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Eye Contact: A Mark Manning Mystery chapter 1 Eye Contact: A Mark Manning Mystery, meaning Eye Contact: A Mark Manning Mystery, genre Eye Contact: A Mark Manning Mystery, book cover Eye Contact: A Mark Manning Mystery, flies Eye Contact: A Mark Manning Mystery, Eye Contact: A Mark Manning Mystery c3a85c002c7e1 Reviews For Michael Craft S Mark Manning Series Have Been Unanimously Enthusiastic, Full Of Praise For Craft S Tightly Wound And Intriguing Mystery Plots, As Well As His Sensitive, Insightful Portrayal Of A Man Coming To Terms With His Sexuality Kensington Will Re Release Eye Contact , As Well As Flight Dreams And Body Language , So That The Entire Mark Manning Series Will Be Available As It Continues To Be Published By St Martin S Press Eye Contact Is A Fiercely Unpredictable, Adrenaline Rushed Story Of Murder, Erotic Illusion And A Devastating Crime That Reveals The Mysteries Of The Human Heart It Begins As A Simple Assignment For Chicago Journal Reporter Mark Manning He S Been Hired To Replace Colleague Cliff Nolan On A Top Story Renowned Astrophysicist Pavo Zarnik Claims To Have Discovered A Tenth PlanetTo The Skeptical Reporter, There Is No Story Because There Is No Proof But Soon, Manning Makes Some Startling Discoveries Nolan S Body Is Found With A Bullet Hole In His Back, And The Last Interview With Zarnik Is Missing Now, The Story Is No Longer A Matter Of Metaphysics, But Of Murder And To Complicate Matters, Manning S Young, New Assistant Is Haunting Is Days And Dreams Together, They Re Determined To Find The Truth About Nolan S Deathd The Inevitable, Damning Piece Of Evidence That The Killer Will Do Anything To Destroy Even It Means Committing Murder Again

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    Eye Contact Mark Manning 2 By Michael CraftFour starsHow fun it is to read books written back in 2000 how long ago that feels The second of the Mark Manning books, Eye Contact, takes place two years after Mark Manning has embraced his new gay self and has begun living with the younger architect, Neil, whose design genius has transformed Manning s raw loft into a dazzling modern space Neil has also transformed it into their home, symbolic of what they have become to each other and to the larger world.What s most important about this second book is that Mark Manning himself is a much happier, likeable person than he was in book one, Flight Dreams Some of this might simply be the way Craft writes about him, but I d like to think that having finally recognized who he truly is, Manning is finally happy and being happy, is able to just be warmer, gentler and generous of heart Of course there s a mystery here, in fact a brutal murder that seems to be linked to a major scientific discovery but is also somehow tied up in a massive millennial celebration taking place in Chicago in the summer of 2000 As Neil becomes ever deeply involved with his pivotal role in the planning of this citywide cultural festival, Mark and his newspaper reporter sidekick, David Bosch, try to unravel the knotted threads of an increasingly puzzling investigation Craft is very good at interweaving a diverse cast of characters and the various tangled plotlines into what ends up being a fairly harrowing suspense story And there is also a bit of unexpected violence that left me gasping And in the midst of it all, Craft puts Neil and Mark s connection under a lens, as he did in the first book Now that Mark no longer tries to ignore his attraction to men, he finds himself grappling with attractions that could put his relationship with Neil at risk So we get murder, mayhem and a good dose of romantic philosophy You can tell how Craft s confidence as a narrator and a writer grew in this second book It was immediately engaging and had me far involved with all the characters than the first chapter in this most interesting story.This surely bodes well for book three.

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    A good mystery with a fair twist but a few flaws that Ill talk about later I ve now read the first two books in this series and found them both to have a slightly different and somewhat original mystery plot with the all the clues needed for the reader to solve the mysteries before the expected big twist announcement I can t rate this book quite as high as the first, although it has a much better plot, action and a spectacular conclusion even if a bit farfetched and over the top, because of an annoying and too often recurring quirk in the writing That is Mark s dream sequences The first one was OK, if not a bit long and dragged out, and kinda fit with the plot but all the rest were repetitious, boring and didn t really advance either of the main plots in any way and, in fact, tended to draw one away from the story I found myself just skipping them or at least just skimming them quickly to get back to the very good story All the major characters in this story are very well fleshed out with some real gems like the maybe Professor Personally I haven t decided how much I like Mark Manning He has some very admirable traits but I just get the feeling that he s a bit high on himself, a bit selfish and somewhat narcissistic I m quite willing to try a few in the series to see if he grows on me as many other characters in other series have when I haven t really liked them in the first book, such as Mike Green in Barbara Fradkin s Mike Green series I really like Neil and Roxanne Oh yeah, I ve already started 3 Body Language due to Michael Craft s nasty little trick of including in the eBook edition a third or of the next book at the end of each book in he series Great marketing ploy at any rate

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    Whenever I go to the Twin Cities Pride Parade and Festival, I always make a point to stop at the local GLBTA library s stand I do this because they almost always have a large selection of books for sale that they weeded from their collection This year I bought two books, and decided that I may as well pick up one of them for my next book on the list The one I chose was EYE CONTACT by Michael Craft, and while I don t know what I was expecting, it wasn t really what I found But that s not to say that all hope was lost I just wasn t as into it as I thought I would be It s a second book in a series that might be part of the problem about a reporter named Mark Manning He s a great journalist living in Chicago with his lover Neil, who has built a very satisfactory nay, HAPPY life with his lover, and is asked by his boss to write a news story about an astrophysicist who thinks he has discovered a tenth planet Manning s colleague, Cliff Nolan, as originally suppose to write the story, but Manning replaces him at the last minute Along with this big story, he is given a new assistant, a hot young twenty four year old named David who seems to know what he wants, and that is Manning And maybe Manning kind of wants David too On top of all that, Nolan turns up murdered, which pulls both Manning and David into a conspiracy of galactic proportions, and tempts Manning in ways he s never known.I think that my problem was less the mystery itself it s a little ludicrous, but I could give in a pass up to a point , and to do with how the tempted by the fruit of another story was laid out Mainly, that it had to happen at all Now, I realize that that may not be a fair thing to say, since I jumped into the second book of the series and really don t know how Manning is characterized before this They allude to it a bit, but overall I didn t SEE it outside of this context And I really, really like Neil, his live in boyfriend Neil was probably my favorite part of the story, really, because he was so sweet and just seemed so realistic Maybe that was what got me all riled up, because I was sympathetic to Neil than I was to Manning I was invested in the two of them being okay than I was in the actual main conflict And while it did end in a way that I would consider good for them, I wanted to see it get good again I wanted to have Manning and Neil be okay AT THAT MOMENT so I could see them be okay This is getting a little spoilery, and I m sorry, but man I wanted to see them reconcile I wanted to cry with that I wanted to become a blubbering, weeping mess over their love because I was SO invested in Neil s, no, THEIR happiness I WANTED TO SEE IT ALL So maybe two stars isn t really fair, because the story I wanted was never this story to begin with Nor should it have been It was about mystery and conspiracy, and angst had to take a backseat to intrigue and illicit forbidden sex I read the back cover It was all laid out for me I stand by my review, but EYE CONTACT, I assure you, it wasn t you It was me.

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    I followed Imps sage advice and skipped big chunks of it to get through, on the promise that the next in the series starts picking the pace along I like the characters but there are flaws to the writing 1 being since the book is mainly from the POV of Mark Manning, why in God s Green Earth does he refer to himself as Manning And yet, Neil, the partner, is referred to as Neil Does he think of himself as Manning And abrupt POV changes mid scene are the 2 flaw.

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    SlashReader It s a fairly good book, mixes a lot of interesting things both religious and otherwise It also deals with emotional things, it s a good mix of adventure, thrill and romance as well as other issues The mystery is good I didn t figure it out for a while the point where everything starts to fall into place it s an interesting sock But yeah It s a good book, deals with various other issues as well as a good read.

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    Mark Manning is a hot shot investigative journalist a contender for a Pulitzer type prize Or so we are repeatedly told In fact Manning keeps his investigating, his sleuthing , to a minimum and he only seems to stumble on evidence by chance, or has it volunteered to him by other charactered As for piecing that evidence together, it s generally only when the truth is bludgeoning him on the head with a flashing sign that he finally puts two and two together The premise of the book, the mystery, is not quite believable and rather ludicrous It is also fairly obvious from the start Several of the conversations and social situations don t ring true and there are also regular dream sequences as in the first volume , that I m sure Craft thinks are a very clever way to clue up the reader on his hero s state of mind but are actually boring and off putting All that said, Craft isn t trying to be a contender for a Pulitzer one hopes not anyway This is just a bit of fun for a raining weekend And on that level alone, the book kinda works It s entertaining and the characters, although sketches than actual paintings, are interesting Quite a few of them return from the first book of the series Of note is the letter from David to Neil near the end , which is unexpectedly moving Don t expect too much and you might enjoy yourself.

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    Two years after the events in Flight Dreams, Mark and Neil live together They just finished renovation of their loft, Mark is still a star of Chicago Journal, Neil works in the organization of the city s Celebration Two Thousand Life is good But, Mark gets an assignment which, at first, doesn t appeal to him to basically cover a science story, an alleged discovery of the tenth planet His editor also gives him an assistant a handsome, young reporter David Bosch who suffers from hero worship The case of the tenth planet, the death of the reporter who was originally assigned to the story and temptation in a form of a young man all conspire to make Mark s life complicated, to say the least Eye Contact is, in many ways, a better book than its predecessor The story is once again told in present tense, but the writing is tighter, mature and the dialogue believable The mystery and Mark s private life are this time intertwined, rather than being separated The characters are better fleshed out, though there is still room for progress there Even Mark s dreams are used better to show the temptations he s facing, subconscious examination of his relationship with Neil, and his guilt But, what impressed me the most is that the author demonstrated an exceptional eye for detail which was not the case in the previous novel Whether they are in descriptions of surroundings for example, Nathan Cain s offices or characters, these details really have impact on the overall story Additionally, Mark, our protagonist, is likable this time His smugness is toned down and he is not as judgmental towards people he doesn t agree with But, he has growing up to do the rationalizations concerning his infidelity irritated me and I m certain other readers will feel the same Also, the way the author resolved the situation off page wasn t what I hoped for I wanted to see Mark work to get back into Neil s good graces.As with the first time, the mystery was interesting The author provided us with multiple suspects and motives Some of these secondary characters were especially colorful, like Pavo Zarnik, Lucille Haring or an Elvis impersonating neighbor of Mark s murdered colleague Mark follows the leads on both cases the tenth planet fraud and murder of Cliff Nolan with the help of some of his friends and then the cases collide and lead him to the explosive revelation It s over the top but entertaining The James Bond type ending might be too much for some readers I still don t really know how to feel about it The element of the mystery I was least satisfied with was the villain s motivation It s hard to discuss this without revealing too much, but I have to at least mention it The conspiracy that Mark uncovers is worthy of the craziest fanatics and the author didn t convince me that this man was crazy enough to do something like this for such a weak reason For power Definitely But, not for this The character that was introduced as intriguing and mysterious turned into a diabolical figure hence the comparison to the Bond villain s His partners in crime made his actions even less believable However, although it was published 15 years ago, his motive puts an interesting up to date spin on the story Eye Contact is a satisfying continuation of the Mark Manning series The improvements in writing, storytelling and characterization compared to the first novel are significant Considering the ending Mark s national fame it will be interesting to see where the author takes him and Neil from here I am curious to know and I hope other readers will be as well.Recommended.

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    Set just prior to the turn of the millennium actually, a year early, as the twenty first century began in 2001 in Chicago, this newspaper writer focused procedural involved murder, trickery, and technology without really involving the police much While the main character is gay, the writing is subtle and not offending A charming read, good for sitting by the fire with a glass or two of a good wine.

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    This was a fun diversion I didn t read the first book but I really enjoyed this gay lit mystery.

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