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    Zephyr VAnother great read in a series of great reads Cynical, jaded, and starting to get over the hill Zephyr is and interesting and fun romp for a different kind of Superhero.Read them all You ll love them

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    This was a hard book for me to read because I grew up on comic books and this did not fit my concept of them The characters were plentiful but to me it seemed like time was spent on their philosophical issues then the corralling of the bad guys and the display of superpowers.

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Zephyr download Zephyr , read online Zephyr , kindle ebook Zephyr , Zephyr 019c882deaa4 Alternate Cover Edition For BIQRAPKIt S On The Eastern Seaboard Of The United States The Place Is Atlantic City A Sweeping Longitudinal Metropolis Rebuilt Following Widespread Devastation In Superhumans Are Not Only Real, They Re Human All Too Human, As Nietzsche Would Say Zephyr Is An Altperhero Adventure Influenced By Postliterary Writing And Sturgeon S Law The Style Is Cynical, Cinematic And Systematically Against Standard Expectations Of The Genre Imagine If Bret Easton Ellis S American Psycho Was About Costumed Vigilantes Rather Than Stockbrokers And You Have Half The Idea Zephyr Tells The Story Of A Major, If Somewhat Jaded Superhero In An Alternate Universe Where New York City Has Been Abandoned And The Beatles Were A Superhero Team Zephyr Is A Regular Guy, But With Powers, And It S Easy To Wonder If His Life Might Have Been Better Without Them As Supervillains And Other Problems That Only Superhumans Can Deal With Derail His Efforts Handling Life In Phase Five, Zephyr Belatedly Tracks Down Loren Aka Seeker To Atlantic City S Grimy Barrio And Uncovers A Sinister Plot Involving An Addictive Heroin Derivative That Bestows Super Powers, Inadvertently Linked To Twilight S Growing Criminal Empire Meanwhile, Masks Across The City And The World Start Dropping Out Of Public Life As British Super Sting Preaches Spiritual Ascension In Afghanistan Zephyr Investigates As Part Of His Search For The Deadly And Elusive Matrioshka, And As Usual, Finds Troublw