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Sassy, Single, and Satisfied: Secrets to Loving the Life You're Living summary Sassy, Single, and Satisfied: Secrets to Loving the Life You're Living, series Sassy, Single, and Satisfied: Secrets to Loving the Life You're Living, book Sassy, Single, and Satisfied: Secrets to Loving the Life You're Living, pdf Sassy, Single, and Satisfied: Secrets to Loving the Life You're Living, Sassy, Single, and Satisfied: Secrets to Loving the Life You're Living 93b7ac9860 Written Especially For Single Women, This User Friendly Devotional Helps Individuals Searching To Understand Their Place In The World Draw Closer To The True Lover Of Their Soul Beststelling Author Michelle McKinney Hammond Combines Usable Scriptural Principles For Daily Living With Inspirational Stories, Quotes, And Personal Experiences Of Life, Love, And Men Readers Will Find Assurance That Their Singleness Is To Be Embraced, Celebrated, And Used As A Time To Grow Closer To The Lord They Will Also Discover How To Realign Their Priorities Get The Most From Being Single Have A Joyful And Meaningful Existence Without A Mate With Her Humorous, Tell It Like It Is Style, Michelle Connects With Readers And Shares The Fulfillment She Has Found In Christ

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    This is the best Christian single book I read so far Michelle is so funny and tell you all about Christian singleness for women in a gentle, creative, and direct way I feel like she is my friend and sister in Christ after reading this book She explains why having God as the Lover of our Souls is enough while we are single.Each chapter is only about 2 pages with 65 chapters I finished reading this in 3 days Extremely creative chapters are The Menu of Life, which explains life choices in a real menu that actually looks like a menu appetizers, entrees, dessert, beverages, and side dishes It also include Love Notes from God, which every single Christian lady should read My Favorite Quote Love is not a feeling, it is a decisionIt is not love that makes relationships last.Rather, it is commitment to the commitment we ve made.Therefore, give thought to making promises, lest you break them, and destroy the work of your own hands P.94 What You Want Someone godly, handsome, charismatic, successful, intelligent, a good sense of humor, romantic, and interesting.What You Need Someone who love, hears, and obeys God Someone honest and sensitive Someone responsible Someone consistent Someone hardworking Someone who wants to be a husband and a family man Someone who loves and cherishes you above everything but God.

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    If you re single and in desperation of significant other Perhaps it is the feeling of loneliness you re experiencing Then this book is for you In Sassy, Single and Satisfied Michelle provides effective and truthful experiences of her single life curated and formed in methods These methods are very spiritual and 100% down to earth You will learn how to be content with Gods plans for you By the time you re done reading this book you will what it means to be sassy, single and satisfied.

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    Her Gifts Purpose are superbly presented in every work she s written and every show and event she s done I went to one of her speaking book signing events and hearing her speaking voice made all of her books seem Audible Her Spoken Word segments are sooo verrry moving, passionate, funny, and Always richly thought provoking.

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    I love this book and finished it in 3 days It was such an easy read and I loved her writing style Definitely recommend This is a book that I will be passing onto my friends.

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    I am definitely wiser after this book awesome

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    I simply Love this book

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    Love this Great book, loved the fact that the Bible was used as a reference to start every chapter This book is a great guide to being a Single, Sassy and Satisfied woman.

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    Valuable LessonsShe placed emphasis on Setting your priorities here Having a good relationship with God Learn how to personalize the word for yourself in order to get instruction from it to be a happy person is to have contentment, thou we all have standards we want to attain or achieve in life, but all those that seem to have it all are still miserable, because after all is said and done, our relationship with God and the Trust we have in his promises are what truly sustains us Through the good, the bad and the ugly His word is the foundation of our peace and fulfillment Loving yourself A woman at peace with God, content with life, full of love and free of desperation attracts a good man It starts and ends with us Most of us just go to work, church and home That is not living life That s going through the motions of an empty existence, break your normal routine Don t wait for anyone else Get a life, be a pioneer Get out there and live it up Defining what love is Love is not an emotion but a decision Love is a commitment to stand firm and endure, support, nurture and cover the object of our affections no matter what Even when the feelings have dies, the commitment to love remains It takes a man that is committed to God to be committed to you What we want someone godly, handsome and charismatic, successful, intelligent, with a good sense of humor, romantic, and interesting What you need someone who loves hears and obeys God, honest and sensitive, responsible, consistent, hardworking, who wants to be a husband and a family man and someone who loves and cherishes you above everything about God.Want to keep a man Keep the garden gate locked until he has committed in the sight of witnesses to tending all that the garden holds You are bound to whomever your body belongs to and indulging in sexual intimacy is your choice, you do damage to yourself You are not alone in the house called your body Don t Compromise your values for a man Make up your mind not to be bound to any man until he has made the commitment to be bonded to you in marriage UNTIL THEN WALK LIKE A WELL KEPT WOMAN WHO UNDERSTANDS THAT HER BODY BELONGS TO A KING AND KNOWS NO ONE IS DESERVING OF HER CROWN JEWELS UNTIL THEY HAVE PAID THE PRICE.

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    I was quite reluctant to read this book I didn t want to read a book that was going to make me anxious about being single I wanted to read a book that was going to encourage me to be content single, not settle, and focus on serving God That s exactly what this book did Her other titles were questionable to me, which is why I thought this was going to be a typical Christian dating book, but for some reason I felt compelled read it I m glad I did The overall theme was to serve God and enjoy it in this season It s a quick read with 1 2 page, I finished in 2 days It confirmed everything I believe God has been instilling in me while single I highlighted so many things in this book, here are a few First things first, ladies Your God given purpose will not be reliant on another person You are called to build a good life complete in Christ Then you will know God s rich blessings in your life whatever they may be If you are not busy fulfilling the purpose you were created for, why do you need a partner God has recognized your beauty and worth first He first loved you vas you receive and bask in his love and admiration, others will have to line up with His opinion of you I would recommend this for all single women who are not trying to figure out when she s going to be married, but truly just want to be content with God and God only.

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    I got this book as a present from a friend At first I wanted to turn it away because it s very religious but I decided to read it anyway, trying to keep and open mind I disagreed with some of the religious stuff , and some of the points the author was making were very repetitive, but overall the book made some good points She bascially said that you might not have someone in your life RIGHT NOW, but that s OKAY because you should work on improving yourself and the world around you and take full advantage of the time you have as a SINGLE individual When you re with a partner or married it s harder to do the things you want to do So you should take advantage of EVERY DAY and Every opportunity that comes your way She also brought up stuff we already know, like you have to BE interesting for others to be interested in YOU, and you need your own happiness 1st bc a boyfriend husband won t fill that hole for you I wish the book was organized, less repetitive and not as religious, but overall it makes you feel a little better, so that s a plus.

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