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Sparing the Heart pdf Sparing the Heart, ebook Sparing the Heart, epub Sparing the Heart, doc Sparing the Heart, e-pub Sparing the Heart, Sparing the Heart d63621479b0 Realtor And Amateur Bowler Kate Hayes Is The Ultimate Fixer Upper At This Stage In Her Life Grieving The Death Of Her Father, She Moves To A Brand New Town For A Fresh Frame She Quickly Realizes, However, That Location Isn T Everything She S Always Preached To Her Clients When She Finds Herself Falling Into The Same Bad Habits To Break The Cycle, She Joins A Local Bowling League And Meets Handsome But Taken Meteorologist Kellan Valentine Will Their Friendship Lead To Sunny Skies Or It Is Another Forecast For Disaster

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    I think Tracy Krimmer was spying on me when she wrote this novel Kate loves bowling and it was a pastime she shared with her dad My dad and I also have a shared love for bowling She doesn t drink coffee or beer She grew up in the midwest She loves 90s music She even references the movie Teen Witch The only things we don t have in common are that she s a way better bowler than I am and she s single However, that part makes for the most enjoyable aspect for the story, since readers get to see her connection with the charming and yet unavailable Kellan Valentine, who is now my new book boyfriend.I loved everything about this book I will admit up front that I helped Tracy do some research for it However, it was answering some questions about bowling leagues and sharing the questions with some other people including my dad , who also helped answer them I did not know that she would use this information to make me feel like I was back in the bowling alley, circa 2001, sharing pizza with my girlfriends on league night She captured both the alley and league vibe perfectly Kate was so genuine Flawed, but a sympathetic character nonetheless I found myself laughing along with her, as well as sharing a few tears of either frustration or happiness, depending on the situation The dialogue in the story flowed the entire time and I could easily visualize Kate s banter with the new set of friends she had made Especially with Kellan Did I mention how much I adore him yet She also makes Kellan s fiancee, Macy, out to be the worst kind of person I love when I can hate someone that much though For me, Sparing the Heart is on par with Meredith Schorr s Blogger Girl and Samantha Stroh Bailey s Finding Lucas If you know how much I love those books, then that should say it all I knew I was going to at least like it given the subject matter, but I didn t know how much I was going to LOVE it Bravo to Tracy for a job well done Now I m off to listen to the Grease 2 soundtrackIf Hollywood should come calling, here are some casting suggestionsKate Larisa OleynikKellan Adam ScottGretchen Ginnifer GoodwinTiffany Cobie SmuldersMacy Liv Tyler

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    I may have been slightly stalking Tracy while waiting for her to finish writing this book I fell in love with her light and fun writing style with the first two books in this series, then proceeded to devour everything else she had written in the meantime There may actually have been an audible squeee when I received my advanced reader copy to review and it skipped to the top of my review pile sorry everyone else favouritism at play.Those of you who have read Caching In will remember Seth s sister Kate, who helped him run the BB Tracy has done it again, she has taken a character I didn t really like just like she did with Chelsea in Jay Walking and shown them to me in a whole new light I really liked Kate in this book and it demonstrated how differently we can act around our family compared to people we don t know so well The writing was light and fun I wasn t so teary with this one, but I remained fully engaged, wondering how Kate would work through her dilemma of what to do when you fall in love with a man who is engaged to someone else You ll have to read it to find out But I will tell you that the ending left me feeling satisfied.I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    I start all books with the hope of a five star read For this story, as the chapters progressed, you could see the stars drying up and crumbling away A too predictable, too cliche, light contemporary romance that leaves the reader with the taste of disappointment in their mouth.

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    Kate Hayes will absolutely kick my ass in a game of bowling But let s not talk about my bowling skills nil, if you ask me.Sparing the Heart is a romance novel that does not really stray far away from the chick lit formula This is both good and not so good.It s good because the story works within the confines of the beloved genre It has romantic feels, sexual tension, rivalry, drama, and humor So it works The not so good part is that it s just that It s on the safe side But I like Kate as a character She s flawed but fun and not too self deprecating, with just a bit of neurotic tendencies However, her love interest, Kellan, has a personality of a rock I guess he doesn t need one if his last name is Valentine The other guy, Ned, on the other hand, is far interesting and their story arc intriguing.It s a good story, nonetheless.It s a fun read I enjoyed it.

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    It s no secret that I m a fan of Tracy Krimmer I loved Ally and Seth in CACHING IN so much that I wrongly assumed that my favorite characters in the series wouldn t change Kate, in SPARING THE HEART, is so much like me that it s scary There were many parts in the story that I could relate to making it very difficult to put the book down Tracy did an amazing job wrapping up the Pastime Pursuits series I can t wait to see what she has in store for us next

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    This book had a lot of things going for it an interesting storyline, relatable characters, great banter and well written prose I did not read the first two books in the series but I had no trouble reading this as a stand alone I also really like the cover I took a star off because we only get the Kate s POV personally I love dual POV s and I was a bit disappointed at view spoiler her knee jerk reaction to Kellan interviewing for another job hide spoiler

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    A cute story about starting over, Sparing the Heart is a sweet story with bowling as the central theme The main character Katie is trying to come to terms with her father death and she joins a bowling league to help her get out and make some new friends Katie finds than she bargained for when she falls for a member of the team, but he is already engaged The story moves well and the characters are friendly and relatable This was a fun book perfect for a summer beach read.

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    SportKinda slow and after being on a league there was no reason Bowling is sooo fun Romance happens around the innuendos.

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    I m a bowler so for me it was a little extra bonus for bowling to be part of the storylineI probably would have rated it a 3 otherwise

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