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    As I started studying Calculus and it made me a lot curious about the nature of infinity We take these limits of functions to get the derivation process, we look at area with integration by summing infinitely small pieces under a curve, and then we look at the divergence and convergence of a series with limits to see what these things do at infinity Then, to top it off, I had my mind further blown by discussing infinite dimensions in Linear Algebra Needless to say, I had infinity on my mind However, I wanted a informal book to read to pass the time Studying the formal texts is fun, but can get tedious Barrow s book The Infinite Book is exactly what I was looking for Don t worry, if you re not a mathematician you can still grasp the general concepts discussed in this book One of the great aspects of this book is that Barrow brings through a bit of the history of infinity With that in mind you take a walk through the history of infinity and how it touches human curiosity Natural he makes reference to Zeno s Paradox I m actually getting sick of reading about this, it feels like just about every math book I read discusses Zeno Don t get me wrong, it s definitely relevant Anyway, some of the interesting stuff comes when he gets to discussing Cantor s history I found this utterly fascinating and Cantor did some impressive work with infinity Naturally Barrow ups the ante as the history gets to modern day applications Cosmology being a major one, but he also brings us through some of the pop culture elements if I dare call them that Such as strange movies that involve things like an infinite game, which are now movies I intend to track down and watch Some of this material may be beyond some readers, it was a little beyond me at times, but I wouldn t say it was so overwhelming I got totally lost in what was being discussed If you re at all curious about the nature of infinity, then I highly recommend this book I would even rank this as a rather exhilarating read Barrow approaches the subject in an excellent way and not in a way where I think non mathematicians will feel put aback by the arcane discussions After reading this I am definitely interested in reading other books by Barrow and I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested.

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    Well, the good thing is, I managed to finish this book in a finite amount of time At one point it looked unlikely.Its not a bad book at all in fact its quite good , but its a book written by a mathematician, with the assumption that mortals readily understand the meaning of words like topology and singularity The only places where the book loses its grip is where the author succumbs to this trap.Having got that out of the way, there are a number of things I liked about this book First and foremost, it attempts to structure and explain the latest attempts by science to answer the question Is our universe infinite Of course it does nt answer this and other large questions conclusively, but it certainly opens up new areas of thought.I also liked the fact that the question of infinity is approached from various perspectives namely scientific, theological, and mathematical While some might argue that such an approach is logically inconsistent, I enjoyed the experience There are certain parts of the book which diverge to speculative areas like time travel and immortality which I liked, but I can understand the grouse that a purist might have with this approach.While I give the book a three star rating, this is merely a reflection of my limitations in understanding some of the heavier technical concepts the author mentions It is the reason why parts of the book were difficult for me to get through, as I mentioned right at the start.On the whole, reading this was an enjoyable experience, but occasionally difficult to comprehend.

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    Argomento affascianante ma ostico.Abbastanza semplice e comprensibile la scrittura.Ci sono punti che proprio non capisco, ma complessivamente molto ben scritto.

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    A fantastic book covering the endless scope of infinity This is my first book of John D Barrow and I m looking forward to reading his other books He covers a diverse range of topics related to infinity and the arguments for and against it from both a mathematical sense as well as a physical sense A good book for amateur knowledge gatherers with references to thoughts and sayings by famous physicists, astronomers, theologists and the like Would recommend for anyone looking to understand the basics of what infinity means or what it can mean.

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    Uff, super knjiga Dosta polako se triba citat, ali je jako zanimljiva i sve je lipo obrazlozeno Ako ne sve, onda sam vecinu toga razumila jer je bas citljivo napisano. Zadala mi je novih misli i bacila skroz drugaciji pogled na neke stvari sta je super

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    Barrow is at his best when rooting himself in mathematics and cosmology I was less enthused by the lengthy digressions on time travel and identity.

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    A comprehensive explanation of different paradoxes infinity brings us It may be not a book for scientists, but it surely is for us amateurs of knowledge.

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    An interesting book that defines infinite and explains some mathematic paradoxes Easy to understand for the most part.

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    Review taken from my blog,The Virtuosos.Infinity What is it What is it not Why should anyone care about something so intangible For many people infinity is just a word that they ve been taught means, without bound forever bigger than anything beyond comprehension It s usually associated with mathematics, especially math of a higher order, like Calculus And it seems intuitively familiar despite an utter lack of understanding for the most part.Barrow takes the everyday view of infinities because, as you ll learn, there are different types of infinity thank Georg Cantor for that I m serious and meticulously attempts to teach us where we re wrong and where we re right He illustrates just how much we aren t built to accurately register, mentally, the nuances of such concepts As a passing example, what happens when you add any two numbers together We all know that That s easy You get a sum, a finite sum One that yu can, theoretically count up to The same rule applies to the other major mathematical operations division, subtraction, multiplication However, what if I asked you to add a finite number to infinity Or subtract a finite number from infinity Whatever the operation, the outcome will be the same we ll still have infinity as an answer You may ask if that infinity is the same size as the original infinite, and guess what, it is If you double infinity you still have infinity, and both infinities are the same size Needless to say, common sense is not really our friend when it comes to such mind boggling concepts Case in point, there are different gradations of infinity, each level infinitely larger than the previous one There are countable infinities, like the set of positive integers And there are uncountable infinities, like the set of real numbers between any two points on the number line, no matter how small Perhaps, most impressive of all is that there are an infinite number of levels of infinity Despite the general mathematical nature of infinity, Barrow shows how it finds its way into a multitude of human endeavors How big is the universe What does it mean to live forever, corporeally or spiritually What would it take to time travel, and what might the consequences be given different structures of the universe and time infinite, finite and boundless, or finite and bounded Are there other yous out there What are the chances of finding intelligent life in the universe And on and on The infinite seems to be a surprisingly recurrent topic in human thought and for good reason.There are times when the book requires a bit of concerted effort to understand, and on than one occasion I found myself considering putting it down not for lack of interest in the subject, but a distaste for the somewhat dense nature of some of the explanations Points that I think should have been further explained, either through example or diagram, were not others that I felt had been hashed out a hundred different ways found themselves once under consideration Barrow is clearly a scientist, and it seems odd that he would choose to skip over the complicated details of things like topology and set theory, which are integral to making sense of the book s main topic and its application to real world interests.Overall , though, I think it was well written and a definite read for anyone interested in the topic If you re afraid you won t be able to understand the intimate mathematical details of infinity because you never took advanced math or you have, but never touched on set theory you needn t worry Barrow covers the major details early on and with surprising clarity There are a few topics like the brief overview of general topology that prepares you for the chapter on spatial infinities that even I found somewhat tough to follow however, I don t think it s really necessary for the layman to know such things in order to appreciate the grander points being made All in all, I think most people will benefit from reading The Infinite Book, and don t feel bad if you find yourself asking what after you ve finished it wouldn t be worthwhile if it didn t make you think.

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