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The Summer Hideaway txt The Summer Hideaway, text ebook The Summer Hideaway, adobe reader The Summer Hideaway, chapter 2 The Summer Hideaway, The Summer Hideaway 73a389 Never Get Attached Private Nurse And Protected Witness Claire Turner Lives By This Motto Fleeing A Treacherous Past, She Knows No Other Way Never Give Up In The Twilight Of His Life, George Bellamy Makes It His Final Wish To Reconcile With An Estranged Brother He And Claire Journey To Willow Lake Where It All Went Wrong For Him Fifty Years Ago Never Let Go George S Grandson Ross Is Ruled By A Fierce Devotion To Family And A Deep Mistrust Of The Mysterious Claire Yet Sparks Fly Whenever She S Near In The Face Of A Wrenching Loss, Amid The Enchantment Of Willow Lake, Ross And Claire Dare To Risk Everything For Love

About the Author: Susan Wiggs

www.fieldsend.org She s been featured in the national media, including NPR s Talk of the Nation, and is a popular speaker locally and nationally According to Publishers Weekly, Wiggs writes with refreshingly honest emotion, and the Salem Statesman Journal adds that she is one of our best observers of stories of the heart who knows how to capture emotion on virtually every page of every book Booklist characterizes her books as real and true and unforgettable She is the recipient of three RITA sm awards and four starred reviews from Publishers Weekly for her books The Winter Lodge and Passing Through Paradise have appeared on PW s annual Best Of lists Several of her books have been listed as top Booksense picks and optioned as feature films Her novels have been translated into than two dozen languages and have made national bestseller lists, including the USA Today, Washington Post and New York Times lists The author is a former teacher, a Harvard graduate, an avid hiker, an amateur photographer, a good skier and terrible golfer, yet her favorite form of exercise is curling up with a good book Readers can learn on the web at

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    I have never been happier about my OCD, than while i was reading this book I m glad i followed the pull and read the books in order, even if it s not necessary to follow this story, since every book stands on its own in the series Just the mention that the setting would be Willow Lake had me giddy with anticipation for this book.Out of all the other books, i think this was the best yet The underlying mystery was fascinating I kept trying to guess and although sometimes i was right, i was also shocked a time or two There were some twists and turns that just kept me at the edge of my seat It was hard putting the book down even for breaks I have no complaints about any of the characters Which was surprising on its own since i always have at least something to bent about Unlike the other books the story revolved around George and not the main couple Looking back at his childhood, adolescence, and as an adult was great It gave a clear picture of what when on and honestly made me feel ok about the bittersweet ending I was even happy for the tears I also don t think George s story overshadowed Claire and Ross If anything i think it strengthen how their relationship evolved There were some questions that were subtly answered that had me wondering whether Wiggs will mention them in a later book I was eager to see some Daisy sighting, but alas we only heard about her in passing What little we read about what is happening with her though, had me quite intrigued and already anticipating the next book I m glad we re finally going to get her story and i can t wait to have it on my greedy hands I should also mention that the opening scene in the Middle East really made me pause, and honestly think about our troops I ve read many other books lately with a military theme but none had me wishing for this war to end as hard I congratulate Wigg s on a fantastic job from beginning to end.

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    Ms Wiggs has a way of getting under the skin of things In this book, she describes the end of a life, and brings an understanding and bittersweet look at what it is like to love and lose, to father a large family, to have one s life changed irrevocably at the age of 13 and again at 23, and to have regrets as well as gratifyingly deep connections with others The relationship between Claire and Ross is secondary but beautiful Both are somewhat needy but very strong characters, who gradually come together over Ross s grandfather s last illness The reader s involvement is complete with almost all the characters There is even some hair raising suspense towards the end of the book, but it is the depth of the characters that is the secret to the success of Ms Wigg s Lakeshore Chronicles They get hurt but they survive, the pain strengthening them in later life By the way, the first chapter of the book takes place in Afghanistan and is particularly intense It makes you aware of what our soldiers are doing every day in a way that the reader will find hard to forget or brush off There are honorable mentions of other wars, World War II, Viet Nam, and Desert Storm, as well.

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    I have to admit that I m disappointed after reading this one I have loved all the Lakeshore books, except the last two and they could almost be considered boring There wasn t the depth of characters that were in the other chronicles of the Bellemy clan The story of Claire and Ross did not convince me at all.I give this book two stars for the story of George.

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    4 stars it had been nearly a year since I had read one of the books in this series, so I was delighted to once again take myself away to the charming town of Avalon The Summer Hideaway is the seventh book in The Lakeshore Chronicles, and I can say my favourite thus far This story centres around two main plots George Bellamy and his fifty five year estrangement from his brother Charles, and Claire Turner, who has been living as a protected witness for seventeen years The two plots join when George hires Claire as his private duty nurse to assist him in managing his illness They travel out to Willow Lake where mystery, suspense and of course a romance take place Wiggs does an exceptional job of capturing so many moments and the vivid descriptions of the setting are perfect Recommend

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    This one was very hard to read for me as part of the story line hit a little too close to home Anyone that has had a family member that realizes there comes a time when a choice needs to be made about life will understand, the whole quality versus quantity of life becomes an important one Do you keep fighting just to have a few miserable days or months, or do you accept your fate with dignity, look back at your life and do what you have always wanted, righted those wrongs, and just live in the moment.With a major part of the story line dealing with this you would think this book would be a big downer, and yes, there were sad parts, but for the most part you fell in love with George and his spirit You know what is going to happen to him, but as he keeps crossing things off his bucket list, you forgive him for his wrongs and you want him to find whatever peace he can.The other story line with Ross and Claire was pretty predictable, but it was also sweet as it mirrored so much of what happened with George, with George giving Ross his much learned advice But this book was clearly George s story with everyone else playing a minor part.

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    ASTAGAAAA..jujur aku tidak pernah bc buku Susan Wiggs bahkan buku ini sdh lama diterjtemahin oleh GPU jelas2 aku tdk menyadari bahkan aku cukup menyesal tdk mengoleksi buku SW dan stlh selesai menutup buku, aku mendadak menyukai seluruh crt summer Hideaway, bahkan perlahan aku mulai berkenalan keluarga besar Bellamy dan seketika itu, aku penasaran keluarga bellamy ada di dalam seluruh buku berseri yang harus kuburu mencari buku lainnya lama kelamaan aku mulai menyukai buku yang bertema tentang keluarga, teman bahkan cinta, atau mungkin karena aku keseringan bc bk genre contemporary romance ini dan ohya, aku mendapatkan buku ini karena diskon murah, tnp pikir aku beli ini dan tertarik sinopsis Summer Hideaway pula aku cukup beruntung mendapatkan buku dan tdk menyesal memiliki buku apalagi aku menyukai buku juga Well aku sgt menikmati membaca Summer Hideaway Summer Hideaway adalah cerita tentang George Bellamy yang begitu panjang, mendalam, dan sangat emosional dan cukup meningkatkan ketertarikanku Di sini juga menampilkan asmara sedikit diantara Ross dan Claire tapi cukup bagus Perawat pribadi dan saksi yang dilindungi, Claire Turner yg berusaha melarikan diri dari masa lalu yang berbahaya dan dia tahu tidak ada cara lain.Di menjelang akhir hidupnya, George Bellamy membuat keinginan terakhirnya untuk berdamai dengan saudara terasing Dia dan Claire pergi perjalanan ke Willow Lake dimana melakukan kesalahan George selama lima puluh tahun yang lalu.Cucu George, Ross Bellamy telah kembali dari pertempuran Afganistan sebagai pilot evakuasi medis selama 2 tahun dan diperintah oleh pengabdian sengit untuk keluarga dan ketidakpercayaan yang mendalam diri Claire gadis yg misterius namun ternyata setiap kali dia dekat Dalam menghadapi kerugian memilukan, di tengah pesona Willow Lake, Ross dan Claire berani mempertaruhkan segalanya untuk cinta.

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    I was really disappointed in this story It started out with a lot of promise I liked the initial characters and their problems Then it started to go downhill Especially once the reminiscing on the past started That made it choppy and it totally lost momentum By the end it felt like George s story than Ross and Claire s The story mostly tells what is going on, rarely showing us For example, Ross and Claire continue to get closer and closer, but we see very little of their interactions I usually enjoy Wigg s character development, but it was really lacking in this story But my biggest complaint was how Claire s dilemma was resolved How anticlimactic The bad guys are done for in about three pages and then bang the story moves on to the epilogue and is done I would recommend passing on this one.

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    This was one of the most disappointing books from Susan Wiggs First, I thought there was WAY to much going on the supposed romance between Ross and Claire, her witnessing a murder and going underground, the impending death of George, the flashbacks of George s life, the added military scenarios that seemed out of place and I could go on It seemed like this could have easily been 2 separate books that were crammed into one story I never bought Ross and Claire s attraction, their falling in love it was forced and left me thinking who cares by the end We never really find out how George and Charles settle what happened between them Ross and Claire leave one night for dinner, and when they get back, all is well I don t think so Terrible book and a waste of money.

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    Mais um livrinho fofinho, por m achei este romance do casal protagonista o mais sem sal que houve

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    Baru kali ini baca buku contemporary romance dgn gabungan historical fiction dan suspense, dan saya lumayan menyukainya.George Bellamy adalah kakek sepuh yg sedang sekarat dan diurus oleh perawat baru bernama Claire Turner George memiliki cucu kesayangan, Ross Bellamy yg adalah tentara yg dikagumi sang kakek, dan diam diam George mau menjodohkan Ross dgn Claire.Banyak flashback ttg George dan adiknya, Charles dan istrinya, Jane, kisaran tahun 1944 1955 Saya terbawa suasana tahun tsb, masa perang, masa baby boomer dan tahun 50an dgn dansa jive nya yg keren Mereka bertiga adalah Three Musketeers yg selalu bersama sama, saat George mengalami polio, Jane dan Charles menghiburnya, tetapi beranjak dewasa, ternyata Jane lebih memilih Charles drpd George Namun George dan Jane sempat sekali berhubungan intim saat Jane bertengkar dgn Charles Dan ketika mereka rujuk kembali, George tidak bisa menerima bhw mereka tetap kukuh utk menikah walau tidak direstui oleh keluarga mereka Jadi ketika George memutuskan utk reuni dgn adiknya setelah 55 thn tidak pernah berkomunikasi lagi, bagaimana reuni ini bakal terjadi Di pihak Claire sendiri ternyata memendam rahasianya sendiri juga Claire pernah menyaksikan dua pembunuhan berdarah dingin dan sedang bersembunyi dari si pembunuhnya Bisakah hubungannya dgn Ross berjalan mulus Yah sebenarnya kisah cinta Ross dan Claire cenderung dataaaaaaarrr aja bebas hambatan spt jalan tol, kurang lika liku banget kecuali masa silam Claire Keluarga Bellamy cenderung sangat ramah dan nrimo orang luar walaupun juga ada yg su udzon seperti Ivy Menurut saya, kekuatan novel ini justru pada flashback masa lalu George Bellamy dan Claire Turner yg bikin saya super kepo George yg sentimental dan keras kepala ini kadang lucu juga, seperti saat dia kolaps, dia tidak mau dibantu supaya hidup bahkan demi Ross, itu yg dia katakan Kecuali Claire Turner yg mendapat ending dramatis, yg lainnya berlangsung nyaris tanpa drama dan sangat kekeluargaan George Bellamy memang berhak mendapat kebahagiaan sempurna tsb Pelajaran dari orang sekarat ini adalah sebelum mati, kita harus menyelesaikan semua yg belum dilaksanakan sebelumnya, supaya mati tanpa penyesalan.

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