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The River of Bones chapter 1 The River of Bones , meaning The River of Bones , genre The River of Bones , book cover The River of Bones , flies The River of Bones , The River of Bones 2d12ee74e92d7 Two Alaskan Bush Pilots Are Asked By A Beautiful Russian Blond To Help Find Her Father In Siberia He Had Been Lost In A Helicopter Crash While Searching For Rose Colored Diamonds, But Come To Find Out The Mafiya Had Been The Ones Behind The Expedition, Not MoscowJake Colter And Simon Jones Secretly Fly Across The Bering Straits To Lake Baikal To Meet Up With Sasha Pavlov Molly Faircloth, A Former Client Of Theirs With A Lot Money Than Brains, Sneaks Into Russia To Help Them, But Her Secret Mission Goes To Her Head She Begins By Shooting Off The Nose Of A Mafiya Godfather Will Her Recklessness Get Everyone Killed Before They Even Get Started Or Will The Old Evenki Shaman Named Wolverine Give Them Up When He S Being Hideously Tortured The Mafiya Finally Catches Up With Them, Then Moscow Finds Out They Are In Siberia As Well Are The Pink Diamonds Worth It, And Can They Make Their Escape To Alaska

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