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Unchained (The Dark Forgotten, #3) summary Unchained (The Dark Forgotten, #3) , series Unchained (The Dark Forgotten, #3) , book Unchained (The Dark Forgotten, #3) , pdf Unchained (The Dark Forgotten, #3) , Unchained (The Dark Forgotten, #3) e3da9c0342 Been There, Slain ThatAshe Carver, Monster Killer, Has The Scars To Prove It But Faced With A Custody Battle, She S Hung Up Her Stakes And Taken A Job At The Public Library, Determined To Show The Courts And Her Ten Year Old Daughter That She S As Good A Mother As She Is A HunterEasier Said Than Done There Are Lovelorn Vampires Haunting The Library, A Slime Demon In The Shopping Mall, And Her New Mom Sister Needs A Hand With Her Ghostbusting Biz Then, After Centuries Guarding A Supernatural Prison, Captain Reynard Strides Into Her World Like A Hero From The Library S Must Reads Smokingly Gorgeous, Passionate And Courageous To A Fault, He Has Only Weeks To Live Unless Ashe Finds The Thief Who Took His SoulAshe Picks Up Her Weapons To Save The Day But Not Every Problem Can Be Solved With A Stake With So Much Tragedy In Her Past, Ashe Fears The Disaster She Sees Ahead And Prays She Doesn T Fail Everyone AgainMemories Are The Hardest Monsters To Kill

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    3.5 starsThe heroine came across as a major dick in the last book, and the author doesn t make her undergo a personality transplant she is still all rough edges As always the plot was really great, stolen souls, demons, sucky lawyers etc.

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    Ashe Carver has hung up her stakes and retired from her life of vampire hunting in order to raise her young daughter But life is just not cooperating Fallout from her sister Holly s life changing event are complicating Ashe s life Since Holly s powers are on the fritz as a result of said event, Ashe is covering Holly s ghost hunting gigs, and said event has also gained Ashe the unwelcome notice of some persistent vamps who are making her an offer they don t intend to allow her to refuse And to top it all off, the intriguing Captain Reynard needs Ashe s help recover his stolen soul all in all it looks as if Ashe s life is not going to be as soccer mom as she d hoped Unchained, the third book of Sharon Ashwood s Dark Forgotten, was really enjoyable There s plenty of action and intrigue, and a touch of both humor and romance Unlike the previous book, Scorched, in which the hero Mac was good but the leading lady was forgettable what was her name , both of the starring pair here are good Ashe has mellowed from the previous book and she s no longer trying to stake her brother in law Still Ashe remains a strong character and the mellowing, along with the trials of trying to be a vanilla human, have made her much likable And I really liked the transition for Captain Reynard from his credo of Duty, Honor, and Discipline It ws fun to discover the passionate man with a twinkle in his eye, a sense of humor and a surprising down and dirty side beneath the chivalrous facade and the rigid self control As with the previous book, I like the way that Ashwood straddles the PNR UF line there s a complete happily ever after so this is not quite urban fantasy but the romance is less central to the story than most paranormal romance I also really enjoyed bits with a side character dark fey Prince Miru kai and was a bit disappointed that he won t be the lead in the next book, but hopefully we ll still see of him as hellhound Lore whose part was exceedingly minimal here moves to center stage in Ashwood s next book of the Dark Forgotten, Iced.

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    4 1 2 starsThis is an interesting, well written story, with a nice balance of humor, scariness, and tenderness I enjoyed the read and am looking forward to the next in the series.Ashe is an adrenaline junkie who has quit her job as a vampire slayer so she can retain custody of her estranged daughter, Eden Reynard has been a guard for the Castle for hundreds of years, maintaining his sanity by holding onto the mantra duty, dignity and death After Reynard s soul is stolen by a collector demon, Ashe and Reynard team up to retrieve it Without access to his soul, Reynard is doomed to regain human sensations such as hunger and lust as he fades into death Over the course of a few days, as their search progresses and Reynard fades, he rediscovers food in what is probably one of my favorite scenes from the book, as it beautifully reflects the bittersweet delight he experiences The complex textures of the sandwich filled Reynard s mind, blotting out everything else Soft bread, the crunch of greens, the rich tearing of meat He tasted butter Holy God, he d forgotten how good that was It was food, that basic connective tissue that bound man to man, regardless of race or creed or culture Hunger was their shared inheritance, relieving it a universal rite After so long, he was part of that brotherhood again.I really enjoyed the romance between Ashe and Reynard They re both adult characters who ve lived full lives and as they hesitantly begin to open up to each other it s apparent that the foundation of their developing relationship is based on mutual respect Added to that are their relationships with others in the story, including Ashe s daughter, Eden, and sister, Holly Reynard s boss, the fire demon Mac and dark fey prince Miru Kai, who plays the role of trickster.Note If you re looking for a rehash of Ravenous, you re not going to get it with this neither is it exactly like Scorched It s its own thing It will help to have read those first, but it s not necessary.

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    Unchained by Sharon Ashwood Paranormal Romance July 6, 20104 Stars Ashe Carver is an ex slayer She has given up that job in exchange for being a mother to her ten year old daughter, Eden She also has a lot of problems to tackle a custody battle for her kid, demons to vanquish, a vampire to stop, and a magical urn to retrieve Her ally, Captain Reynard, leader of the Guardsman that keeps the magical creatures from over running the world, has only weeks to live unless Ashe can find the urn that contains his soul Likewise, Reynard has to stop the vampire that stalks Ashe and her family As Ashe falls in love with the dashing Reynard, the quest to find the magical urn grows and urgentUnchained is a fun, solid popcorn read Ashwood creates a sprawling world populated by vampires, demons, witches, fairies, and even hellhounds There s so much going on that readers can sometimes feel bewildered What the book lacks in emotional depth, the author makes up for with unrelenting pacing and thrilling action scenes Unchained feels and reads like a movie it is fast and furious The characters are given an archetype and rarely ventures out of their pre cast personalities, but that s not a bad thing necessarily since this is supposed to be a fun read, not a literature class Ashe Carver is an ian queen tough, feisty, and vulnerable at times Captain Reynard is an immortal who longs to be alive Though these two are the main stars of the show book, I personally like Miru kai, the Fey Prince, the best I simply have a soft spot for the sneaky prince who feels far complex than Ashe I hope one day Ashwood will give Miru kai his own story.If you have always wondered what Buffy will be like ten, twenty years after college graduation, Unchained has the answer for you Except that this time, the girl is not mooning after a vampire Just like Buffy the show, Unchained is thoroughly entertaining and fun to read It doesn t strain the brain and is easy on the eyes Reviewed by Pauline from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

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    Favorite Quote I would like to ride a good horse again Well, I have some unicorns down in the basement, if you d like to take them out for a spin They only like virgins I m rather too late to that party Ashe Carver is monster killer extraordinaire and she has the scars to prove it But she hangs up her stakes in favor of a sedate Librarian job in order to convince her in laws that she is a fit mother But life never goes the way you plan Vamps want to impregnate her, a slime demon with a collecting fetish is hanging out at the mall, and a supernatural prison guard from the Castle has entered her life to inform her he will die in 2 weeks unless she finds his stolen soul.And that s all before breakfast.In the third installment of The Dark Forgotten Unchained we are given the other Carver sister s story Ashe Carver She made a horrendous mistake years ago that resulted in the death of her parents and the loss of her powers She has spent her life honing her skills into the ultimate slayer that the supernatural world fears But a custody battle with her in laws has her putting away the knives and replacing them with a library card This is the ultimate paranormal romance Incredible word building creates a story so full of life that I was unable to put it down The story races a long, even though it is chocked full of intrigue, suspense and romance There is a lot going on but all the story lines blend so well together that the you see neither beginning nor end.Read the rest of my review at Smexy Books.

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    It had some small moments I liked, such as, Sadly, slaying library patrons wasn t allowed Bad customer service and all But overall, it just left me thinking, eh When I got to the end, I didn t realize it WAS the end what about the witchy warlocky power thing What happens when they finally get out of the sack I turned the page, thinking it would sort of wrap up, only to find it was an excerpt from the next book, and that was it for this one Felt kinda cheated.

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    Reynard s soul has been stolen He needs Ashe to help him find it Will Ashe be willing to admit her attraction to Reynard or will it be too late I thought this was the best book in the Dark Forgetten series yet I enjoyed the development of the characters We finally find out Ashe s secrets Good reading.

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    Pretty decent read Unfortunately I don t have the last book yetwe ll see if I remember this when I find it LOLThink it was my favorite of the seriescertainly of the two I ve read recently.

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    Didn t like the characters in this one.

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    I really enjoyed the read and am looking forward to the next book in the series.

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