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Final Admission summary Final Admission, series Final Admission, book Final Admission, pdf Final Admission, Final Admission 3fb40760ac When Ethan Williams Lands A Job At Bingwell, Brock And Bacon, He Realizes His Coworkers Aren T Exaggerating About James Trenchard He Really Is A Dick But After Ethan Is Forced To Work Closely With James, He Realizes There S To The Lawyer Than Meets The Eye Vibrant Ethan Is A Desperate Reason To Live Again As James Endures Silent Guilt And Abuse From His Husband After An Accident He Calls Ethan For Help After A Beating, And Stolen Moments Soon Become The Norm, But They Can T Hide ForeverEthan S Coworkers Think He Got His Promotion Because James Is Sweet On Him, James Is Still Being Beaten Despite His Family S Concern, And The Situation Is Swiftly Becoming Intolerable Ethan And James Need To Find A Way Out Of The Cycle That S Hurting Them Both Before Their Brand New Love Suffers As Well St Edition Published By Noble Romance Publishing, December

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    2 stars, for the potential this book actual had of being GREATand minus 3, for all the extra disappointment added along the way.

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    Ok, so here is another re read that I completely changed my mind about I remember really loving this one and how powerful the domestic violence storyline was to me during the first read almost two years ago During this re read I didn t even make it to 30% before giving up because I was so disgusted with how crass the two MCs were MC James is a married man and his husband had suffered a head injury in an auto accident that caused a complete change in his personality and caused him to be violent Instead of hospitalizing him, James takes the beatings over and over and now decides to have an affair with MC Ethan I m kind of surprised I was OK with this the first time around.I m a bit wishy washy when it comes to the books I like and I m convinced that a 5 star book one day could easily be a 3 star book the next, depending on my mood and what is going on around me I really should stop with the re reads, but it is fun to see these changes in my tastes I originally give this book 5 stars but will be dropping it down to 4, only because I stopped the re read at 30% If I had finished, the rating probably would have been lower.

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    Ethan Williams is one of the newest junior team members in the advertising firm of Bingwell, Brock and Bacon And already, he s heard about the infamous James Trenchard The man must be a horrible person, judging from the amount of fascinated gossip flying around about him And he s not even a partner just an attorney Well, lead attorney.So when Mr Trenchard starts flirting with him in his first staff meeting, what s a guy to do Fight back of course, and let the man know he s nobody s fool Except he can t really control his body s reaction to the man.When he s forced to work a late night project with his boss and James, he gets a totally new perspective on the man How firmly capable he is Somehow, he comes to respect him Which totally baffles him when James calls Ethan in the middle of the night to help him when he s drunk and injured.What Ethan discovers, however, blows his mind This strong, intelligent and powerful man is being abused And allowing it to not only happen, but to continue.As his feelings for the man continue to grow, Ethan finds himself in a quandary Whether to let his feeling grow for a man who is involved with someone else, or stop To fight his protective nature, or let James continue to suffer the abuse And will James ever wise up and leave his abuser Sue Brown is known for taking on the difficult topics and delivering powerful and insightful stories around them And she delivers one time This is an unflinching look at domestic abuse and the consequences not only for the abused but for the friends and loved ones involved It s strikingly straightforward and unapologetic, and coldly powerful in its message.Ethan is a love strong, compassionate, fiercely loyal, yet so very vulnerable and honorable He guards his heart, but is moved to give it away Protective, he makes the perfect partner.James, such a dear man So many wonderful qualities loyalty, deep and abiding love, passion But wired so very very wrongly He makes the reader want to shake him, then hug the stuffing out of him.I ve seen how horrible domestic abuse can be My sister was a victim when I was a young man, and I could never accept how she could not only stay, but accept some responsibility for what happened And defend my brother in law I still shake my head, but having grown older and hopefully a little wiser, I understand the misguided sense of love and hopelessness that comes with it.Hopefully, this work will do what some of us cannot get through to some of those persons, men and women, who live with this horror and empower them to leave.This is when writing makes a difference when it touches lives It certainly touches mine.Tom

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    Final Admission was an interesting story, you have to call it interesting when the first line introduces one of the main characters as a dick, right Ethan Williams meets James Trenchard, whose name is spoken in those italics quite often, as he is going in to a meeting at his new job with the agency Trenchard has a reputation as a shameless flirt and while seated across the table from him, Ethan finds out just how shameless Though attracted to Trenchard, Ethan decides the guy isn t for him and attempts to blow him off But you know how it is, that fine line between love and hate or in this case lust and loathing these two dance on it for a bit and the dance is quite fun Never mind, big guy, you and I can get intimate when this is all over In your dreams, Mr Trenchard, Ethan retorted I d rather fuck you when I m awake So, this starts the push and pull between Trenchard and Ethan until Ethan is assigned a case that has been pretty much screwed up This case has him working with his new boss and the flirtatious lawyer, James Trenchard The flirt turns into tease and the tease turns into a lovely yet short scene outside a bar that turns in to a call for help from Trenchard.This is where the story starts to get really good, you see Trenchard has become James or in the sweetest moments, Jim and has called Ethan for help The big strong shameless flirt needs to be taken to the hospital because he has been mugged, again, but when Ethan calls his boss to let her know, he learns a few secrets he is unprepared for, the most important that James is being abused by his husband Ethan starts to see the real James and wants to protect him but how can he when James won t leave There are a few factors in this story that I truly liked I liked that Ms Brown showed that domestic abuse can happen in any relationship for a number of reasons and gender size are not always as clear cut as you would think The fact that Ethan and James are intimate while James is still married I am still in a gray area on that I get it, what James needed and I was so happy that he found it in this oversized and younger man It was lovely to see how Ethan went from indifferent to the champion and protector of James I think my gray area has to do with fear from the abuser than the cheating It was cheating but the way both men handled it was what kept it from being sordid and tacky I know, cheating is cheating Sara, but I am okay with things if they are done well and this was Plus, um, Ethan is one sexy top and I liked it when James finally became a bit pushy and these boys were smoking hot um yeah I got off on a tangent there Let me regroup.The story does not go deep into the psychology of abusive relationships but it does go deep enough that it s not superficial James knows the why s of staying and he knows the why s of leaving but can t seem to work out a way to get out of it all and still feel he is honoring his marriage and devotion to a man who has taken to using his face and body as a punching bag Twisted right Abuse usually is and this shows how twisted and dangerous it can become I do love that James falls head over heels for Ethan and now has something live for but Ethan is not the reason James get better As I have heard it said before, the magic cock did not heal James in this case The abuse was real in the story and James took a real road to recovery.Final Admission is my second book from this author and I have found I respect and admire her realism Sure, the boys fall hard and fast but that is also a reality when it comes to love but her boys work things out They keep things from each other, they miscommunicate at times but in the end, the communication and the real situations they get into make reading her stories so enjoyable for me.3.5 stars

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    I love Sue Brown there I ve said it It s out there and I don t want to take it back I have yet to read anything of hers that has left me feeling short changed and when I picked up Final Admission, she didn t let me down.The Queen of Angst strikes again in a poignant love story revolving around a devastatingly all too common situation, but one that is hardly ever mentioned domestic violence on a man Ms Brown handles it with flair and aplomb and the utmost sensitivity Your heart not only breaks for James, the abused, but you also want to cry a little for his abuser, whose personality changes after an accident You can understand James reluctance to condemn him, because he is desperately hoping the man he loved will return.Meeting Ethan gives James a reason to want to live again To love again And the gentle way this big, muscled man soothes James tired and empty heart, makes your own heart skip a beat and break for them I loved every word and could not put it down from start to finish, and will be adding it to my list of Sue Brown favourites and eagerly awaiting what she has in store for us next.

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    This book deals with a difficult subject and was quite an emotional read On the one hand I could understand where everyone was coming from, but on the other hand I couldn t believe what I was reading I thought Ethan was a strong character and did what he had to do It s not easy to love someone who refuses to help themselves or be helped and the decision to stay and watch or walk away to preserve yourself is not easy I was angry with the families and the police and James, but again sometimes your hands are tied.There is a lot of upsetting themes in the book, but there is also a lot of love and when Ethan and James are together it is fun and romantic This book is not going to be for everyone but I found it worth the read.

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    Until about midway this was a 5 star book for me It was very difficult to watch James and what he was going through You hear a lot about abused women but you do not get the reality of a man being in the same position You get that in this book and it s heartbreaking Yes, James is a jerk but what he went through at home somewhat made up for it as far as the story goes I felt for him and I felt for Ethan as he was trying desperately to help him At that point, it was a great story.Then the husband goes farther than just a beating and everything went down here from there There was very little communication between James and Ethan While I was under the impression that there was a relationship between the two, it did not seem so James made a decision to leave for 6 months for rehab, etc He did not feel the need to discuss this with Ethan apparently Ethan had to find out on his own by seeing brochures and then it was discussed a little And no communication during that 6 months at all No phone calls No anything Ethan had to find out from Lulu that James was even back in town That he was divorced Not to mention the fact that there seemed to be no issue whatsoever in regards to each of them hooking up with other men during that time though only Ethan actually did it and bragged about it apparently They each claim to love each other though I never did see where they said the words TO EACH OTHER but yet they were simply going to separate for the 6 months and whatever happens happens For me, this was no relationship This was James expecting Ethan to pull him out of whatever he was in with the husband and for them to have a sexual relationship while James was still married Granted, James was married to a bastard but he was still married But I think the thing that really irked me the most is the fact that Ethan and James are SUPPOSED to be partners and apparently they were living together at that point but yet James didn t feel the need to discuss a major business decision that would affect both of them 6 months of planning to start a new business but it wasn t necessary to discuss that with his partner Ethan s feelings get hurt quite a bit I might add and James brushes him off like it s no biggie And Ethan being the apparent wimp that he is just lets it go Who would want to stay with someone who didn t even trust you to keep your mouth shut about something major After all the secrets that Ethan kept in regards to James getting abused and James and the others still didn t trust him That would have been game over for me.I didn t feel the love between Ethan and James As I said, it did not come across as a real relationship in any way other than sexual I liked both of them during the first half of the book Even though James came across as a jerk I had sympathy for his character and what he was going through By the time I got to about 70% on my Kindle I couldn t stand either one of them and I stopped liking the story and where it was going.I hate giving bad reviews I had giving bad ratings But this one didn t do it for me Not at all after the first half of the book Also, there are some major editing issues as others have pointed out The wrong names in places, words out of place, misspelled words in others Because it wasn t every other sentence I was able to disregard most of them Some, I had to go back and read the sentence several times before I got what it was saying It wasn t enough for me to demand a refund from but it was still annoying.This is my first by this author I think and my lack of love for this particular book will not prevent me from reading .

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    Kinda hard to say I actually liked this story because there were so many elements to it that made me uncomfortable or less than thrilled First, stories that feature domestic violence are never easy and this one isn t a scene in passing for context This is a front row seat with the reader as the helpless witness Ethan was the only one who had his head on reasonably well in this story Sure I can understand the argument of slow escalation paralyzing people and them being in denial, but COME ON This is not a smack or two I want to feel sympathetic and throttle James at the same time This was not Ethan s cross to bear, but he did it any way Needless to say, this elicits a lot of emotion and it is heavy at times Characters make mistakes and you want to scream, No I should mention for readers who are particularly sensitive to infidelity that this book features an MC engaging in sexual relations while bound by his marital vows and not with partner consent Sigh A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews

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    My first book by this author yay for.99 promos and it definitely will not be the last I don t read a lot of romances that stick to one POV, but it was perfect for this story I laughed and I got mad and at the same time, could totally understand James s motivations even if I didn t agree Domestic violence is never an easy topic to tackle nor should it be and the author handled it extremely well The final chapter was also adorably perfect.

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    I m so torn So rarely I read a book that makes me have to put it down because I m genuinely upset Once it s down, it s done I put it down three times and even felt the need to talk about it at work I got my HEA unicorn, rainbows, and all which is unusual for Sue Brown Her HEA generally come with a few storm clouds Final Admission felt like a hurricane, much later I m thinking to myself What the fuck just happened I was genuinely bothered, but my friend pointed out that a good book challenges your thinking and gets you talking about it Out of hundreds of books, I ve talked about maybe two, this being one of them Here s why.Beware, possible SPOILERSI couldn t reconcile being so devoted to a spouse that beats you senseless and then committing adultery True love lifts you up, not literally beat you down James truly thought Clay loved him James also had to stay in his emotional commitment to Clay but could not stay faithful physically I just couldn t make sense of this which had me keep reading And then Ethan loves James, but becomes a slut once James is gone to get well The way both men dealt with emotional pain threw me, disturbed me, and made me see love in a different way Will I reread this book I honestly don t know Not because it was bad or not worth my time, but because it was an emotional investment I ll have to think about it

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