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Murdering the Roses (Heavenly Highland Inn #1) pdf Murdering the Roses (Heavenly Highland Inn #1) , ebook Murdering the Roses (Heavenly Highland Inn #1) , epub Murdering the Roses (Heavenly Highland Inn #1) , doc Murdering the Roses (Heavenly Highland Inn #1) , e-pub Murdering the Roses (Heavenly Highland Inn #1) , Murdering the Roses (Heavenly Highland Inn #1) a9dc0fa46bd Everything Is Finally Starting To Come Together For Vicky She Is Moving On From The Tragic Death Of Her Parents Four Years Ago There Is Hope Of A Romantic Relationship With Handsome Deputy Sheriff Mitchell Slate And She Is Enjoying Running The Grand, Old Inn With Her Sister And Her Aunt IdaBut Then, Vicky Finds The Murdered Body Of The Inn S Gardener The Inn Has A Wedding Booked For The Weekend So Her Wacky Aunt Ida Ropes Her Into Investigating The Murder It Is A Race Against The Clock To Solve The Murder So The Wedding Can Go Ahead As Planned This Puts Vicky And Aunt Ida Right In The Line Of Danger Will Vicky And Aunt Ida Be Able To Stay Safe And Solve The Murder In Time Will The Relationship Between Deputy Sheriff Mitchell And Vicky Blossom Or Will The Mean, By The Book Sheriff McDonnell Stand In Their Way

10 thoughts on “Murdering the Roses (Heavenly Highland Inn #1)

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    B and BThis was a simplistic murder mystery Easy reading The characters should be able to grow in future books Books just need plot.

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    Kindle Mystery I really should like amateur skullduggery books I struggled skimmed through this one I couldn t identify with any of the characters because they had no depth.

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    Cute short story Enjoyable cozy mystery.

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    I like cozy mysteries This one was okay It was predictable and had cheesy characters.

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    Watch out for gardeners you hire Background check 10 stars Vickie, Sarah and aunt Ida are something else Especially Vickie and aunt Ida they are like Lucy and Ethel when it comes to their hair brain schemes.The trouble those two get into make you hold your breath at times.The police can t control those two, the two sleuths in the thick of t things.There is deception, robbery, ex cons hiding things, and murder, car chases.You will love it.

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    Great storyI enjoyed this story of adventure and suspense The author has done a wonderful job of choosing her characters for the tale of mystery and romance Another nice story.

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    What fun Cindy Bell does it again Beautiful setting, wonderful characters and a fun little mystery Aunt Ida is a delight I can see her two nieces have their hands full keeping her out of trouble Can t wait for the next adventure.

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    2.5 stars When the co owner of an inn sets out to fire an employee, but stumbles upon his body instead, the hunt is on for the killer.

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    A quick read

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    This book was a very cute, quick, witty, and yes kind of predictable but it was great I read for the enjoyment of the story not to check grammar and sentence structure that s not my job I read other reviews and don t get how people can do that and still enjoy the book This is about two sisters who own and run an inn with their Aunt Ida When one of their quest check in with cash and only his first name red flags go up While Vicky is walking in the garden looking for one of their employees she finds him murdered in among the roses The story leads us along with Aunt Ida and Vicky as they look for clues to who the quest with the first name only is and who killed their employee This is a quick read for a raining day and if you don t want to think about anything except loosing yourself in an easy read.

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