Tek: The Modern Cave Boy

Tek is a cave boy in love with tech his tablet, videogames, phone, and TV keep him deep in his cave, glued to his devices, day in and day out He never sees his friends or family any and his ability to communicate has devolved to just one word UGH Can anyone in the village convince Tek to

Sleepover at the Museum

Imagine spending your birthday at the museum Join Mason and his friends on their scavenger hunt through all the exhibits that make any natural history museum so special The perfect birthday gift for museum lovers and adventure seekers alike Mason couldn t wait to celebrate his birthday with a

The Wolf's Boy

An outcast boy and a young wolf have only each other against an Ice Age winter Kai burns to become a hunter and to earn a rightful place among his people But that can never be He was born with a club foot It is forbidden for him to use or even touch a hunters sacred weapons Cut off from


Trog has all the best toys the best stick, the best rock, the best mud But Trog doesn t care about those things He only wants one thing a puppy So he sets off to find one, but what he brings back may not be exactly what he thinks it is Join Trog on his quest for the perfect pet in this