The Secret Wife

The Secret WifeA Russian grand duchess and an English journalist Linked by one of the world s greatest mysteries Love Guilt Heartbreak 1914 Russia is on the brink of collapse, and the Romanov family faces a terrifyingly uncertain future Grand Duchess Tatiana has fallen in love with cavalry officer Dmitri,

Chernobyl: The History of a Nuclear Catastrophe

Chernobyl: The History of a Nuclear CatastropheFrom a preeminent historian of Eastern Europe, the definitive history of the Chernobyl nuclear disasterOn the morning of April 26, 1986, Europe witnessed the worst nuclear disaster in history the explosion of a reactor at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Soviet Ukraine Dozens died of radiation

The Romanov Empress: A Novel of Tsarina Maria Feodorovna

The Romanov Empress: A Novel of Tsarina Maria FeodorovnaNarrated by the mother of Russia s last tsar, this novel brings to life the courageous story of Maria Feodorovna, one of Imperial Russia s most compelling women, who witnessed the splendor and tragic downfall of the Romanovs as she fought to save her dynasty in its final years.

The Romanovs: 1613-1918

The Romanovs: 1613-1918The Romanovs were the most successful dynasty of modern times, ruling a sixth of the world s surface for three centuries How did one family turn a war ruined principality into the world s greatest empire And how did they lose it all This is the intimate story of twenty tsars and tsarinas, some to

October: The Story of the Russian Revolution

October: The Story of the Russian RevolutionIn February 1917, in the midst of bloody war, Russia was still an autocratic monarchy nine months later, it became the first socialist state in world history How did this unimaginable transformation take place How was a ravaged and backward country, swept up in a desperately unpopular war, rocked