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Wild Fire pdf Wild Fire, ebook Wild Fire, epub Wild Fire, doc Wild Fire, e-pub Wild Fire, Wild Fire eb9d741ff3f The Heat Of Passion And Danger Rises Like Jungle Fire In This Novel Of The Leopard People By New York Times Bestselling Author Christine Feehan Called On A Dangerous Assignment, Leopard Shifter Conner Vega Returns To The Panama Rainforest Of His Homeland, Looking Every Bit The Civilized Male But As A Member Of The Most Lethal Of The Shifter Tribes, He Doesn T Have A Civilized Bone In His Body He Carries The Scent Of A Wild Animal In Its Prime, He Bears The Soul Crushing Sins Of Past Kills And He S Branded By The Scars Of Shame Inflicted By The Woman He BetrayedIsabeau Chandler S A Borneo Shifter Who S Never Forgiven Conner Or Forgotten Him The Mating Urge Is Still With Her, And When She Crosses Conner S Path, Passions Run Like Wild Fire But As Conner S Mission Draws Isabeau Closer, Another Betrayal Lies Waiting In The Shadows And It S The Most Perilous And Intimate One Of All

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    This was an okay paranormal romance, but I didn t like it as much as the previous books I felt like we were just dropped into the middle of a story without much explanation, and then got random action scenes, random sex scenes, and lots of info dumping, and I just didn t really enjoy it I didn t even like the sex scenes, and didn t really care about the relationship, bit of a fail really.6 out of 10

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    I am really getting into Christine Feehan s Leopard Series and am totally engrossed with book 4 in this leopard shape shifters world.This is Conner Vega and Isabeau Chandler s story True mates but torn apart by past betrayals He carries his hurtful past and sins on his shoulders.Forced back to the Panama jungle to help uncover crimes that are being placed upon the leopard people, Conner will have to face Isabeau again and both will perhaps be given a second chance with being together To forgive each other and move forward.I loved these two together Mystery, action, fabulous secondary characters and a great plot I also enjoy the interaction and closeness between the different leopard people.A great continuation to this series.

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    Okay, I m not even going to front and give this book less than five stars Is it perfect No Is anything in life perfect No Does that make life less enjoyable No So why shouldn t a less than perfect book get five stars if I thoroughly enjoyed it So there I loved this book, so that warrants a five star rating, even if I could state the obvious about Christine Feehan s writing style Wordy and dense Yes Using words repetitively Yes Hot hero guaranteed to give the reader a fever Yes Incendiary chemistry and love between Conner and Isabeau Oh, yes Well, I get what I come for out of Christine Feehan s books, so I m than willing to put up with her writing quirks.To be honest, I was a little worried when I saw the blurb for this book I don t love reunited lovers stories I do like stories where the hero and heroine met as part of a mission, and the hero had to seduce the heroine, and they have to deal with that to be able to sort out their relationship So, I guess that balanced things out for me.Conner is a great, great hero in this book He s dark and dangerous, conflicted and tortured He knows Isabeau is the woman for him, his only woman There s no doubt in his mind And that is not a factor in this book The factor is that he believes she hates him because he betrayed her by seducing her to get to her father, and being part of the group that killed her father hence his anguish Also, there s the fact that his father was a complete jerk, abandoning his mate because she wasn t actually his true mate, and he couldn t stand the fact that he had bred Connor on a woman that wasn t his true mate It makes no sense, does it Well, Conner thinks he s completely bad and unworthy of his mate, although his cat tells him that she s his and doesn t want to let her go I love the guys who are all twisted up inside, and that s Conner to a T I also loved what a good mate Conner was Some really messed up stuff happens in this book between Isabeau and Conner, and he never blames it on her It s all tied into the fact that Isabeau is coming into the Han Vol Dan, which is the first heat of the female leopard shifter, when they become able to shift Something happens with one of the villains that causes this guy to stalk Isabeau, to potentially claim her as his mate This guy is the lowest of the low, completely crazy, and he savages Isabeau That was a horrible scene Believe me But the way Conner responded was so beautiful I really liked him before that, and I totally fell in love with him at that point A girl couldn t ask for a better mate.Isabeau seems young and emotionally frazzled in this story But then, she s dealing with a lot Her father turned out to be a bad man, and Conner and his team were the good guys But, he died violently, and she was there to see it In her mind, this was all she could focus on, that and the fact that Conner had seduced her under an assumed name, and she fell for him Her latent cat comes out and she scratches his face, marking him forever as her mate But they end up parting, until Isabeau recruits Conner for a mission she thinks he s than suited for, seducing a terrible female drug czar to infiltrate her compound, as he seduced her Of course, Conner is not happy that his mate is expecting him to do this But the alternative she gives him is that she seduce a guard to get in And no way is he going to let any man near his mate There s also the fact that children have been kidnapped and held for ransom by this evil woman So Conner has no choice but to take the mission And Isabeau is part of the group This gives them the opportunity to spend time together, and to realize that although Conner lied about who he was, he didn t lie about his feelings for Isabeau Isabeau has some insecurities about feeling she is what a dangerous, experienced man like Conner would want But, there s no question about him wanting her.I thought the Han Vol Dan plot, and how Isabeau was dealing with that, was fascinating I couldn t imagine having this cat inside of me, who was a straight up hussy, flirting with all kinds of men, and wanting to get some anyway she could, not to mention grumpy as all get out at times It was an interesting dynamic, and it really helped to contribute to the complexity of this storyline Isabeau showed a lot of growth over this book She s not an alpha heroine, and that s okay I liked her, because she did have a lot of inner strength, integrity, and depth of character Her love truly helped Conner deal with his grief over his mother, who was killed by the rogue leopard shifter who wants Isabeau, and is working with Imelda Cortez She doesn t belabor on her resentment about her father, and quickly comes to terms with the fact that her father was not a good man, even if he was a good father to her The love scenes were very steamy and well done I did have a couple of WTH moments I don t want to be graphic, but what s up with the piercing the cervix part Ouch Is that supposed to be a cat thing I could have done without that, thanks Also, the whole, I m dominant and I want you to do exactly what I tell you in bed thing doesn t always float my boat I didn t mind that so much, because Isabeau was fine with it, and Conner really cared about pleasing her, too I guess it s just a personal taste thing when it comes to the D s aspects It wasn t over the top or anything.I loved all the cat shifting parts I thought they were fantastic I could vividly see the characters in their cat forms I also loved the mating dance parts when Isabeau goes into her Han Vol Dan The way Conner s leopard chases hers, and how they play together, and do other things So well done.This story is pretty violent There are some dark and gritty aspects that might not work for a sensitive reader Imelda Cortez is a really bad woman, and so are her colleagues They are doing some awful stuff This is not showed in detail, but you get an idea about how bad they are And the showdown between Conner and Ottila, the leopard shifter who wants Isabeau It had me on the edge of my seat It was very violent and intense, but it absolutely worked for me There were also really good male bonding moments in this book, which I think Ms Feehan is so good at writing Sexy Elijah Rachael s brother who we met in Wild Rain has a big role in this book, and we meet a new character, young shifter Jeremiah, who s out to prove himself I think he will make quite the leading man in a later book in this series Also, Rio from Wild Rain, plays a good sized part in this book.So, I ve seen the lower ratings this book has gotten I don t know if I just have lower standards, but I truly enjoyed this book Although Burning Wild stands out about this book because of the iconic nature of Jake as a hero, I loved this book just as much, because of the relationship aspects between Conner and Isabeau, because of the fascinating and likeable characters, the darker storyline, and the phenomenal action scenes in this book I have to admit, I like the whole drug cartel storyline not sure why, but I did This is really good shifter romance, in my opinion I m excited to read the following books in the series Personally, I recommend this book It might not be for everyone, but I enjoyed it tremendously Read this book if you are into cats

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    Wild Fire is the fourth installment of the Leopard People series I m not going to go into the basic plot, you can get that information from the cover blurb, but what I will say is that I m always impressed by how well Christine Feehan writes emotions angst, regret, betrayal, guilt, sorrow, joy, passion, love You name it and she makes you feel it which is one of the things I find most appealing about her stories the ability to connect on a personal level with the characters.Another thing I love about Christine Feehan s writing of the Leopard People series is how incredibly detailed she is about the differences between the cat and the human, each trying to live according to their own nature s law and doing it while inhabiting the same body There s this odd need for cooperation between the two species And the shifting process is given in such detail that I can easily visualize it, and almost feel it happening And as cheesy as this sounds, while reading Wild Fire I had a light bulb over the head moment where the importance of being comfortable in your own body, of accepting yourself exactly as you are became even important to me All the self help books, deep inner reflection, well meaning friends and Dr Phil shows have never come closer to giving me the level of understanding that Conner and Isabeau did as he encouraged her not to be ashamed of who and what she is, but to embrace it and find all the good in it Like I said, cheesy, I know, but hey we should take life s positive lessons where ever we can get them Anyway, this is yet another great addition to the series and I can t wait to see whose book is next, but I d be thrilled if it were Drake s story

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    I ve enjoyed Feehan s Dark series for the most part and thought I d give the Leopards a whirl Don t think it s going to be my thing.I m not a big fan of the paramilitary special forces type of contemporary romances I know there s a huge market for that and not sure why it doesn t draw me in I enjoy reading about historical warriors shrugs Also, in a PNR I like the setting to be immersed in the fantasy world of fantasy creatures The story setting was anchored in the real world of evil S American drug lords versus the paramilitary group sent in to bring them down The paramilitary group just happened to be able to shift into leopards and they thought about sex even than the Carpathians Seriously.I know I started in the middle of the series, but the plot here interested me the most I love betrayal type romances where the hero has to win the heroine back Sadly, there wasn t much of that here It was just an excuse to bring the H h back together After that, the h was going into heat literally and she had to have someone to bang so WTH, why not forgive the hero and bang him He was good in bed and obsessed with her Definitely, a sure thing.I did find some of the cat in heat things kind of funny If you ve ever been around a female cat in heat, you ll recognize the behavior The heroine refers to her cat as a hussy , which is one of those words that always makes me laugh along with poop I m sophisticated like that.A lot of Feehan books have an element about a sexual sadist most members of the group hunting the Carpathians, the serial killer in the first Dark book, the H s brother in The Scarletti Curse In this book, the drug kingpins and their minions were real sickos I found it disturbing I ll grant they were suitably villainous villains, I just didn t relish hearing about it.The heroine is also severely beaten by a man leopard who wants to have her as his mate in a scenario designed to punish her for being with the hero and provoke the hero into a fight There was no rape, but there was a disturbingly sexual undertone to it all.Finally, and this is TOTALLY YMMV if the characters are capable of shifting into the form of an animal, I don t want to be privy to their sexual activities while in that form I d rather just gloss over that bit In fact, I d prefer if Feehan did a lot glossing over of sex in general It gets repetitive and flat out boring at times.

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    This tale revolves around a woman cruelly betrayed by her lover, and a man hopeless in his need for redemption It is fascinating because he happens to be the conniving betrayer who actually loves her and needs her to forgive him, as well as needing to forgive himself In addition, her true nature causes another man to believe he has the right to her love I never thought that I would enjoy reading a description of two men physically fighting to the death over a woman, nor that I would root for one of them, yet I did find it riveting.I found the story realistic because many things were happening overlaying each other In real life we don t get to follow one plot at a time Perhaps the heroine is a bit too perfect on the surface, but Feehan s descriptions of her inner struggles to come around to acceptance of truth make her one of us I ve read most of the best romance writers of our time Never before have I seen an alpha male who sees the happiness of his woman as paramount to his inner contentment to the extent Conner does, without him ever losing his alpha power.The plot elements are so well intertwined that at times I had to stop to consider which were subplot and which were main plot The settings are so realistically described as to make me shudder at the creepy feel of insects Even the secondary characters are drawn with a depth that makes them feel like neighbors The fact that the winners do not come out unscathed makes this less like a typical romance and like literature, which is fine with me Christine Feehan s talent is refreshing.Those who don t think they d like paranormal romances should read this one and reconsider.

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    So you can review individual books, but not authors, is that right Hmm Well, in that case, Wild Fire is the book that has made me decide to never read Christine Feehan again A statement like that will probably have many people decide to read every book she has ever written, just to prove me wrong wrong wrong To be fair, there have been some that I enjoyed Carpathians Dark Prince, Dark Symphony, and Dark Slayer Leopards Burning Wild Drake Sisters Hidden Currents, Safe Harbor, and Turbulent Seas and, like, half of the Ghost Walker books So really, I m not a hater I ve probably read a good twelve to fifteen of her books I just reached my limit, and I don t mean my limit of books I mean my limit of Feehanisms Wild Fire had them all, shamelessly Not the obvious ones, the supernatural, one mate for life, repetitive language bits Here are my list of Feehanisms, minor and major, that I m just completely tired of 1 These books usually have a group of highly skilled, knowledgable men and one na ve woman The author goes out of her way to point out even having the characters say it that this woman is very intelligent, yet the heroine is so ignorant about this supernatural world in this case, cat shifting and her sexuality She has to be educated by the men about the former, and her mate for the latter In a Feehan novel, the heroine is either completely inexperienced usually being too psychically volatile to touch other people, or physically isolated from others or her only sexually experiences are brutal ones Because of this setup, the characters seem interchangeable because there s so much explaining of the same explanation you re a leopard, you re going into heat, we mate for life and repetition of roles book after book.2 Except for the Drake sisters, the heroine is usually isolated Like, princess in a tower kind of isolated They have no friends, family, or online community.3 These people travel the world, and despite how exotic the locale in this case the South American rainforest , the scenes break down to a jungle forest a crowded party a huge house with a big, central staircase some kind of barracks enemy fort or a lair If it is not one of these places, it is barely described exception being the Drake sisters house But what s worse is the overlying sense of, um, American ness to all these places and the people who inhabit them In Wild Fire, the premise is that the leopard people have lived in the jungles since time out of mind, protecting the jungle and its inhabitants Why then, do they all have names like Mary, Jeremiah, and Conner, and why are they all Anglicized in their appearance When Connor wants to marry Isabeau, how is it that everyone there knows exactly what the wedding needs How is it that a different species a continent away has the same WASPy traditions as a stereotypical American wedding If the bride and groom hadn t left because the bride was going into heat, I bet they would have done the Chicken Dance and the Electric Slide at some point I assume they re speaking English in Wild Fire, not Spanish, not because the book is written in English, but because the idioms are American In the completely isolated cabin Conner and his mother lived in, they just brew up a kettle for tea and Isabeau pops into the shower and the logistics of that are completely written off under something like Conner prepared for the group s arrival Really Is there running water, or a catchment system for this tree house How do they have lights Electricity Is the stove gas or electricity How did he get lightbulbs, much less gas into the jungle Etc When part of the whole sexiness is that it s wild and exotic, why does Feehan not bother to change up the setting in any significant way It seems really lazy Although I ve never been to the rainforest in Borneo, so I could be way off on this point It could all be suburbs down there.3 These series never end In the Carpathian books, even when the main evil wizard is killed, one of his minions escapes and this is after, like, 20 books, including a Christmas special AND there s the leopard panther spinoff Even the Drake sisters series, where you thought would end after seven books seven sisters, seven books, right now there s the Sea Haven series set in the same town, with sisters AND the brother of one of the Drake sisters husbands, who himself has six brothers This could be ten books Making franchise a dirty word.4 Why don t any of these chicks wear a bra The women do so much running and attacking, and frankly bouncing, and as mentioned earlier hanging out with groups of strange men, you d think they d feel comfortable with a support garment of some sort Or is going bra less shorthand for being an ass kicker 5 The sex is always rough Sometimes, it is super hawt other times, it s an it s not rape because it s true love explanation but always, always it is rough Words like rasp, pound, hammer, grind, pummel, slap, pierce I think in this book he pierces her cervix or enters it somehow , and bruising force are common Teeth and biting also very common hard to avoid with vampires and leopards, but still, there are some parts I would rather not think about being bitten hard enough to draw blood One character in the Ghost Walker series is tortured and scarred over his entire yup, entire body and can only feel pleasure when humping is when it s super rough, and that process is described lingeringly And their penises are always super huge, and they hump, like, five times a night Even the heroine in Wild Fire feels it the next day, down in her junk, and she expects to be walking funny It s all very porn y at times.6 Finally, and this is the biggest one, is the violence, especially sexual violence perpetrated on the women in Feehan books I mean, the men take a pounding a beating not a pounding see above where I cite the guy who was tortured over his whole body but the women are just abused over and above There s routine and systematic child abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, psychic abuse if that s a real term, for when psychics harass helpless innocents , torture, a whole strange wizard blood thing in the Carpathians that surely must count as incest, rape as a part of a breeding program, pregnant women who are attacked and have their throats cut one Carpathian woman was literally torn to tiny bits and had to, I don t know, will herself back together In Wild Fire, the heroine is attacked by a rival leopard, who slashes her across the breasts, down the legs, and right in the cooter I mean, really what does all this violence mean What is all this violence supposed to prove that her characters are the most bad ass of all What all these things make me feel is that it s all pointless and that s pretty bad when your escapist fiction makes you feel nihilistic.

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    Uff, que calor.Este es bueno Te quemas viva con toda la tensi n sexual entre los leopardos en la primera parte Me encant leerlo Fue algo bastante animal Me gustan Isabeau y Conner, me gusta que hayan podido arreglar sus cosas y no salirse por la tangente Regalan un par de momentos muy lindos como pareja y son bastante listos para quedarse junto al otro no matter what Pensaba que lo hab a hecho llamar para vengarse, pero la verdad era peor, lo hab a hecho llamar porque no pod a soportar no verlo de nuevo Aunque el contexto que los re ne suena muy escabroso y peligroso, la villana no queda a la altura de las especulaciones Es m s lo que se dice de ella, que lo que realmente es Hacia el final, la parte rom ntica se termina y todo se vuelve terriblemente doloroso No entiendo como es que siguen caminando No puede haber alguien m s golpeado que ellos, en serio, acabaron hechos mierdas, incluyendo Isabeau Que horror, que dolor PD Dato curioso, ella estaba todo el tiempo as se le contrae el tero, siente un espasmo, y luego calor l quido Y le pasa muyyyy seguido Nunca hab a le do la palabra tero tantas veces.

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    I read this book years ago and I couldn t remember why I disliked it I decided to give it another try before the release of Leopards Prey This is the most disgusting, disturbing book I have read.I usually avoid books about rape and abuse to women The abuse inflicted on the Isabeau the female lead in this story is hideous She was beaten repeatedly, clawed and raked, and bitten with fangs Isabeau was horribly abused on her wedding day What is wrong with you Christine Feehan It was Isabeau s wedding day Why Why The only thing is these horrible abuses happen at the end of the book, but it is so descriptive it made me sick I don t understand the mentality around women loving to read about the physical abuse and cruelty done to other women These 5 star reviews are sickening I am surprised at Ms Feehan writing this kind of abuse Read at your own risk I cannot recommend this book If you are thinking about reading this book, just know it is not connected to the Leopard series in a way you won t understand the other books in the series Its of a stand alone Its not necessary to read Wild Fire to understand Savage Nature and Leopards Prey.

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    Reviewed by me for MandiFavorite quote I activated our come and get us, we re fucked button Leopard shifter Conner Vega is a member of one of the most lethal shifter tribes in the He and a group of fellow shifters are part of a covert group that handles dangerous assignments to eliminate all threats to the rain forest and their tribes Conner meets his mate, Isabeau Chandler, on such a mission Caught between his need to claim her as his and maintaining his undercover assignment Conner chooses the assignment and is forced to betray his mate Carrying the scars of his betrayal, Conner is forced to bear the memory of his shame alone forever Isabeau is a Borneo shifter who has never forgiven or forgotten Conner While she despises the very ground he walks on her body betrays her with a raging passion only he can satisfy Now circumstances has forced them together And hell hath no fury like a shifter scorned Conner Vega is a beautiful terrifying leopard shifter He is called upon to once go undercover for the cause But this mission will test his very soul Shifter children have been kidnapped by drug czar Imelda Cortez in order to force the tribes to run her drugs through the forest Conner and his men have been asked to take Imelda and her operation out and rescue the children Conner will have to seduce Imelda and this brings back memories of another time he seduced and betrayed a woman Isabeau Chandler Isabeau is his mate and he left her with nothing then pain, humiliation, and betrayel But his new mission brings Isabeau back into his life and gives then both a second chance at the passion they barely tasted before Wild Fire is a heady passionate seductive story filled with romance, suspense, and my favoriteshapeshifters Rowr Feehan puts the main protagonists Conner and Isabeau together right from the start, allowing them to start repairing their tumultuous relationship The depth of their emotions leaps right off the page I could feel Conner s love for Isabeau and of her conflicted feelings for Conner Feenan has that unique ability that every writer strives for To allow the reader to truly experience what her characters are feeling This story leaves you no doubt to the depth of Conner s love and his shame for what he did Isabeau clearly reciprocates the feelings but as expected needs to over come her anger at Conner I really love how Feehan have them come together and begin the healing in the beginning of the story Their evolving love story is shamelessly erotic and incorporates into the plot seamlessly Isabeau has no idea she is a shifter and Conner uses the excuse of teaching her as a way to keep Isabeau close to him When Conner has to go through with the mission, Isabeau and the rest of the group talk Conner into allowing her to accompany them to Imelda s The villains of this story are some nasty depraved individuals The kicker is, this stuff really happens Deception is a core theme in the story so the good and bad aren t always obvious There are some beautiful moving scenes in the book that brought tears to my eyes There are some disturbing forces at work that test the bonds of Isabeau and Conner s relationship that I really felt went a little too far But Feehan has them play out plausible satisfactory way The secondary characters are a delight that I very much enjoyed meeting Some new characters are introduced that I hope to see of, especially Jeremiah The banter between them is fast paced and very humorous at times I cannot wait to read about each one meeting their mates and the story of their journey I only had one problem with the book Feehan has a recurring theme in her books about dominance innocence Often the heroine is often overcome in some sexual fashion by a man in the book be it her lover or enemy Conner remarks frequently that Isabeau was an innocent when he met her and he alone taught her how to please a man This creeps me out a little But Conner doesn t lord the whole alpha dominance thing over Isabeau He is respectful of her and doesn t push a side her feelings or thoughts He treats her as his equal and that went far in me liking this story.

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