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Jeffrey Dahmer pdf Jeffrey Dahmer , ebook Jeffrey Dahmer , epub Jeffrey Dahmer , doc Jeffrey Dahmer , e-pub Jeffrey Dahmer , Jeffrey Dahmer 2980b75d99c Jeffrey Dahmer Was The Milwaukee Serial Killer Who Murdered, Mutilated And Cannibalized At Least Seventeen Men And Boys Between And The Murder Files Is A Series Of Individual Titles, Giving Condensed Accounts Of Some Of The Most Appalling And Notorious Killers Of All Time

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    I read this book because Dahmer was reared and started killing in Bath, OH, which was very close to where I used to live What baffled me was how his parents missed SO MANY warning signs First of all, their child had no friends Secondly, he rode around on his bike collecting roadkill to play with And it s not that his parents were ignorant to what Jeffrey was doing it seemed that they were physically and emotionally neglectful As long as he wasn t bothering them, things were fine but they weren t fine Had Jeffrey and his family gotten intervention early on, as a pre teen, I wonder whether he would have still escalated to becoming a serial killer After all, the reasoning behind Dahmer s crimes was almost childlike itself he wanted friends and he wanted lovers two things he was too shy to get on his own He didn t want to be lonely, so he had to find a way to keep his victims Certainly the book points to a very lonely childhood, and one must question why Dahmer s parents were so blind to their child s hurt If I were to ever meet them, I would have to congratulate them on making a serial killer through their neglect.

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    Great detailed readThis book is a very interesting and detailed read I am drawn to books on serial killers and have read many that are all over the place This book sticks to detail and is highly interesting.

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    UnderwhelmedIn brief, I found the Wikipedia entry as informative and frankly a better read than this book Calling it a book is generous in itself as I ve read longer magazine articles.

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    He used to collect bones from road kill when he was just 4 years old That s probably a good indicator that this kid was fucked in the head from the start.

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