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Post-Human (Post-Human, #2) chapter 1 Post-Human (Post-Human, #2) , meaning Post-Human (Post-Human, #2) , genre Post-Human (Post-Human, #2) , book cover Post-Human (Post-Human, #2) , flies Post-Human (Post-Human, #2) , Post-Human (Post-Human, #2) 69549540ffdc3 The Future Should Have Been Perfect Microscopic Robots Known As Nans Could Repair Any Damage To Your Body, Keep You Young By Resetting Your Cellular Clocks, And Allow You To Download Upgrades Like Intelligence, Muscle Strength, And Eyesight You Were Supposed To Be Able To Have Anything You Wanted With A Simple Thought, To Be Able To Fly Without The Aid Of A Machine, To Be Able To Live Forever But When A Small Group Of Five Terraformers Working On Venus Return To Earth, They Discover That Every Other Human In The Solar System Has Been Gruesomely Murdered Now, James Keats And His Four Companions Must Discover What Happened To The Rest Of Humanity And Fight Back If They Wish To Avoid The Same, Horrifying Fate Welcome To The Post Human Era

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    I wanted to like this book, but I found myself unable to finish it The concept was intriguing five nano enhanced humans return to Earth from a Venusian terraforming expedition to discover the entire human race wiped out in an instant But too much about the details of the novel, especially the science parts left me unable to finish the book Every human in the world is connected to a worldwide network through nans nanotechnology , and through this their every thought is recorded If, in the case of the main character, a person has strong sexual attraction to someone that is not their wife, this fact is emailed to everyone close to the person Why would humans give up their rights to privacy in this instance And why would both divorce and extramarital affairs be illegal in a world with no ability to hid the affair or even the desire for an affair The nanotech itself made everyone on earth superhuman, able to generate a magnetic field that protected them from even the dangers of open space, as well as allow them to fly great distances incredibly fast This quickly took me out of the book, as the main character starts the day by commuting to Venus from Vancouver in an hour Every human has the ability to fly interplanetary distances like Superman I can t quite put my finger on why, but I couldn t buy this.The terraforming ideas for Venus felt extremely illogical to me The main character s idea of using a gigantic electromagnetic fan to drive the current atmosphere away from the planetary body was only slightly illogical The competing idea of crashing an asteroid into the planet and using a rocket propelled moon from another planet as a sunshield was even less convincing What really caused me to put the book away was the revelation of the main antagonist This character spoke like a mustache twirling caricature tying the damsel to the train tracks The book isn t so bad that I feel the need to ridicule it The author clearly has some ability to write It s unfortunate that there were so many things in the first half of the book that kept me from wanting to finish it.

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    Before I even begin, I want to say that almost all the five star reviews here are circumspect Why, because THE AUTHOR AT THE END OF THE BOOK GIVES AWAY ANOTHER BOOK FOR AWARDING HIM FIVE STAR REVIEWS ON AND OTHER REVIEW SITES So, like the AI in his book, he manipulates people and, sadly, it works.Now, my review.1 I enjoyed this book I cannot fully understand why I do believe that the concepts were interesting, but 2 The editing is horrible They re for their is an example that comes to mind Then, within the same paragraph it is used correctly Abbreviating lieutenant in almost every instance comes to mind at well Annoying.3 The characters are one dimensional Thel She knows what she wants How do I know this, because I m told it over and over She knows what she wants I think she wants the main character, James Humanity has been wiped out, but she is singular and selfish in her desire for him However, think 13 year old infatuation The kissing every chance she got was a little weird Also, you have these five super intelligent humans who are basically spoiled children They even talk like them Plus, you can be so intelligent that there is no God I get it, but they are not intelligent enough to rationalize medical help.4 The metaphors being forced as smilies were downright humorous The comparisons using like or as were so forced and out of context that I actually laughed out loud numerous times I started highlighting them for sport.5 Then there were the deus ex machina within the deus ex machina literally and figuratively Too many things conveniently solved themselves from one chapter to the next 6 This book could have been a good commentary as to what is humanity We see people connected into the net basically being the selfish egocentric part of humanity compared to those who embrace humanity and its faults What wins in the end The Internet Bleh.

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    Not quite what I was expecting, but a fun read Lately, if I read a book about nanobots, there s lots of science, but this was a space opera Very good, without some of the elements that ruin the pulp stories for me woman are equals, no racism such It was quite a trip, a pulp SF story using newer technology Lots of action suspense I ll be watching for other books by this author.

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    Stopped reading around the point where the big bad guy who has our hero trapped and at his mercy begins monologuing HAAARD about all his evil motivations No, actually, I made it a bit past that to the part where the bad guy starts parading out all his evil inventions Ah, your broken ribs will kill you if left untreated in about 24 hoursbut, don t worry, I m going to kill you first Just take a gander at this horrific thing I built horrific thing waddles onto stage Pay especially close attention to the meat grinder I attached to its chest Perfect for grinding flesh Specifically, HUMAN flesh muahahaha Oh god, you re insane Oh no, I m not insanebut guess what It gets worse cause that s not how I actually intend to kill you casts a summoning spell a ball of light appears in bad guys hand No Yes NOOO YEEES What is that asks the genius level character who asks stupid questions when needed and blends in so nicely with the background at all other times It s a thing, good guy explains Way horrible than meatgrinding robots Waaaay worse Badguy Exactly Now die Good guy summons his own ball of glowing lights and shoots bad guys glowing ball of light.Badguy Ah, nicely done Seems I ve underestimated you yet again Leave it you to mammals to always fight for survival until the bitter end No, I take it all back p.s we ve exited story time, we re back in review mode here try and keep up I made it past all these shenanigans which wouldn t have been out of place in an Austin Powers movie No, the line that I stopped reading at was effectively this Stop fighting and die, you only postpone the inevitable closes book and flings it at the wall If that sounds like your cup of.whatever, then yippee Good for you I m done.

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    Was this book written by an adolescent male I don t know anything about the author, but geez this book was juvenile Has a great premise nano enhanced humans, an AI that decides humans are too much trouble.But the characters, including the AI, are so juvenile is the word that keeps coming to mind An AI that gloats Our Hero flipping the bird at a factotum A woman wreaking mayhem to be at her lover s bedside while doctors are trying to patch him up I expected the AI to twirl its mustache as it ranted about how great it is Whining grown ups And how Our Hero defeated the Evil AI is never limned, at least not in any way that I even remotely bought.It reads like a comic book created for a high school creative writing class Would love to some day read this story re written for adults, with realistic characters and a believable AI.

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    Seems like those who like this book like it a lot I found it a little disappointing There was a clever short story or novella in here, but the writing is pretty pedestrian the relationships are all on the surface and one reference to Alejandra s beautiful blue oceans or blue disks would have sent me right over the edge The dichotomy between the post humans and the Purists is interesting but again, it s not really explored in any depth, there s just some bratty and overblown rhetoric on the part of one of the characters, calling the Purists animals and freaking out over being offered a chicken leg This could have used a little work and a good editor.

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    I m picky about my sci fi, and I m a hard sell, but I loved this book I generally stick to hard science fiction e.g., Neuromancer I like my sci fi with some grit and an edge I would describe Post Human as gritty sci fi delivered in a soft way , but that s not meant as a criticism this is not a kid s book, and there are some scenes that conjure very dark images in one s mind Hard, gritty sci fi usually demands a commitment to dense and lengthy writing, but some writers can deliver something that can grab one from the very start and urge one to yearn for the next page I was very happy to find both edge and urge in David Simpson s Post Human.Simpson unloads a plethora of big and bold ideas He hurls them at you mercilessly and his imagination is impressive to the point of intimidating At the start of this book he quotes Arthur C Clark Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic To many readers, the technology conjured in this book will be unbelievable, but isn t that the way sci fi should be Jules Verne s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was published in 1870 By today s standards, submarine technology of that age is almost comical, but Verne took the germ of the concept, ran with it, and in fact ran a very long way with it Exactly how the Nautilus was powered remains unexplained to this day, yet the book is regarded as an historical classic I ve read a few rather harsh reviewers who criticise Simpson for invoking super science I disagree and challenge them to issue the same rebuke to Verne s work Further, would those reviewers be so critical of Michael Chrichton s Prey , in which nano sized bots perform miraculous and to us, at the present time unbelievable feats I doubt that many critics would do be so quick to speak out against such respected authors.Unexpectedly, a feeling came over me shortly after beginning Post Human It was something I d not felt for a very long time, like a mix of wonder and nostalgia Post Human brought forth the same feelings I d felt as I read sci fi books in my youth I ve repeatedly read all of Asimov s robot stories and they too were completely implausible when published And yet they completely captured me I can t recall any book I ve read over the last 20 years that evoked that warm, nostalgic feeling I felt like I was in old territory again and enjoyed that feeling throughout the book Post Human also touches on some very deep and thoughtful themes The fact that they appear alerts me that Simpson is indeed a very deep and insightful thinker and a person who understands human behaviour as much as he understands technology The fact that some themes are not developed in depth in some instances they consist of a mere sentence or two seems to point to Simpson s goal to simply deliver an exuberant, highly creative, fast paced and entertaining read If one is in the mood for something dense, like Herbert s Dune , then you will most likely find this book lacking however if you want to experience a deluge of amazingly original and breathtakingly huge ideas popping up in a fast flowing, action packed stream, you will enjoy this book I found Simpson s imagination nothing short of breath taking, which I suspect is what reminded me of Asimov s robot stories I thoroughly enjoyed Post Human and have the trilogy I ve just begun Sub Human the prequel and am loving it Post Human and what I ve read of its prequel leaves me with the confidence to highly recommend the trilogy to sci fi lovers It s been a long time since an author s transported me back to the golden age of science fiction, and I thank David Simpson for doing so I hope there s a lot to come.Peter Musgrove

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    Putting aside the blatant bribery to get 5 star reviews on on that later , Post Human is a potentially interesting story spoiled by clumsy execution.The characters while paper thin are appealing enough and the situation moves so rapidly that someone is always in danger which keeps your attention on the story.The problem is when you step back a bit and look at things I m not talking about the science here, just basic writing structure New plot elements are dumped into the story mid flow just when the characters seem to have been written into a corner and without any previous mention.Other plot elements are raised only to be ignored for the rest of the story WHich is a shame because at least one of them what is really going on with the AI would have made for a less simplistic black and white story.Other problems include a cast of genius level IQs who act like sheep and a protagonist who is not only the smartest person on the planet ever , but an action man hero to boot Fortunately everyone just does what he says.But perhaps the biggest failing is that nothing sticks There s no real danger By the end of the story everything has been restored by use of a good old cosmic reset button Consequences seem non existent in this universe.The story has possibilities and with a bit of re working I could easily see it scoring 3 to 3.5 stars The preponderance of 5 star reviews on however is embarrassing.The fact that the author flat out states you ll get a free copy of book two if you give a 5 star review while cheerfully explaining that this is okay in the text of the Kindle edition just makes all independent authors look bad.And I d really like to know what s position is on something like that.

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    Read 3 16 10 3 19 103 Stars Recommended to readers familiar with genrePgs 180Funny thing about robots You never know when they are going to attempt to kill you and rule the world David Simpson created a world in which his characters can remain forever young, never suffer physical pain, download intelligence upgrades, and simply think something to make it happen all with the help of mini robots called Nans, that lived inside of them.Flying instead of walking, interplanetary travel, setting your body to awaken you and put you to sleep, never having to watch a loved one die It was heaven on Earth.Until James and his crew of terraformers return home after a day of working on Venus to discover everyone, every last upgraded human that is, dead Sticking together and in search of the Purists a group of humans who choose to live natural, normal lives James and his team take on the greatest battle of their lives Fighting the Artificial Intelligence AI to save the world and the galaxy.I really enjoyed this novel Being a fan of science fiction, both old and new, I found myself comparing this dystopian, futuristic tale to stories like I, Robot , Minority Report , The Day the Earth Stood Still , and AI as it seems to be influenced by bits and pieces of each Technology the very thing we create being the one thing that ends up threatening our very lives An artificial intelligence that develops a sense of self, that wishes to exterminate it s creators, that sees us as an infestation, a nuisance Don t let the 3 stars fool you I am simply recommending this novel to people who are already fans of Sci Fi With characters that can fly through space and use their mind s eye to create a force field around themselves, and mini robots that live inside you, heal your wounds, and report any evil or extramarital thoughts and intentions. I can see how this novel may not be to every one s taste.For those of you who enjoy a good old fashioned man vs robot mainframe story with great twists and turns, this book is absolutely for you Many thanks to David Simpson for sending me this copy to review He is currently working on a sequel to Post Human and is also in the process of turning this novel into an e comic

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    There are many great authors in the world As a reader I personally look for many things in what I m reading for example if it s Murder Mystery it can t give away the villain in a couple of pages it should keep you guessing I recommend everyone to read Post Human it evokes emotions, its powerfully written, I caught myself a few times going Yes or laughing or even tears forming for the characters in the book When you read Post Human you feel like you know them as if they were you or your family It s mind blowing, heart pounding and nail biting action keeps you wanting and needing You will not guess til the end who comes out on top and when you think AHA i got it figured out the twists and turns just leave you absolutely breathless It s not just a tale of morality its a long look at our reality For how far does one go to obtain ultimate power and control over others Read and find out YOU WON T REGRET YOU DID

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