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The Beast Series summary The Beast Series , series The Beast Series , book The Beast Series , pdf The Beast Series , The Beast Series be5558d2f5 This Is A Special Only Edition And Contains Both Parts Of The Beast Series, Now With A New, Rewritten EndingBastienBoredom Can Be A Dangerous Thing Lord Bastien Sauvage Has Been Driven Nearly Out Of His Mind With It, Retired To His Castle In The Country By Now, He Is Willing To Agree To Anything For Some Entertainment, No Matter How Ridiculous It May Seem With His Trusted Friend At His Side, There Is No Mischief They Can T Get Into, Or Trouble They Can T Get Out Of The World Is Theirs For The TakingBut On A Night Made Dark With Powers Beyond Comprehension, All It Takes Is One Choice, One Turn Of A Card, To Change Bastien S Fate Forever He Should Have Heeded The Hag S Warning Now It S Too Late Seduced By The Faery Princess, Haunted By Dreams Of A Woman He Can Never Have, Bastien Discovers That There Are Things In This World Far Worse Than Boredom History Is Penned In A Human Hand Legend Carries On The Wicked Whisper Of A Faery Wind This Is The Story Of Beauty S Beast Told His WayWarning This Title Has Adult Content And Foul Language The Squeamish Should Look Away The BeastThere Are Hard Lessons To Take From The Story Of Beauty And The Beast, Which Tend To Be Forgotten Knowing There Is A Happy Ending To Be Had, We Tend To Overlook And Forgive The Beast S Flaws But What If They Re Not So Easy To Dismiss A Gentle Man Trapped In The Body Of A Beast Is One Thing But What If The Beast Is The Gentle One, And The Man Is The Monster What If To Save One, The Other Must Be Sacrificed

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