The Adventurers

The AdventurersThey re about to embark on their greatest adventure yet nJoey Moore got her heart stomped on At her engagement party So, she did what any normal, completely rational 28 year old would do she moved to a new city with her dog to start a new life Without much of a plan, it turns out nKendall O Har

Before You Say I Do

Before You Say I DoWhat happens if you fall for your bridesmaid n nAbby Porter has a high flying job and the perfect fianc in Marcus Montgomery n nBut Abby s world turns on its head when he hires a professional bridesmaid to help her in the run up to the wedding When Abby meets Jordan, she can hardly breathe n nMarcu

Ride the Wave

Ride the WaveNatalie Silver is painfully single But that doesn t mean she s up for being sent on a lesbian singles cruise by her pushy sister Damn non refundable tickets n nStill, it s not all bad At least she s got an excuse to get away from work for a week Away from pressure and long hours, not to mention h

The Lady's Guide to Celestial Mechanics (Feminine Pursuits, #1)

The Lady's Guide to Celestial Mechanics (Feminine Pursuits, #1)As Lucy Muchelney watches her ex lover s sham of a wedding, she wishes herself anywhere else It isn t until she finds a letter from the Countess of Moth, looking for someone to translate a groundbreaking French astronomy text, that she knows where to go Showing up at the Countess London home, she

Flavor of the Month

Flavor of the MonthCharlie Stetko had a life to envy A penthouse in Manhattan, a beautiful girlfriend, and a circle of perfect friends Or so she thought When her girlfriend sends her packing, Charlie ends up unemployed Without a place to live or money of her own, she s forced to do the one thing she vowed she neve

Good Enough to Eat (The Vampire Diet Series, #1)

Good Enough to Eat (The Vampire Diet Series, #1)Robin s New Year s resolution to change her eating habits is as unusual as she is Unlike millions of other women, she isn t tempted by chocolate or junk food She s a vampire, determined to fight her craving for a pint of O negative When she goes to an AA meeting, hoping for advice on fighting her

If the Shoe Fits

If the Shoe FitsJana Fleischer loves her life wonderful family, best sister in the world, awesome soon to be sister in law, fabulous job, and a never ending stream of men to chew through and spit out So what if everyone says she s too picky and she s never had a real relationship nWhen a chance meeting with Brooke

Damage Control (The Hollywood Series, #2)

Damage Control (The Hollywood Series, #2)An actress practically since birth, Grace Durand has finally made it in Hollywood When a photo of her in a seeming compromising situation with another woman is plastered all over the tabloids, she fears for her career as a lead in romantic movies n nDesperate for a publicist who ll convince America

The Last Place You Look

The Last Place You LookJulia Pierce can think of nothing humiliating than her wife of eight years leaving her for her personal trainer Oh, wait She can Without a career or a place to go when that exact thing happens, she s forced to move home and take a job at her family s winery n nTaylor Winslow has been in love


MidnightTwo lonely souls with countless secrets what s the harm in one n nZoey McCarren goes by many labels keyboard player, fashion industry darling but she is not a lesbian As the only not queer woman in the infamously queer band, The Shrikes, she spends an exhausting amount of time resisting th

The Roommate Arrangement

The Roommate ArrangementA feisty comedian A former cop with a wounded heart An unusual roommate arrangement n nComedian Stephanie Renshaw hopes to finally get her big break in LA A chance encounter lands her the perfect apartment close to the comedy clubs, but it comes with a catch she needs a roommate to afford the ren

Ask, Tell

Ask, TellWhere can you turn when you re caught in a crossfire of war and passion nCaptain Sabine Fleischer is a skilled and dedicated U.S Army surgeon deployed to a combat hospital in Afghanistan She is also one of the thousands of troops who are forced to serve in silence because of the military s anti ga

All the Love Songs (Celebrities, #2)

All the Love Songs (Celebrities, #2)Peyton Gloss is the world s most famous and popular singer songwriter, known for her chart topping hits as well as her famous girl squad and July 4th events, inviting all of her famous friends to celebrate This year, she did something even extravagant than ever, and invited her friends to jo

To the Moon and Back

To the Moon and BackLauren Prescott had dreamed of being an actress since she was cast as Wendy in her junior high production of Peter Pan Yes, her nightgown snagged and brought the set tumbling down, but she was hooked After years of unsuccessful auditions, performing just wasn t in the cards Instead, Lauren establ

Bourbon Chase: A Mystery (#1)

Bourbon Chase: A Mystery (#1)From Bestselling Author Alexi Venice n nAlexi Venice s bestselling SAN FRANCISCO MYSTERY SERIES is a crime drama that tests the bonds of love and loyalty among Dr Jen Dawson, Detective Tommy Vietti, and District Attorney Amanda Hawthorne n nJen Dawson is an emergency room physician in San Franc

And Playing the Role of Herself

And Playing the Role of HerselfActress Caidence Harris is living her dreams after landing a leading role among the star studded, veteran cast of 9th Precinct, a hot new police drama shot on location in glitzy LA Her sometimes costar Robyn Ward is magnetic, glamorous, and devastatingly beautiful, the quintessential A List celebri

Kiss the Girl (Soho Loft, #1)

Kiss the Girl (Soho Loft, #1)Sleeping with the enemy has never been so complicated.Twenty eight year old Brooklyn Campbell is having a bad day A speeding ticket, a towed car, and a broken heel are all working against her laid back vibe To top it all off, her birth mother, whom she s never met, has requested contact The only