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Two To Wrangle (Hotel Rodeo, #2) chapter 1 Two To Wrangle (Hotel Rodeo, #2) , meaning Two To Wrangle (Hotel Rodeo, #2) , genre Two To Wrangle (Hotel Rodeo, #2) , book cover Two To Wrangle (Hotel Rodeo, #2) , flies Two To Wrangle (Hotel Rodeo, #2) , Two To Wrangle (Hotel Rodeo, #2) 292817c2a033e A COUNTRY BOYMaybe Having A Hot And Heavy Affair With The Boss S Daughter Wasn T The Smartest Move But Country Boy Ty Morgan Didn T Regret A Moment With City Girl Monica Brandt Until She Left Las Vegas To Return To Her Life In New York When Devastating News Sends Her Running Back, Ty Can T Help But Open His Arms His Heart, However, Is Another Matter AND A CITY GIRLNow That Ty Has What He S Always Wanted Controlling Interest In Hotel Rodeo Monica Is Certain Their Time Together Is At An End Then Ty Asks Her To Come On Board As A Partner Maybe It S Just Her Money He Needs, But The Chance To Stick Close To The Sexy Wrangler Sure Could Make Work A Whole Lot Interesting GET READY TO TANGOTheir Partnership Doesn T Come Without A Heap Of Problems The Two Can T Agree On Anything Except Their Iron Hot Attraction As The Hotel S Grand Opening Approaches, The Truth Is All Too Clear Ty And Monica Must Find A Way To Mix Business With Pleasure If They Have Any Shot At Dancing Off Into The Sunset Together Praise For Victoria Vane Erotic And SexyLibrary Journal On The Devil DeVere Series For Erotic Passion And One Liners, The First Book In Vane S New Series Will SatisfyVane S Latest Gets A Big Yee Haw RT Book Reviews On Slow Hand

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    Release Date February 16th 2016 Story Rating 4 StarsHero Rating 5 SEXY STARS Heroine Rating 4 StarsRomance Rating 4 StarsHeat Level 3.75Ending 3.5 StarsOverall Rating 4, I m So Glad They Got It Together Stars Two To Wrangle is book 2 in The Hotel Rodeo series written by Victoria Vane It takes place right where Hell On Heels leaves off.Tom, Monica s father and Ty s father figure has passed away My emotions were totally wreaking havoc on me, I felt Monica and Ty s loss to my very core Then Tom s will came into play and I was fist bumping the air I LOVE what Tom did to ensure that Monica and Ty were still going to be a part of each other s lives.This story is still very much about Ty getting a loan to renovate the Hotel Rodeo which he now owns 75% of and Monica the other 25% The thing is, Ty does not want to run the hotel on his own, he wants Monica to be his full time partner Monica on the other hand is having trust issues, she thinks once Ty gets what he wants that he will leave her for another Then add in Evan, Monica s ex and Delany, Ty s ex and things get a little crazy Once again my favorite character was Ty He was one SEXY cowboy I LOVED how he opened up to Monica, showed her that he had feelings for her and told her his life s dreams I liked Monica too but I felt she let her insecurities take hold of her way too much Victoria definitely brought the sexy times between Ty and Monica into play The sex love scenes were SCORCHERS, leaving me all worked up and wishing that Ty was all mine.The ending was good, Ty finally got through Monica s insecurities and they were going to work things out I just have to say that I thought there was going to be , I felt that it just ended too abruptly for me I wanted details about the hotel s renovations and to REALLY know where these two were headed for in the long run I m hoping these things might get mentioned in the next book, Beauty and the Bull Rider which is scheduled to be released March 15th 2016 This will be Ty s ex wife Delaney s and Ty s best friend Zac s story I can hardly wait to read what Victoria has planned for these two.Warning, you must read Hell on Heels before reading Two To Wrangle I received an ARC from the author via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Part 2 in the Hotel Rodeo series, this book took up exactly where we left off in part 1 Monica has stayed in Las Vegas to oversee Tom s funeral arrangements and finalise his business affairs Evan the obnoxious douche is still lingering and trying to convince Monica to return to New York with him and to sell him the hotel Tom s will puts a spanner in his manipulations because he didn t leave everything to Monica as everyone thought and this gives Ty a chance to convince Monica to stay with him and give the hotel a chance We find out what Delaney wanted from Ty and though I wasn t all that surprised, I was surprised by what she offered in exchange I found both exes to be selfish and manipulative but I think Delaney might get a chance at redemption in part 3, we ll see.I enjoyed part 2 much than part 1, probably because Ty and Monica actually talked to and listened to each other this time around There were a couple of occasions when I wanted to slap Monica for her dithering but overall I enjoyed the story and the happy ending Ty really pulls out all the stops when it comes to something he really wants Received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Ty gets what he always wanted, controlling interest in Hotel Rodeo Monica is not sure where she fits in Ty s life, until Ty asks her to come on board as a partner Monica always thinks the worst in people, so she assumes Ty only wants her for her money She is not sure where she belongs with Evan or Ty Monica only gives Ty one week to pitch his idea, if she likes it she will consider staying There Ty sits at the bar drowning his sorrows, Monica the only woman he ever made love to in his own bed The next day she flees and runs back into her ex finance s arms When he had to tell her about Tom, it broke him and his feelings for her confused him Outside the bedroom they mixed like oil and water, but in the bedroom they lit the sheets up on fire Ty was still attracted to Monica and couldn t understand why because she didn t any interest in his life or his world When they go to Oklahoma to bury Tom Monica sees a new side to Ty She becomes attached to him and that scares her After a bender Monica helps Ty up to is room to sleep it off, he wants to spill his guts He wants her to understand how important the Hotel is to him Ty tells Monica all about Delaney and the only woman he wanted was her Tom had taught Monica what it was to be oved That s the only thing she ever wanted was to love and to be loved Now Tom was gone and she was hurt and lost, but most of all she felt so alone She figured Ty was in the same boat as her But was she ready to take a chance on him and be hurt in the end She did not know the answer to this and was confused when she tried to think things thru They flew back to Texas for the final rodeo Ty asked Monica to come but she declined After sorting thru Tom s affairs, she decided she needed to see for herself what Ty s world was about Ty is sitting in the bar when Monica makes her appearance he about falls off his stool They go to the rodeo and his friend Zac is up second and after his eight seconds he is still on the bull bucking Ty realizes he is in trouble so he jumps the fence to help He puts himself in front of the bull and gets hit in the chest full force Monica is about to go out of her mind thinking Ty is dead Once he goes back to his seat Monica is Furious at him and is about to walk away when Ty tells her he loves her back His statement renders Monica dumb and frozen This book is just as good as the first There are three books in all and I encourage you to read this series The story is not fast paced and the characters have solid backgrounds There are sex scenes but nothing graphic.

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    Two To Wrangle is the second book in the Hotel Rodeo series and follows on from book 1, Hell On Heels We pick up where we left off Ty has, for the first time in years, opened himself up to the possibilities he s thought weren t what he ever wanted again only to have them backfire But in the face of a tragic loss, he sees one shot at this new venture Monica can t believe that he s gone and is now left not knowing what to do Does she return to her old life Loveless, stressful and settling Or does she dare put her heart on the line The truth is, Monica has never felt needed and doesn t think that s going to change She s always been used for what she can get someone and doesn t believe that Ty is any different With than their fair share of arguments and a will that turns things down an unexpected avenue, will the fireworks keep the heat turned up or will they simply fizzle out I really enjoyed this book It flows seamlessly from book 1 and is well written It ends rather abruptly but I m looking forward to book 3, a novella called Beauty and the Bull Rider.

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    4 starsTwo To Wrangle was a good ending to Ty and Monica s love story.It was heartwarming the way Monica and Ty connected through their grief They started to communicate honestly and I was happy to see how Ty finally puts his past hurt aside to acknowledge his love for Monica Monica on the other hand frustrated me a little with her insistence that a relationship between them couldn t work After growing up feeling unwanted by her mother, finding out who her father was at the age of 18, all Monica wants is to be loved This longing is what creates the insecurities and the fear of opening her heart to Ty It took time for her to start trusting Ty and believing his feelings were true and that he loved her unconditionally Both books were entertaining and enjoyable to read I was happy with the conclusion and highly recommend them Thank you to Kensington Books Lyrical Shine via NetGalley for the advance copies of Hell on Heels Two To Wrangle in exchange for my honest thoughts.

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    Two To Wrangle is the second book in the Hotel Rodeo series and was just as good as the first In the case of this series I do recommend you read book one first, since it ends in a cliffy and book two picks right up at that point.Tragedy brings Monica back to Vegas along with her boss and former Fianc Evan and the loss of To Actually helps to clear the air between Monica and Ty , because Tom s will left the Ranch and the hotel to Ty, so he no longer has Monica making decisions, though he could most certainly use her expertise and funds to re do it right Though this change helps level the playing field Ty was a bit overzealous I How he thought Tom s memorial service should go and stealing Tm s ashes from the funeral home to have a good ole boy service at the hotel bar may not have been the best way to start new.These two go back and forth and then of course Ty s , ex wife Delaney showing up in Vegas and wanting something from Ty and cozying up a bit makes Monica concerned that maybe Ty is not over his ex.Ty really wants nothing to do with Delaney any, however she has the ability to bring investors to the table and he is in need of funds Monica and Ty continue to volley back and forth with Ty trying to prove just how much she means to him and it is not easy, but Reisting Ty well, dam near impossible.especially when he is not only handsome but brave, just puts himself in the way of an upset bull to save his buddy Zac , and he is straight forward about what he wants.Monica is beginning to see that what they have together can be and is special Monic cuts Evan loose totally and send shim packing choosing to stay and make a go of the new remodeled hotel and to give her and Ty a chance Now did you think I gave you the ending, of course not after all Dealney is still looking for something from Ty Ty s buddy got hurt in the Bull ring, then of course their is still the hotel to remodel and re vamp.Looking foward to book Three.Arc copy generously provided by Iensington books via Netgalley for an honest review.

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    This picks up where Hell on Heels left off and is just as sassy, sexy and fun Ty is still my favorite by far He is laid back but not really has a dream and is adaptable Monica comes into his world and flips it end over end The man who didn t want to answer to anyone wants her in his life He has a vision for the hotel he needs to sell to her and get her to give them a chance Problem is Monica is one tracked She is thinking about his past and not what he has done now.Ty and Monica are great characters Strong and stubborn I held my breathe when Ty did what he did at the Bull riding championship Heart went in throat That scene shows the type of guy Ty is Friends he will protect with anything he can He will help even if it puts him in danger He has a great mind as well and is so much fun I love how he gets Monica to see him for him and his ideas He does have a panic moment but makes up for it.Monica is doubting Ty especially after the chat with his ex She wants something outrageous from Ty and I am glad he sticks to his guns on that one That ex is a character and a half So is Monica s ex Evan Seriously he like ty s ex are really self centered.this is a fun, sexy sassy book that is about Ty and Monica and how they learn about each other and come together Ty trying to save his hotel and get the girl Monica trying to get over her hangups about ty and cowboys and see him and his world to give Ty a chance We have two stubborn characters stuck in their ways learn to compromise and learn about each other and adapt to allow love into their life A fast paced entertaining book on love with lots of sassy moments and sexy times.

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    I was happy to be able to immediately start this book after finishing Hell on Heels and looking forward to what Monica and Ty would do next in this quick and enjoyable story.Ty and Monica still can t agree on what to do with the hotel and Monica feels that a personal relationship wouldn t work with a professional one Ty has already admitted that he can t commit to anyone, but realizes as they spend and time together, he wants to be with her I don t want to say too much about the plot which could give away the ending from Hell on Heels, but also several important parts of this story It was interesting to see how Monica kept vacillating between how to handle the personal and professional connections between Ty and herself They had such an explosive chemistry and I enjoyed learning that Ty was a dirty talker which Monica found herself enjoying Even when Monica tried to take control in bed, he still liked to give directions.I enjoyed knowing about the championship bull riding event and can t imagine how anyone can live through such physical extremes over several years.I liked seeing how Monica s thoughts were changing from her position and life in New York and what her life could be in Las Vegas and with Ty Evan has shown up in Las Vegas again and boy did she have a good putdown for him and I cheered It was definitely funny and he deserved it.There was an unexpected conclusion on the hotel issue and of course the HEA that I always love.

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    Title Two To WrangleAuthor Victoria VanePublisher Lyrical ShineSeries Hotel Rodeo 2Reviewed By Arlena Dean Rating FiveReview Two To Wrangle by Victoria VaneMy Thoughts..This was a interesting part two story of the Hotel Rodeo series a country boy Ty cowboy and city girl Monica being brought together due to a relationship to a his friend Tom and a her father Now, how will these two get along even so after the death of Tom What will they do with the Hotel Rodeo now that a new arrangement will be made after Toms death Was their something going on between these two I liked how in this series that Ty and Monica began to talk, listen and let s not forget the hot steamy sex they seemed to have for each other This author will take the reader on quite a journey that will keep you turning the pages to see what will go on next for these two..Ty and Monica It was great seeing that by the end of the storywell I will stop here and say you will just have to pick up this read to see how it works out for them Now, it seems like in part 3 the story will be about ZacTy s friend and Delaney..Ty s ex I am sure that will be a interesting Hotel Rodeo 3 series that the readers will not want to miss.Received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    This is the second part of Hell on Heels , and takes up right where that book ended After Tom s death, Ty and Monica are left to decide what they plan to do with the Hotel Rodeo Ty still wants to rebuild and Monica still wants to sell When Tom s will leaves Ty owning 75% of the hotel he no longer needs Monica s permission to do what he wants with the hotel Unfortunately, he still wants her but isn t confident he can hold her He s sure going to give it his best try, though Very good ending to Ty and Monica s story There was a little communication between the couple this time and finally an honest sharing of feelings, both personal and business There was also some background story given here setting up the third book of the series, featuring Ty s ex wife Delaney and his bull riding buddy Zac Given what s on Delaney s mind from this book their story will be explosive.

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