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Classical Literature pdf Classical Literature , ebook Classical Literature , epub Classical Literature , doc Classical Literature , e-pub Classical Literature , Classical Literature 39b6865b176 The Classical World And The Masterpieces Of Its Literature Continue To Fascinate Readers And Audiences Throughout The Media From Popular Histories To The Reworking Of Classical Subject Matters By Contemporary Poets, Dramatists, And Novelists In This Very Short Introduction, William Allan Explores What The Classics Are And Why They Continue To Shape Our Western Concepts Of Literature Presenting A Range Of Material From Both Greek And Latin Literature, He Illustrates The Variety And Sophistication Of These Works, And Considers Examples From All Major Genres About The Series Oxford S Very Short Introductions Series Offers Concise And Original Introductions To A Wide Range Of Subjects From Islam To Sociology, Politics To Classics, Literary Theory To History, And Archaeology To The Bible Not Simply A Textbook Of Definitions, Each Volume In This Series Provides Trenchant And Provocative Yet Always Balanced And Complete Discussions Of The Central Issues In A Given Discipline Or Field Every Very Short Introduction Gives A Readable Evolution Of The Subject In Question, Demonstrating How The Subject Has Developed And How It Has Influenced Society Eventually, The Series Will Encompass Every Major Academic Discipline, Offering All Students An Accessible And Abundant Reference Library Whatever The Area Of Study That One Deems Important Or Appealing, Whatever The Topic That Fascinates The General Reader, The Very Short Introductions Series Has A Handy And Affordable Guide That Will Likely Prove Indispensable

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    Inspired by recent readings of Ovid s Metamorphoses and Virgil s The Aeneid, this short introduction into classical literature was a rewarding experience It offers a comparative study of the most popular literary genres in Ancient Greece and Rome, and introduces various representatives in both cultures From epic drama, naturally presented as a contrast between the Homeric works and Roman emulators, over poetry and drama to historiography and oratory, the text gives a perfect overview of the literary cosmos of the ancient world.To frustrated modern readers, it is refreshing to discover that ancient historians struggled equally hard to find a suitable balance between the demands of methodology, evidence, interpretation and narrative Herodotus and Thucydides, and their Roman counterparts Sallust and Tacitus to just mention a few of them are typical examples of different approaches to the narrative of the past, and their choices tell us as much of themselves and their own times as of the historical events they describe The oratory power of Demosthenes or Cicero shows equal contemporary relevance where does persuasion and literary skill end, and demagoguery start When is public speech a beneficial tool for democratic processes, and when does it turn into manipulation of the masses for self aggrandizement or political propaganda The answer is in the eye of the beholder, or audience, in ancient times and today As a basic panorama of the origins of European literary tradition, this short text is well worth reading Some texts mentioned are still frequently enjoyed, in theatres or in book circles Others, like Cicero s Catilinian speeches, are rarely consulted outside Latin classes any But I felt inspired to delve deeper into the historical and mythological roots of the European cultural story in its written form Quo usque tandem abutere, Catilina, patientia nostra I think I will have patience for the Ciceronian rhetoric now than as a suffering student, trying to translate his rant for class, some decades ago The Oxford VSI series, as always, serves as a great gate into a wider world of learning Recommended

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    This was a very good overview of the full scope of Ancient Greek and Roman literature It really shows that it s far than just Gods and Heroes The sections on Rhetoric and Oratory was particularly good, and covered so many writings that have real relevance today Thieves of private property spend their lives in prisons and chains Public thieves in gold and purple Cato.I can thoroughly recommend one of the other books mentioned The Nature of Things by Lucretius.Lucretius talks about the possibility of life on other planets, prehistoric mega fauna and wonders if the swerve quantum mechanics of atoms provides a means for allowing free will in a deterministic universe All of this makes you wonder what mankind has been doing for the last 2000 years if there was so much advanced thought back then.But the ancients, at the same time, were very different to us I struggle to understand how the Greeks can talk of freedom and democracy whilst keeping slaves.I always feel that there are far books that I want to read than I will ever have time to, and now there are hundreds ancient texts that I want to explore

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    I ve had this little book on my shelf for ages It didn t seem like a book but a series of stunning, informative and scholarly attributes that I kept coming back to The final section discusses a short extract from Homer s Odyssey I must have read that short extract over and over again The magic of the words just making gasp I tried other translations and I m still not sure if I prefer Fagel s translation But how wonderful is that Mesmerised by words and poetry written over 2000 years ago that still has poignancy and meaning to this day This small little book is staying with me in my car, jacket whatever Well done to OUP for opening up my world What must it be like to be able to read it in ancient Greek

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    Definitely widens the horizon on what you may be interested in reading after digesting the info intros book Reviews authors and material in terms of classical genre which is related to style of writing and period than subject matter Metrical verse has often been used to write history, fiction, biography, philosophy and science as well as lyrical poetry which you wouldn t be aware of through the standard 20th century translations available in the general market until mainly the 21 st century translations now appearing in recent OUP and Penguin Classics editions.

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    A great introduction to the classics organised by literary genres, and chronologically within each genre, that helps to provide the reader with a good understanding as to how the classic literature evolved Particularly interesting are discussions on how the Greek and Roman literary forms present similarities with, and differ from, each other, and the ways in which the latter has been influenced by the former The author also makes, if sparingly, connections between the modern literature and the classics.

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    Good introduction to Greek and Roman literature, organised by genre For some reason fails to discuss philosophical texts and science maths medicine texts not a genre , but they are important texts in their own right from the classical world.

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