme though out the books After all their trails the final seated 5 do the very same thing to a huge group of people without any second thought Disappointing.

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    I knew this book was poorly written going into it Not only had I read it decades ago, but it s also the fifth in a series, and the shoddy writing was evident throughout I won t bother to comment on the poor quality in general Instead, I want to talk about the disturbing use of sexual violence in the book Almost every female antagonist, both those working against our heroes and those working against the Five, is raped, and often gang raped, as part of various revenge schemes or part of a calculated punishment This in itself was upsetting and repetitive It s as if the author couldn t think of any other way to torture women But the truly disturbing part was the tone There was an underlying tone,something I couldn t quite put my finger on, that almost suggested that the women deserved it for being horrible people I m not disputing that they were horrible people, especially since noone in the book had anything approaching nuance or complicated motives In the aftermath, the women were depicted as either wallowing in whining and self pity barely a day later everyone is scornful and unsympathetic when a virgin is still upset that she was gang raped the day before or shown as essentially shrugging it off as just one thing to fuel an already insane obsession with destroying the ones she views as responsible in a reaction that read to me as petty and vindictive than a realistically angry and betrayed reaction It upset me.The assumption that all of the nobles were horrible people who deserved to be enslaved because even if you didn t do anything, you also didn t stop it was not high on my list of good endings either If it s been shown over and over that none of the peasants or high ranking merchants knew it was going on, why should every single noble have known When Rion finds out he s not nobly born he s relieved because nobles are scum He was raised as a noble however, which implies that the nobles are scum not because of their actions or how they were raised, but simply because they were born to certain parents, which is uncomfortably close to racism for me.

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Prophecy (The Blending, #5)characters Prophecy (The Blending, #5), audiobook Prophecy (The Blending, #5), files book Prophecy (The Blending, #5), today Prophecy (The Blending, #5), Prophecy (The Blending, #5) 8ef52 The Chosen Five Wielders Of Elemental Magic Have Defeated Their Betrayers And Are Returning To The City Behind A Legion Of Their Followers Tamrissa, Fierce Lady Of Fire Rion, Noble Lord Of Air Vallant, Brave Captain Of Water Lorand, Clever Master Of Earth And Jovvi, Passionate Sorceress Of Spirit Have So Far Successfully Met The Challenges Set By Those Who Would Prevent The Five From Their Rightful Throne But The Struggle Is Not Over Yet Still Barring Their Way Are The Sinister Usurping Five, An Invading Army And A Peasant Rebellion The Battle Has Never Been Desperate, Nor The Stakes So High But Nothing Can Stop The Forces Of Fire, Air, Water, Earth, And Spirit When They Unite Behind The Greatest Power Of Allthe Power Of Destiny

About the Author: Sharon Green

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY Attended New York University and graduated with a B.A in 1963 Married in 1963, had three sons, divorced in 1976 Raised the sons, Andy, Brian and Curtis, alone in New Jersey Worked for ATT as a shareowner correspondent, then as an all around assistant in a construction company, then sold bar steel for an import firm Left that job as assistant sales manager