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Naked Hero - The Journey Away (Naked Hero, #1) pdf Naked Hero - The Journey Away (Naked Hero, #1) , ebook Naked Hero - The Journey Away (Naked Hero, #1) , epub Naked Hero - The Journey Away (Naked Hero, #1) , doc Naked Hero - The Journey Away (Naked Hero, #1) , e-pub Naked Hero - The Journey Away (Naked Hero, #1) , Naked Hero - The Journey Away (Naked Hero, #1) 6bbfd2a6ad7 Naked Hero Is The Story Of Lewis Macleod S Search For The Elusive Perfect Man As He Battles With The Adversities Of Life Told In Two Parts, The First The Journey Away Is Set In Melbourne And Sydney During The Australian Open Tennis Tournament Where Lewis Is Competing As The Only Openly Gay Man In The Sport Eighteen Months After Claiming The Wimbledon Title At The Tender Age Of , Lewis S Life Has Spiralled Out Of Control His Career In Decline And His Love Life A Mess With The Tennis Establishment Against Him And The Tabloids Scenting Blood, Lewis S Motivation Is At An All Time Low But Two Men Are In Australia Who Will Turn Things AroundScott Taylor Is An Ex Champion Who Hides His Bi Sexuality Firmly In The Closet, And Was Lewis S Sporting Hero As A Lad Now Retired From The Game, The American Idol Is Enlisted To Help With The Young Scotsman S Game, But His Interest In Lewis Goes Way Beyond TennisLee Porter Is An Entirely Different Prospect A Male Model Who Is Out Loud And Proud The Body Perfect Englishman Is A Figure Of Internet Fantasy For Our Naive Young Hero Lee Is Also A Top Class Schemer, Whose Agenda Regarding Lewis Is Complex To Say The LeastBoth Will Compete For Lewis S Affection As Each In Their Way Help Him To Deal With The Adversities He Faces But Can Either Live Up To The Ghost Of His Father The Perfect Man In Lewis S Eyes, And The Benchmark For Everyone Else Note Naked Hero The Journey Away Was Originally Released As An Experimental Piece Of Work Under The Title Man In The Box And Is Now Offered As A Rewritten Polished Novel

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    This is an amazing find From start to finish, I was gripped and enjoyed every word Believe me, this is an artist who will transport you to another world.and this world is the world of a top class gay tennis player It is not though a book about tennis That is merely the backdrop This book is about a very real person, Lewis McCleod, the Naked Hero who, despite the pressures and hate from the gutter press, remains true to himself in his quest for the perfect man I totally loved this book and the message it conveys It is full of wonderful characters that are true and loveable despite their all too human flaws The plot is wonderful and the scenes, forever memorable This is a true artist that has crafted this astonishing novel Thank you J K Brighton

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    As serendipitous timing would have it, I read J K Brighton s Naked Hero The Journey Away in parallel timing with the staging of the 2014 Australian Open tennis championship in Melbourne Consequentially, the story became very real.Brighton s admirable use of Aboriginal legends have been neatly woven into the story to give deep meaning to the Love of Man The tension of the story, which focuses on the Australian Open, is kept at a high level all the way and ends magnificently I was left wondering if the hero of the story, Lewis Macleod, really got the right man in Lee Porter, or was there true unrequited love when Scott Taylor walked out of the story To find out, I ll certainly be reading Naked Hero The Journey Home.

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    Amazing Who knew tennis could be that exciting off the court too Ready to find out what happens next.

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    At times a bit slow but overall a very entertaining book At first, it s difficult not to fall for the Lewis s charms and charisma but I had this feeling all throughout the novel that he was a total player pretending to be innocent and naive view spoiler He supposedly could not make up his mind about two guys and he ended up stringing two of them along until he made up his mind, thought he had made up his mind and chose one, then changed his mind and dismissed that guy and simply picked the other one up like vegetables at the supermarket hide spoiler

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    I have very mixed feelings about this book I loved the story, especially the way the author keeps the reader guessing about who Lewis will end up with Scott or Lee However, the novel clearly hadn t been edited, as it was full of spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors The dialogue was also badly handled, and the author has a tendency to overuse exclamation marks It s a shame, because if the novel had had a proper developmental edit and a thorough proof reading, it would have been so much better.

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    It would be hard not to fall for Lewis Macleod, flaws and all The story of Lewis journey to find the Perfect Man to fill the void left by another is a great read And even better, it is a unique story, something that can be a devil to find.I purchased The Journey Home almost immediately upon flipping the last page.

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    Enjoyable story but verbose This is gay fiction not m m, so no HEA at the end I really liked the story but my fingers itched to spread comments Like, Please tell me no thoughts, that s what italics are for And so forth Yet, I really liked the story and will have to pick up the second half.

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    This is a story so don t read expecting a full on romance hopefully we see of that in book 2 I got a good feel for Lewis s despair, from an early to now when he should be reaping the rewards of success I liked how the story showed us multiple aspects of being gay in the modern and competitive world.Lewis shows one aspect of being a gay sportsman Competing at top flight, out and having to live with the isolation this bring He is very young, which I had to remind myself, and lonely.Lee is the out and proud gay man, living it large trading on his body and the stereotype view spoiler But he does have a change of perception of himself and others good to see him grow up hide spoiler

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    I have mixed feelings as to how to rate this book It was slow moving and had no real romance to speak of which are aspects that ruin books for me , however, there was something I cannot name in the periphery and I was compelled to keep reading I liked the lead character Lewis very much I also liked the men in his rather promising love triangle and the added twist to make the readers over think who the right perfect man was for Lewis I also enjoyed the inclusion of tennis and the perception of what its like to be gay in professional sports As mentioned, the story moved slow and it definitely could have been shorter Nonetheless, I did like it enough that even with a clean ending, I still want to know where the next stage takes Lewis and will likely read Book 2 in this series.

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    Awful, slow, plodding, much introspection by characters.Found the writing juvenile, the plot unbelievable and could not finish after fifty pages or so Too many words written when half could do in most sentences Yes, the author knows how to string words together but one shouldn t do it just to prove it.Could not identify with the characters, they come off as spoiled and entitled Writing is so stilted I cringed after each sentence Brighton needs to loosen up a bit with dialogue, cut back on exposition, show the reader, don t tell.Cannot even finish this review of the book, I want to bleach my brain after reading Naked Hero.

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