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    Three and a half stars.Teeth of beasts is the third in a series, and while it s not necessary to have read the prior books to understand the plot, it undoubtedly helps with some of the intricacies of the antagonist and magical mechanics Overall, typical of Pelegrimas work to date, with some improvements in plotting and character relationships I found it enjoyable than previous books, with perhaps less emphasis on gritty minor skirmishes and a greater focus on the final face off Definitely a fast read.I ve always felt his main character, Cole, is believable, just not particularly sympathetic The story begins with him driving to Seattle, meeting with his old boss, a conversation the obliquely helps people new to the series establish setting and prior events It really comes as a surprise to no one but Cole when he is fired He then drives to Minnesota to meet Abby, a close contact from MEG and a potential love interest who talks him into joining her on a Chupacabra hunt Talking with her gives the reader even background and opens up one of the most potentially interesting aspects of the series, the morality of the Skinners work.Cole returns to Chicago, meets up with Paige at their squat They are soon surprised by a Nymar at their door, and end up shooting him when he won t comply with their directions to stand still They realize he s diseased, call Q Daniels, their Nymar chemist of all types, and decide to head to St Louis to investigate Within a day of arrival, they find themselves fighting the local Mongrels, who let important information about Kansas City drop From there, they team with two other Skinners Paige familiar with Paige, and try to work out the details of the contagion I ll save the rest to avoid spoilers, but we know from the prologue that Henry will play a role in the confrontation.I ve never felt a great deal of attraction or sympathy for Peter, and its hard to identify why He originally starts out such a normally, geeky guy who loves his games, it should be someone I could identify with He rises to the challenge of taking a role in fighting against the monsters, but maybe because he is slow at questioning the moral compass of the role, and allows Paige to dictate terms and actions, I find him less appealing.The setting is modern Chicago and St Louis, without too many details that would date it For the most part, action is in seedy nondescript locations I found the purple temple device odd most strip clubs in midwestern cities seem to go for a low profile, or are far outside the city It would seem to draw undue attention, but what do I know about strip clubs More importantly, the disease mechanism seemed excessively clunky and a struggle to understand biologically There are hints at the moral struggle and compromise of the Skinners do they engage in all out war with all altered beings, or do they make compromises Given that Pelegrimas shows us Henry s thoughts in the prologue, Mongrels as thinking beings, as well as snippets of Full Blood interactions in other books, it seems he might be ambivalent about the ethics of Mongrel Nymar Full Blood genocide as well.Overall, a good, action oriented read that lacks sophistication in character or wording that would push it into greatness There is one sex scene, which came as a surprise I m not sure who the intended audience was It seemed incongruent with the rest of the book Worthy of reading, but I won t be adding to my personal library.

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    4.5 view spoiler minus the long ass Matrix Reloaded like fighting scene in the end hide spoiler

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    4 stars There are spoilers for previous books in this reviewPaige and Cole are back and there s a new mystery in town Something called Pestilence is killing the Nymar while another disease, called Mud Flu, though not as deadly as Pestilence, is affecting humans Pestilence seems to be related to Henry, the crazy full blood formerly infected with the Nymar spore who we met in the first Skinners book, Blood Blade We learn about him and what he went through at the hands of Dr Lamont and the Skinners centuries before.We also meet a couple of other Skinners when Paige and Cole have to travel to St Louis, Missouri to investigate Pestilence after an infected Nymar turns up at the restaurant looking for the pair Going with them is another Nymar named Daniels, a secondary character I actually really like, as he tries to figure out what s going on with the disease while still trying to find a cure for Paige s arm Additionally, there are also Mongrels, Nymphs and a possible tie in with some strip clubs of course, the guys have no problem investigating that.There s quite a bit of action and a little of a mystery, or maybe I should say twist, in this book than in the previous two As Paige, Cole and the other Skinners try and find out who s behind Pestilence, we find out about the history of the Skinners and the secondary characters I mentioned before have bigger roles, which is part of what made this my favorite Skinners book so far.Now, I don t need mushy romance in my books, in fact, I prefer them without a lot of schmaltz and flowery crap, though I do like it when the main character finds a love interest In this series I thought Paige and Cole would hook up, then I started thinking she was just a tease, which annoyed me because I really like Cole and he s a good guy to boot So, view spoiler I was happy as a pig in crap when they finally got together in this book I started thinking it wasn t going to happen and was surprised, and happy, when it finally did There wasn t a lot of talking about it which I m glad about, I like that it s mainly action of the supernatural kind , so I m looking forward to seeing how it s brought up in the next book hide spoiler

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    Ok, The book I have read is called Teeth of Beast by Marcus Pelegrimages and I have to say, it was a great book It is the third book to the Skinner series which revolves around the two main characters Paige and Cole Paige and Cole aren t your average people They are supernatural animal fighters who call themselves Skinners They are part of a group of fighters that have been fighting the supernatural since before America was created In this book Cole and Paige are in Chicago investigating some reports of Nymar vampires starting to step out of line and feed in public While they are there Paige and Cole meet up with two other skinners On their hunt to stop the Nymar they find something deeper and worse happening It seems like like an ancient vampire has turned up with a huge monster pet and is creating a following of other vampires and destroying everything in his path It is up to Cole Paige and the two other skinners to stop them One quote that I found in this book that sparked my interest is when one of the skinners named Rico said That s because people like to sweep their garbage where they can t see it and go about their day like there ain t nothen wrong And he just was not just taking in the literal term he meant that when we can not explain how or why something happened we just try to forget about it and move on and I feel that this is true and happens a lot All in all this is a great book but has some mature content that may not be best for all people but I would definitely recommend this book but I would strongly suggest reading the first two books so you can understand everything a whole lot better I think I m somewhat emotionally attached to this book and this series because I have always loved the action books with supernatural characters This series has caught my interest and if you start reading it I am sure it will catch yours.

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    Teeth of Beasts eats Twilight fansSo much here.I always hesitate at writing reviews because I am an avid reader not writer That said, Marcus Pelegrimas is anexcellent story teller There is always something going on but not so much that you cannot keepthe story in check and his words flow so you look forward to reading 400 pages Yeah This can be a stand alone story but I do recommend reading the other Skinners novels to make you feel like you know the characters better.Teeth of Beasts is the third novel in Mr Pelegrimas Skinners series.Skinners are an ancient small group of people all over the world They have special abilities gained by studies of ancient magic and present day studies using parts and blood of creatures culled Paige and Cole are the skinner investigators, they have friends too The Skinners are protectors in our world from beasts we do not know exist Creatures like Full bloods, Half breeds, Nymphs, mind altering beauties , mongrels, shape shifters and Vampires In Teeth of Beasts we have a pestilence that is effecting the human population turning them into Zombies with a viscus mud slimming out of them and it may be deadly, and who is kidnapping and murdering the Nymphs Nymphs which have an essence that can be used in very powerful magic for those who practice it If you are a Simon Green or Jim Butcher fan you will be hooked with Marcus Pelegrimas Skinners series Enjoy..

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    This book is a enthralling continuation to its predecessors and, while it lacked that extra spark to jump to five stars, I would rate it at 4.5 and I can t wait to open the next one in the series lucky me, got it already.I m not that good with reviews most people go on to write reams of critical analysis that just seems beyond me, especially when I don t know why I love or Hate a book All I can say though is that if you are an Urban Fantasy or action horror fan then these series are right up your ally and then some They are great.One small point that I would like to make was the pornographic sex chapter It was really well written, and suited the style of the books and the characters really well, and on that front there isn t anything wrong with I certainly had no qualms about it But for readers who are sensitive out there you may want to skip this chapter, and I fear slightly that it is scenes like this that may drive prospective readers from the series But I s pose if you ve made it this far, your not going to give up because of one sex scene are you Anyway, I would suggest this as a great, fun read that I couldn t put down.Have fun reading.

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    I think my ride along with Paige and Cole need come to an end While the creatures are great, the character interactions are boring, or over the top Way to much talking and explaining Don t get me wrong, there s action, but the episodes are too far apart or interrupted with verbal vomit Not for me

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    Well folks if you haven t read any of Marcus s books then you re missing out The first is Blood Blade, then Howling Legionthis is the 3rd and he didn t disappoint Very different take on vampires called Nymar , werewolves and the like Well written and awesome characters what can you ask for Looking forward to 4

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    Thoroughly enjoyed This saga just keeps getting better and better New monsters, creatures, characters, and complications added to a vivid world and two captivating main characters Cole Paige make for a spectacularly gruesome and engaging read.

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    I don t really know what to say about this book I feel like as with all his other books we start out strong, slow down in the middle and finish on a high note Oh well it s enough to keep me reading lol

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