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Search and Seduce (Brac Pack Next Gen #4) chapter 1 Search and Seduce (Brac Pack Next Gen #4) , meaning Search and Seduce (Brac Pack Next Gen #4) , genre Search and Seduce (Brac Pack Next Gen #4) , book cover Search and Seduce (Brac Pack Next Gen #4) , flies Search and Seduce (Brac Pack Next Gen #4) , Search and Seduce (Brac Pack Next Gen #4) dfd18bacee731 The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, Shape Shifters, HEA When Xavier Brac Discovers That The Chief Of Police Is His Mate, He Knows He S In Trouble The Wolf Shifter Matches Xavier In Size As Well As Ego If The Two Can Get Past Their Fighting, Xavier Might Find Out What It S Like To Be Claimed By A Wolf Chief Eric Gladstone Is Stunned To Find Out The Badboy In Town Is His Mate Xavier Is The Epitome Of Masculinity, And Eric Is Willing To Compromise When It Comes To Their Mating Unfortunately, Xavier Is Not During A Heated Argument, Xavier Storms Off, Only To Find Himself Pinned Down In The Forest By A Shooter Hell Bent On Ending His Life Not Only Does Xavier Have To Come To Terms With The Strange Desire To Be Taken By Eric, But He Also Has To Find Out Who Wants Him Dead Before He Ends Up Six Feet Under

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    My favorite from this series so far.

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    I m enjoying this series as much as the original Brac Pack books Love seeing the kids as adults, and the old guard coming to help out.

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    I am so enjoying this series.

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    Spoilers included.First off, I do tend to enjoy Ms Hagen s books For me, they are kind of like popcorn light and enjoyable but ultimately not very filling And there s nothing wrong with that we all need popcorn books every once in a while.However, this particular book suffers from a common issue that many books with long lived paranormals have how to deal with the whole age thing In this instance, Chief Gladstone is 423 And according to the book, he didn t realize he was gay until after he married his human wife So apparently he went through 400 years of not being gay It just doesn t make any sense In fact, considering he s written as pretty alpha, I can t see him having stood by while the two nasty half brothers came in and took over the town.I dunno.the overall world set up just isn t working for me as well in this next gen series It wasn t as obvious in the original series as it is nowand honestly, given the obvious time cues from Nero s Nutter book from just 2 3 years ago our time , having the next generation already adults but with no techno innovations doesn t work well for me There should always be a consistent and logical timeline in a multi book and multi generational series that doesn t jar you out of your suspension of disbelief And frankly, if you are going to write a character that s over 400, give him a feeling of gravitas that is consistent with his age if you re going to make an issue of it Eric just comes across as a slightly older man.

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    I decided to brave another one to see if the matters improve, especially since it was supposed to be a two alphas in love story I expected them to be equals in bed and beyond since the author had been dead set on dividing couples into dominant breadwinner alphas and submissive little guys who stay at home and are responsible for chores yikes , and to drop the creepy pressuring and manipulating the submissive partner into sex.Alas, it turns out that 1 penetration is the ultimate and only valid form of sex, 2 penetration domination , 3 the bigger guy is willing to be patient and switch in bed as long as the other guy bottoms for him first, immediately.All in all, it was yucky, rapey, awful emotionally, and just plain stupid.

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    What is UP with these MC s pressuring the other to do something they really don t want to do I m sick of it First it was with the twins and Sam, then Avery and Rez, and now Eric and Xavier I m over it It s not fun to read pressuring someone until they give in or calling them children because they said no My heart broke a little for Xavier, it really did I m sorry he didn t get a better mate, because I like him a lot view spoiler I also hate that he can t shimmer Does Carter, Melonee, Xavier, Ahm, Rakeym, etc have any of the powers that Paden has Not sure why we haven t heard about these before, if so hide spoiler

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    Didn t enjoy this one as much Not a fan of the Chief.but I did love Xavier and his snark Was expecting a little from the other guys also i guess.

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    Search and Seduce Brac Pack Next Gen 4 Omg loved it it was spook great I can t wait to read the next one in this series Lynn knows how to keep you interested and on edge..

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    I am Captivated again by Dalton Falls This time Xavier, who is a half elf, realizes that Eric, the chief of police and a wolf, is his mate I felt bad for Xavier because he was constantly being harassed by Hale, another cop Just once I would like for mates to melt into each other from the beginning and fight evil together instead of one of them resisting the other until they have a practically near death experience I ve seen people in real life fall all over each other much faster, but I was still very enchanted by this book I also could never blame Xavier for speaking sweet nothings to Eric, definitely They argued a lot when all Eric wanted was to compromise with his mate, and Xavier was stressing over who was going to dominate in bed and otherwise A sociopathic nut keeps causing problems for Xavier and Eric and even shooting at Xavier Naturally this author has her own exquisite way of writing with such mesmerizing characters I always enjoy it when other couples pop up in the story like Avery and Rez, Taylor and Nevada, and others I loved this book and can t wait to read the next.

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    Xavier, te am desde el momento que supe que tu madre te iba a tener pero Estaba a cinco segundos de gritar por la desesperaci n que sent a al leerte La verdad me encant , siento que Maverick fue muy parecido a l cuando era un adolescente y eso me mat La imagen de chico malo de Xavier le quedaba perfecta, incluso me agradaba, pero sab a que hab a algo m s detr s del chico malo, y vaya que lo hab a Su pareja, Dios Qu atractivo debe ser el jefe La descripci n que se dio de l era taaan sexy Me agrad c mo se desarroll la historia, era divertida, mucho y tambi n hab a momentos en los que te hac a sentirte desesperada por la actitud de Xavier ante Eso Mi escena favorita sin duda fue la pelea en la camioneta del jefe, verlo de ser alguien calmado a alguien molesto Wow Y luego Maverick aparece en escena y explota ovarios Me hubiera gustado que sus padres y toda la manada Brac supiera de su emparejamiento, incluso que los hubieran presentado o algo as , hubiera sido genial 3

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