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Taking the Score summary Taking the Score, series Taking the Score, book Taking the Score, pdf Taking the Score, Taking the Score 4f1535a070 A Sexy Category Romance From Entangled S Brazen Imprint His Office Temptation Is Now His Full Blown Fantasy Paying Down Her Sister S Debts Has Left Emma Strickland With Little Than The Thrift Store Suit On Her Back And As If The Suckfest Couldn T Get Worse, She S Forced To Moonlight As A Waitress To Support Herself And Her Cat At A Strip Club Her Uptight, Sexy As Hell Boss Brody Kane Can Never Find OutTexas Property Tycoon Brody Kane Hired Emma For Her Spreadsheet Skills, But Her Prim And Proper Demeanor Sealed The Deal There S No Room In His Life For A Sexy Distraction And Yet, He Can T Stop Lusting After The Delicious Ms Strickland And Then He Takes An Important Client To A Chicago Strip Club And Gets The Worst Lap Dance In Adult Entertainment History From EmmaNow That He Knows His Office Good Girl Has A Naughty Streak, Brody Makes It His Mission To Uncover Her Secrets, One Steamy, Illicit, Over The Desk Encounter At A Time But Emma Is Hiding Than Her Side Job, And Her Final Secret Could End Up Destroying Them Both

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    3.5 4 Stars Kate Meader delivered a sexy office romance with a nice vibe of enemies to lovers story that I found really enjoyable Like all the Brazen books out there Taking the Score was for the most part a light read and while the plot is nothing new, the execution was fun and entertaining This second installment in the series fallows the story of another tall, dark and Texan man, Brody Kane, character we met in the previous book in the series Texas property tycoon, Brody Kane is a sexy nerd who doesn t look to get involved with someone in any kind of relationship anytime soon However, he can t keep his eyes off his prim and proper PA, even if she s not exactly his type You don t know me, Mr Kane PA by day, TA by night Emma Strickland is a former bad girl who has two jobs She s working for Brody as a PA and at night she s waitressing at a strip club She hates what she does at night, but she will do anything to keep her baby sister save, so she s forced by circumstances to work for Ray, a dangerous man to pay her sister s debt Brody has the shock of his life when he finds out that his PA is also working in a strip club But everything gets worse when he has to pretend he doesn t know Emma Both of them are mortified when Emma has to perform a lap dance for him, but what starts as something awkward becomes quickly something sexy and irresistible for both of them He had never fucked angry before, and now he knew why A fuck like this was the kind of experience a man doesn t recover from easily Finding pleasure in an unexpected place coupled with the raw emotions coursing through him was a dangerous combination I liked this one Honestly the storyline was predictable, but the dynamic between these two characters and the steam factor, which btw was pretty high made me enjoy this story Both Brody and Emma were likeable characters, well enough developed I loved Emma s loyalty and also her determination to help her sister no matter what You lost it at the club You lost it in that shower She tiptoed up so her breath fanned his lips Provoked And the way your erection is pointing at me like a divining rod tells me you re not in control now Ding, ding, ding, Brody Your cock just found a wet spot Brody was great too He s a sexy, sweet and caring and I have to say I loved with protectiveness towards Emma They complement each other pretty well from the beginning Even is the story was fast paced, the relationship between Brody and Emma didn t feel rushed and I liked that There was a certain familiarity between them that was endearing and the chemistry between them was off the charts hot Loved it Taking the Score was a great blend of witty banter and steam and if you are looking for something light, sexy and easy to read, then you won t be disappointed reading this one

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    4 Stars Because she liked it dirty, and the challenge of getting this buttoned up man to give it to her was almost too much to resist Emma Strickland is trying to make a fresh start in Chicago after ONCE AGAIN bailing out her addict of a sister This means leaving her checkered history with men behind and adopting a new and frumpy staid persona Bye bye short skirts and low cut tops Hello two sizes too big pantsuits and thrift store shabby The only exception to her newfound rule is the nights she works as a waitress at a strip club to help pay down the debt she owes Though she wants nothing than to show her new boss just how naughty she can be, she knows keeping herself dowdy is her only option She was thrift store Dumpster diving he was designer label personal shopping What had happened between them was a product of proximity and her inner bad girl trumping the woman she was trying to become. Brody Kane can t seem to get his efficient but drab personal assistant out of his head Brody s no stranger to being betrayed by the ladies in his life and he realizes ignoring his growing attraction and fascination with Emma is the safe road to take Easier said than done When an important client orders a round of lap dances at a strip club and Brody comes face to face with his frumpy little assistant, I don t need to tell you what happens.Please tell me I don t need to tell you what happens Let me share a little something with you I love a sexy, dirty talking nerd Not this nerd, mind you.Though those are some pretty sweet moves I m talkin about THIS kind of nerdish hotness You know what I mean There s just nothing sexier than a highly intelligent, seemingly conservative and buttoned up hottie busting loose and letting his freak flag fly The chemistry between Brody and Emma was palpable and when both of them finally decided to let the other one in, the sexy times were hot as hell.Honestly, I didn t encounter a whole lot of issues while reading Taking the Score and I definitely appreciated the fact that the drama that did occur didn t get out of hand due to easily cleared up misunderstandings It didn t offer anything new but it s exactly the kind of quality, go to read I ve come to expect from the Entangled Brazen line ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    4.5 Keep your socks on, Mr Kane Stars Book Two in Kate Meader s Tall, Dark and Texan series provides a sexy and entertaining few hours of reading, whilst giving the rich man poor woman trope a slightly different spin.One thing that you always get from Kate s writing is stellar banter and internal monologues, and that can certainly be said for Brody and Emma The uptight, strapped down assistant is hiding a lot underneath her frumpy suits than Brody ever imagined, even in his fantasies PA by day, T A by night. Throw in plenty of diverse and dirty talking sexy times and Taking the Score is probably one of the best Brazen releases I have read for a while A nice easy going story line, likeable characters and the familial drama was kept on the down low, although relevant it wasn t overplayed to the extent that it got on my nerves Stop thinking so hard and let this beast be in charge for once I have to admit the other thing that takes this book from mediocre to marvellous, is the verbal sparring between Brody, Flynn and Hunter I m just here for immoral support And I am interested too see where the author takes Flynn s book seeing as he was dumped by his fianc e in this one, and has a fremeny situation going on with the sister of one of his best friends.ARC generously provided via Netgalley, and it was my pleasure to provide the above honest review.

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    4.5 Stars No problem with women on top, Mr Kane You ve always been the boss of me, Ms Strickland Who accidentally deleted their published review This idiot So allow me to try and sum up my thoughts once for this wonderful book le sigh.I adore Kate Meader and everything she writes Sizzling hot enemies to lovers She did that flawlessly with Even the Score I loved that book HARD It s the one that first began my love affair with this author and everything she writes I knew right away I needed from this series with the introduction of Hunter Dade s friends and business partners, and I definitely got that with Taking The Score If you want a smoking hot read with laugh out loud humor and enough witty banter to keep a goofy smile on your face the entire time reading it, this is a book you need to read unless She Who Shall Not Be Named gave you some sort of dick shriveling disease Oh God, is that what s wrong Is that why you haven t been using your penis Liv, I m not talking about this with you Because as slutty as my bridesmaids are I can t knowingly inflict my syphilitic brother on them Well, maybe Jess She HAS been pissing me off lately Brody Kane is the demure and quiet or so they think of the business partners in his company His glasses and sexy nerd look gives off that vibe at first But beneath the suits and all business demeanor is dirty talking devil After a disastrous previous relationship left him jaded, Brody isn t interested in getting involved with another womanso why is it that the star of his nightly fantasies is his prim and proper PA with her thrift store business suits and buns You don t know me, Mr Kane PA by day, TA by night Emma Strickland isn t quite what she appears to be either She s beaten down her inner bad girl years ago in order to take care of herself and her slightly younger sister Now that her sister s drop habit has not only put them in a bigger hole financially, but in a debt to a man that you certainly don t want to be owing anything to, Emma finds herself working for Mr Brody by day, and as a cocktail waitress at a strip club by night All is going well, until Brody decides to bring in a client he s trying to woo into the club she works in and realizes that his prim and proper PA is not as prim and proper as he thought You re trying to detour this conversation from what s important, Ms Strickland You ve had your hands on my ass and I ground my lady lips into your dick I think you can call me Emma The set up sounds utterly delicious, right Well that s because it was I loved Emma and Brody individually But together they burned up the pages and the sheets Oh man but these two were hot together Their chemistry practically crackled with electricity with every turn of the page The humorous banter between them stoked the fire, and the kinky hot sex filled with even sexier dirty talk took it from sizzling to explosive You think you re the to make me lose control, Emma I think I already have You lost it at the club You lost it in that shower.And the way your erection is pointing at me like a divining rod tells me you re not in control now Ding, ding, ding, Brody Your cock just found a wet spot But let s go back to the banter for a hot second, because damn but does Kate Meader know how to give good banter Between Brody and his business partners and friends, Brody and Emma, and my favorite part definitely had to be between Brody and his soon to be wed sister I ll be staying at a suite at the Peninsula so there s no need to interrupt your masturbation schedule I d just like to see my sad, pathetic brother and maybe offer one of the F Troop in sacrifice For fuck s sake Exactly I m doing this for the sake of your wang Taking The Score was filled with humor, witty banter, and enough steam to set every ovary within a 50 mi radius on fire I loved every entertaining page of it This book was exactly what I ve been missing with the Brazen releases as of late It s exactly what I love about Brazen books and precisely why I ll read any book this author writes.I absolutely cannot wait for in this series I m hoping the next book will be Brody s sister and Flynn because the hate lust force is strong with those two.If you re looking for a light and steamy read that s as entertaining as it is sexy, you honestly can t go wrong with this one ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review Graphic is stock purchased and created by me for DGR blog Please don t share without permissionFind me on

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    I have no regrets about this one, because Ami and I created another br memory I didn t care for the characters or the story really, but I have to give the book points for humor and creativity The sensitve flesh between Emma s thighs clenched and sighed Her clit bloomed, her nipples pouted, and then her eggs shrieked in pleasure Then, Brody s shaft pulsed inside her like a raging beast snarling at a cage I ve never read a book where sex organs were so active We kept reading just to find out if they were going to start talking.

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    3 starsI don t even know what to say about this book It reminds me of the time I read about Chloe in Forked with Jeanne I thought the choice of words the author used was very interesting and it was entertaining Didn t really like the characters though But it was steamy.

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    I ve had a taste of you, Emma, and it s hard to imagine going back to before

    Brody Kane has been fantasizing about his prim and proper PA for months He hired her because he was sure her dowdy appearance would in no way temp him, but after merely a week she fueled all this private fantasies After the disaster with his ex, he has no desire to complicate his life, and he s determined to keep his lust to himself Until he takes an important client to a strip club, and gets the worst lap dance of his life From Emma, his PA.

    An attraction to her boss was a distraction she could not afford, not when her life was a complete disaster piece.

    Emma Strickland s life has not been easy She swore off her bad girl ways of her youth, and in order to pay off her sister s debts, and provide for her grumpy cat, Kevin, by day she works as the PA for the broody, uptight and so very sexy Texas property tycoon Brody Kane, and by night she s forced to work as a waitress at a strip club And she s determined that Brody will never find out what she has to do to survive But her luck has never been that good, and when he finds out her life changes in ways she never imagined.

    Brody wants nothing than to save Emma from her job at the strip club, uncover all her secrets, and explore the naught streak his good girl PA hid from him But Emma is hiding so many secrets, and Brody has so many trust issues, that what they have has the potential to destroy them both.

    This man How the hell was she supposed to resist him

    I loved Emma, her good girl office persona, and her inner wildness she revealed when she quit hiding She hasn t had an easy life, but no matter what happened, she kept her head held high, and got the courage to move onwards I loved her grumpy cat and how much she loved him, and her sister She s loyal and brave, and her wild side was just perfect for Brody.

    But Emma, you wearing all these clothes is about the only thing keeping me from biting that sweet little ass of yours The fucking layers, the better

    Brody was amazing I liked this grumpy and growly man from the previous book, and he did not disappoint in this one He was so sexy with his nerdy glasses, suits and muscles, and so damn hot with his bossy streak in the bedroom

    You are the woman I was meant for, the sun in every room I enter

    From the previous book the attraction between these two were palpable, and I was so happy with their romance The chemistry between them were scorching, and the sexy times off the charts hawt Especially with Brody s love of dirty talk swoon and his dominance in the bedroom Or against the wall Or over the desk and railing D It was so much fun seeing Brody trying to get Emma to reveal her secrets, and watching them fall for each other.

    I am really loving this steamy series, and Kate Meader definitely knows how to write engaging and sexy romance A must read for all romance fans.

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    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Sizzling Erotic Sensual Beautiful And oh so fucking sexy If you must know I love and adore Kate Meader She is one of the authors who I know I can turn to to help satisfy any romance craving I have And in her newest installment to the Tall, Dark, and Texan Series, Kate blew my mind on how fabulous Taking the Score is Seriously, I devoured this book in one sitting and couldn t wait to reread this book again That is how much I LOVE THIS BOOK HARD If I could shout to the romance community to read this book, I would No kiss had ever tasted this good No kiss had ever incited her in this way His tongue swept through her mouth with possessive, velvety strokes that sent swirls of desire eddying in her gut Her fantasy of kissing him had always been tame Guy was a dweeb, after all But this kiss Brody Kane had skills in the mouth to mouth department Taking the Score was just perfect It had sass, sizzling chemistry, a fun and sexy storyline to keep readers entertained Everything about this book satisfied my Brazen junkie addiction If we are taking the score, then I will have say that this book is 5 stars worthy And how could it not be when you have a geeky alpha hunk, a tabby cat named Kevin, and a hot gorgeous heroine who is in touch with her inner sexy bad girl Mojo firmly restored, and the one woman he wanted to use it on was out of bounds Worse, she had turned everything upside down a homeless stripper slash assistant with an unhinged cat Emma Strickland is just trying to stay afloat financially as takes on the responsibility of handling her baby sister s debt In the day, Emma works as the personal assistant to Texan property tycoon, Brody Kane She is on top of her game when it comes to organization and making sure that everything is in order for her boss But when it comes to her personal life, Emma is just struggling All of her savings went into helping paying off her sister s debt and on top of that, Emma has to take another job A job that she dreads with a passion She becomes a waitress at a strip club She ran her tongue along the sensitive vein on the underside, a teasing lick, and then, she took Swirled her tongue around the swollen head and sucked what was hers His cock, his essence, all of him Inch by magnificent inch, she stole down his length, wishing she could take without gagging Arousal pulsated through her in an inexorable build While Emma lacks the right wardrobe with her frumpy and thrift store attire, Brody Kane can t help but be drawn to Emma He fantasizes what his mouth, his hands and his cock could be doing Brody knows to keep his fantasies about Emma to himself that is until he runs into her at the strip club when he takes a potential client there His mousy good girl personal assistant turns out to be a sexy vixen And Brody Kane soon discovers that the girl he has been fantasizing is the woman made for him as she gives him a personal lap dance that he would never forget After a taste of Emma s mouth and body, Brody wanted her to be his only And so he does what any possessive alpha male would do, he is willing to pay off her debt and compensates the strip club of having Emma to himself Brody is well aware that Emma is in dire need of money and financial help but she is too proud to accept a helping hand And in such, Brody is forced to work a deal with Emma You are the most beautiful woman I know, inside and out In bad suits and sexy stripper threads In your giving heart and in every single thing you ve done to protect the people you care about I was hurt once and my knee jerk reaction was to assume I d be hurt again I m usually a better analyst of a situation, but my sore heart wasn t up for another pounding He laced his fingers in hers and placed them over his heart, now slapping violently against his rib cage This bruised ticker belongs to you, Emma You own me, body and soul Every piece of me is yours to love or destroy I love you God, how I fucking adore you Brody doesn t like the idea of Emma being homeless so he takes her to live with him Along with Emma comes her lazy cat, Kevin As Emma and Brody cohabitate as roommates,they soon find that they have one thing in common Sex Hot steamy passionate sex that will make your toes curl Together Brody and Emma are just perfect for each other They balance each other out intellectually, physically, and sexually Their chemistry was tangible and palpable from the start The heat between them was explosive since both of them love their hot and dirty sex And as Brody and Emma begin to spend time with each other, deep feelings begins to emerge Cracks were beginning to appear in Emma s armor and Brody was finally able to see that Emma is unlike any woman he has met There is no hidden agenda and motive when it comes to Emma She doesn t see Brody as her golden ticket to money but what she does see is a man that she has fallen hard for But will Emma be able to let Brody in fully into her heart And will she be able to accept his help financially Me inside you This is the truth, your truth Not what you were before He withdrew and stroked again Long, thick, consuming His mouth, set to torture, claimed hers and destroyed every last barrier It s this honesty you show me when I m inside you Nothing else matters Just this On his face was a look of such tenderness it gave her no place to hide Love for him bloomed in her chest, and with each pump of his powerful hips, she recited an internal mantra No regrets No regrets Because no matter how it ended, she would never forget that he loved her with his body and his acceptance, even if he d never said the words Taking the Score had the perfect balance of heat, friendship, sexual tension, drama, and hot passionate sex I loved everything about this book from it raw characters and sexy storyline Kate Meader has truly cemented herself as author who knows how to deliver romance with heat and a sexy erotic twist to satisfy any brazen junkie addicts like myself So if you are looking for a hot passionate love tale that was sinfully written then I highly recommend you to read Taking the Score Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages Meader

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    4.5 STARSI loved this book,this is not typical billionaire story and whole book is so sexy and fun and I want Emma and Brody Emma and Brody together with that amazing chemistry Emma works for Brody he is her boss.And well Emma needs extra cash so she s taking second job as a waitress at a strip club One night Brody take out important client out and guess what they go to the strip club where Emma works and that night is full of surprises for both of them ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    I loved Taking the Score I fell for Brody Kane in Even the Score the bossy specs wearing Texan and I could not wait to read Brody and Emma s story and I was not disappointed.Emma is having a tough time thanks to her sister working off her debt at a strip club who comes in one night but her day job boss Mr Kane who Emma gives the worst lap dance ever to.Brody Kane goes nuclear when he sees his frumpy PA working in a strip club in a skimpy outfit for all the men to ogle and touch, in his anger he drags her away and they have hot angry wall sex.The sex between these two is scorching they don t need a bed, they discover they are very compatible Emma can handle Brody being in control not like his ex I love the banter between these two they are sexy and funny while they get to know each other outside the office and I love Kevin the demon cat.What will happen Do these two have a future together I love Brody he is very caring and protective of Emma the way he wants to look after her.I loved the epilogue and the visual I had while reading of a naked Brody only in his TARDIS socks, what a geek Thank you for that image Kate.I wonder about Flynn s book Do I know his love interest

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