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Forging Change summary Forging Change , series Forging Change , book Forging Change , pdf Forging Change , Forging Change 0f974875a1 Ostracized And Shunned, Due To A Mysterious Illness That Has Left Him In Constant Pain And With A Limp, Elin, Crown Prince Of The Dwarven Kingdom Quatnu Doesn T Believe He Has Much Of A Future Left When He S Ordered To Attend A Celebration For The Safe Return Of The Diamond Warband, All He Wants To Do Is Catch A Glimpse Of Valodym, Captain Of The Warband And The Dwarf He Still Loves Just To Make Sure That Valodym Has Returned Safely From The Mission That Many Considered Suicidal Valodym Though Is Not The Kind Of Dwarf Who Gives Up So Easily, Especially Not When There S Something Worth Fighting For Like Elin, Their Happiness, And Their Future

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    4 Stars for the plot2 3 stars for editing This book should have been properly edited, but it wasn t Repetitions Repetitions everywhere Apart from reading over the same info yet again, I loved it.Dwarfs, politics, all the feelz and love Made me happy, made me smile D I would love to read about a certain friend who definitly needs reasons to smile and ofc I need to know how things will be a few months down the road The HEA is strongly implied and I m not worried about them, just want to them to shine even brighter.

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