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In Search of a Love Story (Love Story, #1) txt In Search of a Love Story (Love Story, #1) , text ebook In Search of a Love Story (Love Story, #1) , adobe reader In Search of a Love Story (Love Story, #1) , chapter 2 In Search of a Love Story (Love Story, #1) , In Search of a Love Story (Love Story, #1) 8e016e Emily Donovan Doesn T Have A Romantic Bone In Her Body At Least, That S What Her Friends Ryan And Ashley Keep Telling Her They Re Convinced Her Bad Luck With Men Is Directly Related To Her Life Long Lack Of Interest In All Things Romantic When Emily S Latest Relationship Crashes And Burns, She Decides To Go Along With Her Friends Plans For A Romance Research Project

About the Author: Rachel Schurig

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the In Search of a Love Story (Love Story, #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Rachel Schurig author readers around the world.

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    This is about as girly as chick lit gets.It s frustrating enough to have you sighing out loud about Emily and her troubles, but not so frustrating that you want to throw the book across the room You just want to carry on reading so you know that she s going to get away from a certain guy, who is NOT Mr Right, and finally fall in to the arms of the perfect man for her How could she be so blind The beginning of this book is Emily moping around after finding out that her Mr Right Now is not a good guy He s a dick But Rachel Schurig doesn t let Emily mope for long By the end of chapter three we see the end of ice cream and pizza and alcohol and Emily mans up and gets back out there.Is predictability bad in a chick lit I found is reassuring I kinda knew where the story was going and was pleasantly surprised at times This is a perfect summer read and just the type of book I d like to start my birthday with, especially with such an up beat, happy, and perfect ending.Have some wine or some shots while you read this I received a copy of this for free via NetGalley for review purposes.

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    I didn t enjoy this book in the least The pace was way too slow and the initial plot too pathetic The whole story begins with the protagonist, Emily, being short in luck in the man department, and her friends accounting for her misfortunes in love as the result of her scarce education on the topic So they decide that to change she has to read chick lit, classic romance, and watch as many chick flicks as she can I mean, how lame is this I found it so stupid it verged on irritating The first 40% of the book was excruciating to get through, as it was so boring and uneventful Towards the end, it gets slightly better, but not too much.I ve started this book right after finishing three girls and a baby, which I had found easy and entertaining, so I was utterly surprised to find this story to be so completely inferior, not only for the writing style, but as well for the content It seemed written by a completely different author and it was a major disappointment.

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    I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I won t lie, this book frustrated me at different points I liked Emily, don t get me wrong, but she let other people push her around, and made decisions based solely on other people s input rather than listening to her own heart, and mind I understand why she felt insecure, but it was frustrating seeing her make the right decision for herself, and then talk herself out of it because it might seem childish, or not meet with other people s approval I was waffling between a two, and a three star rating until just about the end, and this book won me over It was nice to read a romance novel where the female lead makes such strong decisions, and grows over the course of the story I don t want to spoil the ending, but I will say it s refreshing to read a romance that doesn t end in the typically clich d way The secondary characters were pretty well done, I especially liked her friend Brooke Even thought she could be a bit overbearing, I liked that everything she did, and said was based on how much she cared about Emily I wasn t as wild about Ashley It s not that I didn t like her, it was just I didn t think the whole project seemed like something a real friend would try to do Ditto with Ryan He seemed a bit shallow, and it was hard to get a real read on his character I think it was mostly because while he was friends with Emily they weren t as close friends as she was with say Chris or Brook I did like Chris I liked how he tried to help Emily see what her friends were trying to do, even if they didn t mean to, was making her change in ways that weren t necessarily good.I liked her love interests Even though one is very clearly right for her, and one is not, the one that is wrong for her isn t necessarily a terrible person just wrong for her I like how much the person who is right for her respects her, and doesn t try to change her into someone who will suit his needs, or desires I like that sort of respect in a love story Overall it was a good story with an even better ending I will look forward to reading about Emily s friends in future books If they are anything like this one they will make great summer reading material.

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    I am officially a Rachel Schurig fan I devoured Three Girls and a Baby and I loved In Search of a Love Story almost as much I say almost because Three Girls is still my fave In this book, the main character Emily has just found out that her boyfriend is a cheating douchebag and she is determined to give up on men forever Her friends Ashley and Ryan won t have it and are convinced that Emily will have better luck with men if she immerses herself in chick flicks and romance books and learns what types of men are keepers and which should be tossed aside Since Emily is of a tomboy, she s not too keen but decides to give it a try anyway I love Schurig s writing style the voice is so easy that the pages turn themselves But my favorite aspect of her writing is the character development Each character, from down to earth Emily to her corny roommate Ashley, to her promiscuous gay best friend Ryan, to her self assured best friend Brooke to her protective male best friend Chris to her nature loving colleague Elliot was so well drawn out and easily distinguishable and the chemistry between the characters was believable and spot on.I honestly wish I had less books clogging up on my Kindle because I truly want to read the other parts of both of Schurig s series Love Story and Three Girls right now

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    I found it hard to concentrate on this book and found myself wandering off and reading others in between this one, seven others to be exact.It is not this it is not well written, it is, I just didn t connect with the characters, especially her friends The main character switched from being a complete doormat to very angry.This may sound harsh but I didn t really care who she got together with in the end.The story line would probably have been better suited to a younger couple, I.e not a grown adult who had been in several relationships.Maybe it was too predicable and I want unpredictability in a book or at least some hardship in finding the one you are meant to be with It just seemed to straightforward Elliott and Emily.

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    I had a hard time rating this book The author has so much potential, but the behavior of several of the main characters in this book drove me crazy at times I had to come back and edit this review because I realized I d mixed up another book the author wrote with this oneso yes, I liked the author well enough to read another of her books That should tell you something of my mixed feelings The author is definitely promising I didn t like the profanity, or the excessive drinking that occured, but I enjoyed the idea of the story itself, and appreciated the way friendships and true love were relayed.

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    When you want to learn how to do something, you consult experts, right That s the advice that Emily s friends give her when they diagnose her as being clinically unromantic She needs to immerse herself in romance novels and find herself a man.Emily gamely albeit a tad reluctantly agrees She reads books and watches chick flicks, and along the way attempts to apply what she learned to her love life In a meet cute sort of set up, she runs into Greg, a handsome, successful prospect who adores her Emily s friends think SCORE, but part of Emily wonders Is he the one Were the novels and movies right Then there is her friend Elliott, who seems quite unimpressed with Greg What s up with him If you already know how this ends, bravo Then again, the ending is trumped so loudly and clearly as to render the reading of the novel fairly useless I ve read lots of books that give away their endings early on, but they make up for it by being entertaining, by having characters I like and wish I could get to know.That is not the case here.Faithful readers, I was bored Bored, I tell you There is so little about this book to recommend that I m hard pressed to justify the two stars It s cute, I suppose, and the premise is also cute But it s just so transparent That s what turns me off than anything There is no mystery or pull to keep reading.If you want a mindless book with a cute little gimmick, then you could do worse than this I guess I just wanted .Thanks to NetGalley for the preview.Published on cupcake s book cupboard VivaAmaRisata

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    After Emily s boyfriend dumped her, her friends decide that her lack of knowledge in romantic movies or books is the reason that she keeps falling for the wrong guys, because according to them you have to read Pride and Prejudice to know that you should go for the Mr Dacys instead of the Mr Wickhams of the world So the lessons begin and finally Mr Perfect shows up, true to form rescueing her from being hit by a truck.This was a light and quick read, I loved the references to movies and books and the dynamics between Emily and her friends, being schooled in romance fiction however it is very clear for the reader from the start how things will end, I would have loved some twists and puns of the genre, some self irony.The characters are loveable but the way the heroine narrator actually sees and describes all the hints about the guys in her life including her own feelings but doesn t get them while the reader knows from her first stomach flip who is right for her was getting on my nerves at some point.But it is a classic feel good book, which I overall enjoyed This was only part 1 of a series, the next 2 parts will focus on Emily s friends and I am curious to find out about their stories A free digital copy of this book was given to me via NetGalley.

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    Here is another trilogy from Rachel Schurig A chick lit through and through, but looking past that, it was sweet, short, and thoroughly enjoyable The first in the series talks about the unlucky streaks of romantic relationships for Emily She seems to be too old to not have a clue or not know what she wants, but somehow, all her misfortunes led to her being better and of course, the realization that the one has been there all along.

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    Another good read from Rachel Schurig, there was a minor error near the end where it said Ashley was kissing Ryan when it should have said Chris I loved all the characters but view spoiler Greg was an arse and I was so glad when Emily finally saw sense I was rooting for Elliott all along and was glad when they ended up together even though it was predictable hide spoiler

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