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Rough Beast summary Rough Beast , series Rough Beast , book Rough Beast , pdf Rough Beast , Rough Beast aa055cf9b3 Set On What Remains Of A Small Family Farm In The Blue Ridge Foothills Of Western North Carolina, ROUGH BEAST Depicts The Quirky Ascension Of Larry Ledbetter From Small Time Country Gangster To Unwilling Literary Lion Larry S Voice Is The Engine That Drives The Sometimes Comic But Often Violent Narrative In His Attempt To Come To Grips With Both Personal Tragedies And His Inexplicable Success, Larry Reveals His Vulnerability And Shared Humanity

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    We are the publisher, so all our authors get five stars from us Excerpts LARRY S DEDUCTIONHe knew that if he worked hardand did the right things, it wouldmake no difference he hadstudied Daddy and Burtonbattling the sun in the fields,wiping whole afternoons ofsweat on faded red hankiesthey stuffed in back overallpockets, the hay rake or thetractor always broken justbefore the rain, despite churchdonations and prayers oversupper Momma washed his mouthout, but he still swore enoughfor them all because he knewthere had to be some betterway than doing the right thing.LARRY S FIRST APOCALYPSEA super red sunset swept across the sky,a fire come down to us, Larry thought,and he wondered where his brother was,out at the brush piles, messing withthe copperheads, or maybe mindlesslydamming the creek for the hundredth time.The red sky was like a lake of blood,and it had stopped over the fieldand the valley below time stopped,Larry was sure, and somewhere Samwas righting an overturned wash tubto see the black widow beneathbecause he thought it beautiful,noticing not the sky or that theend was nigh.LARRY S ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE 85 King of DarknessNights I d sit the barn loftamongst the hay balesto watch the moonlightdrift between the eave slats,outlining my bearded face andshoulders on the back wall,and I d wonder about Godand the terrible secretsmen carry to their graves,and the joint s orange glowwas just the tiniest bitof hell poking through.

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