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Beyond Success chapter 1 Beyond Success , meaning Beyond Success , genre Beyond Success , book cover Beyond Success , flies Beyond Success , Beyond Success 99c7b200cef88 Ask Those Who Have Achieved Their Ultimate Dream Whether It S Related To Career, Fortune, Or Fame And They Will Most Likely Tell You That Something Is Still Missing As Jeffrey Gitterman Reveals, When It Comes To Success And Happiness, We Often Find Exhilaration In Pursuing Our Goals Than In Attaining Them So What Does This Mean For Those Of Us Who Strive For Fulfillment We Can T Just Stop Trying, Can We Is There Any Way To Truly Feel Fulfilled Beyond Success Presents Simple Principles To Help Us Redirect Our Efforts Toward What We Want To Express In The World, Rather Than What We Want To Get Or How We Want To Feel Experience Ongoing Peace While Still Working Toward Our Material Goals Map A Plan For The Future Which Embraces A Continually Evolving Life Story Derive Personal Satisfaction Through Our Affect On Others This Book Provides A Down To Earth Process For Finding Peace And Contentment Within The Real Worldall The While Redefining The Meaning Of Success

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    An easy to read and grasp book Gitterman has become a very successful person This book focuses on pushing beyond simply having wealth to gaining happiness and capturing meaning in life He focuses on using meditation and methods of meditation, but does not put a significant religious tone on it He has used meditation to focus his life and his skills to not become wealthy, but to become successful in being happy with his life working and contributing in a way that that he feels he was called to and in doing so, also gaining financial wealth.I think he has some very good points and a useful technique I also think that, like with all self help books, you have to actually practice the techniques Simply reading the book will not make you any better or successful That being said, he puts these techniques into words that are easy to comprehend which makes them easier to start to follow through with.

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    Great book for those of us in a mid life crisis It really reflects the way I feel about life right now.

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