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Midnight exposure explained Midnight exposure, review Midnight exposure, trailer Midnight exposure, box office Midnight exposure, analysis Midnight exposure, Midnight exposure bb58 Daphne Du Maurier Award FinalistPoint, Click, DieWhen Two Hikers Disappear, Their Hometown In Maine Blames The Blinding Storms But The Truth Is Far Sinister Unaware Of The Danger, Tabloid Photographer Jayne Sullivan Follows An Anonymous Tip To Find The Most Reclusive Sculptor In The Art World Instead, She Finds Sexy Handyman Reed Kimball And A Small Town Full Of Fatal SecretsFive Years Ago, Reed Buried His Homicide Detective Career Along With His Wife But When A Hiker Is Found Dead, The Local Police Chief Asks Reed For Help Why Was A Celtic Coin Found Under The Body And Where Is The Second Hiker Avoiding The Media, Reed Doesn T Need A Murder, A Missing Person, Or A Nosey Photographer Then Jayne Is Attacked, And Her Courage Is His Undoing Reed Must Risk Everything To Protect Her And Find A Cunning KillerDon T Miss This Sexy Thriller From The Author Of International Thriller Award Nominee She Can Run

  • Kindle Edition
  • 315 pages
  • Midnight exposure
  • Melinda Leigh
  • English
  • 03 April 2017

About the Author: Melinda Leigh

Wall Street Journal bestselling author Melinda Leigh is a fully recovered banker A life long lover of books, she started writing as a way to preserve her sanity while raising her kids Over the next few years, she learned a few things about writing a book The process was much fun than analyzing financial statements, and she decided to turn her hobby into a career Melinda s debut novel, SHE

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    Check out all of my reviews at 3.5 StarsI started this suspense series, Midnight Exposure Midnight, 1 by Melinda Leigh, because I really enjoy her Scarlet Falls series Check them out Jayne Sullivan makes her money as a photographer and occasionally for the big money as a tabloid photographer She is sent to Maine in December to find and photograph the reclusive sculptor R.S Morgan She hates being deceitful, but she needs the money to help her brothers with the family bar in Philly and medical bills for her youngest brother She is glad to be away from Philly at the moment also, to get away from a stalker who attacked her and has gone to prison, but he is out and had promised to come for her again.At the address her editor gave her she meets Reed Kimball Reed had moved to Maine with his son after the death of his wife He was a homicide detective in his old life, but now acts as a handyman around town and has a secret in his barn turned work shed out behind his home He hides his true identity from all, but the police chief in town Jayne does not know the connection between Reed and R.S Morgan and before she can find out she is abducted She escapes on her own in a blizzard Reed finds her and takes her to his home.Both Reed and Jayne are hiding secrets and motives, but they can t help but continually be attracted to each other As the sexual tension increases, so does the threat to Jayne from an unknown source which could prove to be deadly.This was a fast paced and exciting read in the first chapter and then again after a few I just felt it bogged down for a while after the first chapter I also had a problem with how long it took Reed to tell Jayne about his past He was reclusive over something that he was proved innocent of doing and after a new scandal comes along, I think the media would have left him and his son alone He did not even stay in the same town, he moved far away.The Celtic druid facts were interesting and so was the reason for the killings I do not understand why the other family member was involved though I do not understand how he could believe a madman It was a stretch for me That said, I still like Ms Leigh s writing style and will continue on with this series Not a bad book, but just not my favorite by this author.

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    5 Sacrificial Stars Well, well well..this book was DAMN good and I have to say I was not expecting the secrets, twists and turns Jayne is a photographer that has swallowed her pride and is trying to get a photo of the recluse sculptor, R S Morgan Traveling to Maine to find her photo muse for a tabloid magazine, Jayne steps into one mess after another after meeting Reed Kimball, a single father and a retired cop Reed has secrets that need to remain hidden for the safety of his son and their quiet lives Reeds knows he must stay far away from Jayne, but life has other ideas for these two Especially after Jayne is abducted.Reed must find her Not knowing what the reasoning for her abduction is, Reed is tossed into a world that this small Maine town had no idea about.Jane s abduction is not the first fight of her life she has had She knows if she doesn t fight with everything she has, she will never get a chance again.Escaping the evil lands her right back into the hands of Reed an no amount of will power can hold of the intensity between Reed and Jayne His need to hold her, to mark her, to become part of her, was primitive, as demanding as the need to take his next breath The present fight for survival mixed with a past of secrets and devastation, Reed and Jayne take us in whirlwind battle against the evil after them and the ones they love My favorite kind of book Suspenseful, thrilling, sexually charged page turner that leaves you NEEDING to know what is going to happen Not only are the MC S easy to love by the supporting characters are awesome and we know they have their own stories Perfect Miss Leigh Book 2.I can t wait

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    I quite enjoyed listening to this mystery thriller I preferred Say You re Sorry, which is part of another series by this author, but I would still consider trying book two in this series.I borrowed this in audiobook format through Kindle Unlimited.

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    Halfway through and I have to admit that I m disappointed in this one Even it features mature the h is 30 and the H is old enough to have a 17 year old son , the MCs act like teenagers The H is afraid to live again after his wife s death and the h has a lot of baggage due to an assault Neither of them want to be attracted to the other and so they push and pull and push and pull The attraction they feel is pretty superficial, the secrets are being dragged out way longer than normal for this author, and I m having a hard time recognizing this as a Melinda Leigh book.Upon finishing, I d give this 1.5 stars The romance rated one star and the mystery was two stars Unfortunately, this was the first Melinda Leigh book that I found boring and annoying I m not sure if I m going to continue on with this series, but I will definitely continue with Morgan Dane I adore her and Lance.

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    I read Melinda Leigh s first book, She Can Run, earlier this year but haven t reviewed it yet However, I do remember that there were a lot of pluses in her first outing and a few negatives I thoroughly enjoyed this book and really am pleased to see a lot of growth between that first novel and this one.This story follows Jayne, who is a photographer trying to make money for her family three brothers They all run a bar together in Philadelphia One of her brothers is suffering from PTSD after serving in the Middle East and his hospital bills are mounting Jayne has taken on some tabloid photography assignments because, even though she hates them, they pay the best She s on the tail of a reclusive sculptor, trying to get pictures for a tabloid magazine This leads her to a small town in Maine, where former detective Reed Kimball is raising his son Before Jayne arrived, two high school hikers have disappeared One body has turned up, but the other hiker is still missing Jayne becomes wrapped up in the mysterious doings of this small town Jayne has already suffered an attack from a serial killer and is understandably on edge when someone is clearly stalking her Of course, there are a lot of foregone conclusions there will be a romance between the two main characters, Reed will be drawn back into police work to protect Jayne, etc But the characters come alive and that makes the journey, while predictable in many areas, exciting I cared about what happened to them, even the supporting cast I highly recommend this.

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    Another exciting thriller from Melinda Leigh You are shocked within the first 5 pages Some would fear what is to come after those pages but if you love a good thrilling ride with a side of romance then step on board and hang on Jayne Sullivan is a photographer and has come to town looking for the illusive sculptor her sleazy tabloid boss sent her to expose She doesn t want to do the job but she needs the money because she feels guilty about not being about to financially help out her brothers She hasnt had an easy time of it as she was attacked when she was in college and wears the scar from it on her face Reed Kimball quit his job as a homicide detective and took his son and fled the city 5 years ago when his wife was killed and a media storm converges on them Reed is also full of scars but his are on the inside From the outside the little town of Huntsville, Maine looks like a quite peaceful town What no one realizes is a killer with an agenda is among them From the first page until the last page our heroine is put through the ringer There are a few threads not wrapped up at the end of the book The author has done a great job of hooking this reader for future books in this series.

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    A very good suspence, but I just couldn t feel the lurve between H h.

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    Actual rating 2.5 stars I haven t found a romantic suspense novel I ve truly enjoyed since the late 1980s, when I binge read Mary Higgins Clark, and it s hard to say exactly why I can t warm up to this genre I love romance and I love thrillers and psychological suspense, but for some reason when the two get mixed together, it s usually an awkward reading experience for me As much as I would love to say that Midnight Exposure is the book that bucked the trend, sadly, that would not be true However, I can state that it was mildly entertaining despite some of the cringe worthy moments it gave me.On the plus side, it is a novel about people being stalked and killed by a homicidal Druid in the Maine woods Maybe I m morbid, but that s a fun idea for a thriller Also, the hero and heroine were both relatively likableat least likable enough I didn t want them to die And it was a quick, mindless sort of read, which I am often in the mood for these days.But as to what I didn t likethe simile and metaphor laden writing and the abundance of cliches WARNING mild spoilers to follow But I don t give away anything important, like the bad guy s identity Although if you ve read very many suspense novels, you will probably figure that out right away To start with, the heroine, Jayne, is working as a tabloid photographer despite her scruples because she has to pay for her little brother s medical bills If I had a dollar for every character in a contemporary romance novel who struggles to pay off a relative s medical bills, I d have enough money to pay for someone else s medical bills, or at least a doctor visit It s like the easy shorthand to have a character do something weird or problematic for money and still be portrayed as good and noble And Jayne has such a tragic history orphaned at twelve, gave up her carefree youth to cook and clean for her brothers, attacked and almost killed by a stalker in college so she has to drop out Then it turns out that the hero, Reed, also has a tragic backstory Honestly, why can t anyone in this type of novel just be normal Why always so wounded and tragic Another cliche of course, the police are completely incompetent Prior to Jayne s arrival, two hikers disappeared in the area and then one of them s decapitated body is found And the police are like, Well, let s not go crazy folks, we don t know it was murder This young man could very well have been decapitated by natural causes But as I said, despite a lot of silliness, it was an okay story I doubt I will read by this author, but I m not wishing I could invent a time machine just to get back the hours of my life it took to read it Read for Unapologetic Romance Readers 2018 challenge Romantic Suspense category

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    3 stars Romantic Suspense

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    Midnight Exposure is a gripping romantic suspense thriller that will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat.While on a camping hiking trip in the snowy woods of Maine, college roommates Zack and John for the past two days have become lost in a blinding snowstorm October 31st Halloween while searching for signs of civilization they smell smoke and hear faint murmurs of people s voices, they come to a clearing and spot a fire burning and run into a cloaked man with a knife unfortunately they are at the wrong place at the wrong time One of the hiker s body has been discovered, but the other hiker is still missing.Two months later on December 15th, photographer Jayne Sullivan, in an attempt to financially help her three brothers save their tavern in Philadelphia, and help pay for brother Danny s Iraq combat related medical bills, has reluctantly taken on an assignment with a one week deadline for a sleazy tabloid, and traveled to Huntsville, Maine, to track down and photograph the reclusive renowned sculptor, R.S Morgan.Reed Kimball is an ex Georgia police detective, who has moved with his seventeen year old son, Scott, to Huntsville, Maine, after the murder of his wife Seeking seclusion in his forest retreat, this reclusive man is determined to keep his new beginning as a sculptor from being revealed.While searching for the reculsive sculptor, Jayne runs into Reed, who claims to be a handyman There is an undeniable attraction between them, but secrets from their past, and a serial killer who has targeted Jayne as his next victim, threatens their budding relationship and survival.Midnight Exposure is a riveting fast paced romantic suspense thriller that will captivate the reader s attention and keep them guessing Author Melinda Leigh weaves an intriguing tale written in the third person narrative with alternating perspectives from Jayne, Reed and the villain The story is full of complicated twists and turns that will keep the reader on their toes as the mystery of the characters and town s secrets unfold The author s creative writing style tantalizes the reader with clues behind Jayne and Reed s past and secrets coupled with an intriguing look into the mysterious Druid cult s customs and sacrificial rituals With a great mixture of mystery, suspense and romance, Midnight Exposure is one heck of a page turning thriller that you won t be able to put down.The author creates a cast of characters who are realistic and complex people, with past histories and secrets that draw you into their lives Jayne and Reed both wear scars from their troubled pasts, there is a palpable emotional pull of strength and feelings that they embrace as survivors I loved how the author portrayed the villain, he is one creepy dude that is seriously demented, I couldn t help but be intrigued by his obsession with Jayne With a great supporting cast of characters, a scenic setting rich in detail and vivid description, and a riveting storyline that is so chilling and leaves the reader with an anti climatic cliffhanger, Midnight Exposure is the first book in a series that will keep you wanting The second book in the series, Midnight Sacrifice, will be released in Spring 2013, it will pick up the storyline with the story surrounding around Jayne s brother Danny.Disclaimer I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review, and for hosting a virtual book event on my book review blog site.http jerseygirlbookreviews.blogspot

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