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Memento Mori chapter 1 Memento Mori, meaning Memento Mori, genre Memento Mori, book cover Memento Mori, flies Memento Mori, Memento Mori 420a4991a609d Teen Wolf Fanfic Gen It Was Not Until The Second Child Had Come, Two Years Later, That The Man Realized How Truly Fortunate He Had Been In Being Granted Laura As His Firstborn, Until He Understood How Profoundly Like Him Laura Was For The Second Child Was A Boy, And He Did Not Come Out Screaming, Or On Time His Mother Delivered Him Into The World Two Weeks After He Was Due To Arrive, And When He Finally Landed In The Midwife S Waiting Hands, He Simply Opened His Clear Green Eyes And Stared At Each Of Them In Turn, As Though He Was Not Surprised To See Them There, As Though He Knew Them Already Patrick Hale, Through The Years Inspired By An Original Character In This Boy, Half Destroyed Words Complete

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    Wow Short and poignant Patrick s perspective on the Hale AU Lovely, my favorite part was the piggyback ride.

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    This is TW fan fiction of TW fan fiction and it is brilliant And somewhat meta Read this boy, half destroyed, it is Derek s story, with a heavy focus on flashbacks to his family with light Sterek It is beautiful and heart wrenching and potent and so well written And this, Memento Mori, is also But, Memento Mori, is a series of vignettes revolving around the Hale family, particularly, Patrick Derek s older brother in this vivid TW diversion that M_Leigh has created The whole fic is gripping Even a roughly 1200 word section that is told from a sixteen year old Kate Argent s POV which doesn t imbibe any sympathy in the reader for her, but it paints her as much sadder of a character probably much realistic of a character than purely psychotic than any other depiction I have read of her It didn t make me feel for her, but it made me put down the tablet and go, Huh The story begins with the birth of Laura and I just can t convey how perfect the characterizations of TW characters who aren t TW characters, but are so only in passing essentially original characters, are They are spot on perfect and real from Derek s parents and their relationship with each other and their relationship with their kids.This fic is a revealing, potent depiction of a werewolf family I shit you not in Beacon Hills with very light Sterek at the end Read these works And I can t believe I am saying this, but don t read them for the Sterek, read them for the very original deviations M_Leigh derived from the show Not limited to the scope of fan fiction, these works are some of the most profound I have ever read the blood blooms clean in you, ruby Stiles story this boy, half destroyed Derek s story Memento Mori The Hale Family s story Random Note for anyone who cares These stories, this boy, half destroyed, Memento Mori and the blood blooms clean in you, ruby made me wish MTV had fired Davis after the second season and employed M_Leigh to take over Vivid, profound, the most fully fleshed I have ever read Derek and Stiles I fell down the Sterek rabbit hole November of 2014 and have not come up for air since After reading M_Leigh s works I have picked up a few Stereks and haven t been able to be satisfied and only mildly entertained I don t believe that I have come to the end of my Sterek reading diversion, but after reading M_Leigh s works I realize I have to take a mini break and regroup my thoughts on Stereks, since the rest will be in the shadow of these fics.

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    A patchwork of vignettes about Patrick, M_Leigh s OC from this boy, half destroyed and Kate and Derek and the other Hales and a tiny bit of Stiles and Sheriff Stilinski The history the author has created is imaginative, painful, delicately drawn and fully believable, even in a world where werewolves and magic exist.It has the astonishing depth that guts me everytime I read something written by M_Leigh and that raw, sketchy yet perfectly polished feel her stories have the hopeful but, as usual, unfinished ending just makes the story that much visceral Also, she has a knack for bringing me close to tears.

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    I really liked the voices of the characters here And such depth of emotions Such intricate and accurate description of a child s mentality 3.5 stars view spoiler What threw me off were some inconsistencies in each chapter where I felt some paragraphs were told from someone else s point of view And I was so enchanted by Patrick that I kind of resented I m in shock having the last chapter about Derek and Stiles trying to remember when Patrick and Derek brought Stiles home I wanted on the magical boy I figure the last chapter was trying to convey that maybe Patrick had hidden their memories of the event for some unknown reason but that wasn t enough I liked the image being constructed from everyone that interacted with him his mother, Laura, Kate as much as it pains me , Derek Patrick was a wondrous creature And the author managed to convey an otherworldly feeling to him through each point of view Such an original character that I completely lost the notion of Teen Wolf It would be great if the author decided to expand this into a full blown story Just maybegive it a happy ending hide spoiler

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    Love this So GOOD

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