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Classics Mutilated pdf Classics Mutilated , ebook Classics Mutilated , epub Classics Mutilated , doc Classics Mutilated , e-pub Classics Mutilated , Classics Mutilated d24c3666fc8 All New Versions Of Your Favorite Tales Classics Mutilated Is IDW S Response To The So Called Monster Lit Trend In Mainstream Publishing, Which Takes A Beloved Literary Classic And Adds Monsters To It We Call Our Version Ctrl Alt Lit, Which Incorporates Mash Up Techniques In The Creation Of Fresh And Unique Genre Blending Fiction By Using The Short Story Format And A Selection Of Diverse Authors, Classics Mutilated Not Only Rescues Monster Lit From Its Own Built In One Joke Obsolescence Where The Book S Title Tells The Entire Story , But Also Re Energizes The Field, Creating Its Own Genre It S Not Parody Or Satire, But Way Bent Fiction Done Totally Straight By Some Of The Brightest Talents On The Scene, Such As Joe R Lansdale, John Shirley, Nancy Collins, Mike Resnick, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Thomas Tessier, Marc Laidlaw, John Skipp And Cody Goodfellow, Chris Ryall, And Rio Youers Notable Characters Include Snow White, Huck Finn, Captain Ahab, Sid Vicious, Billy The Kid, Emily Dickinson, Jim Morrison, Edgar Allan Poe, Loki, Albert Einstein, And Eleanor Roosevelt Some Of The Featured Authors And Literary Works Found In These Mash Ups Are Louisa May Alcott S Little Women, Anne Of Green Gables, Legends Of Asgard, HG Wells, Frankenstein, And All Transformed In Ways The Mainstream Could Never Imagine, Or Get Away With Classics Mutilated Is Available In Both Print And Digital Formats Every Story Appears Here For The First Time Each One Written Specifically For This Collection Dread Island, A Masterful New Novella By Lansdale, Anchors The Collection

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    MASH UP MORTAL KOMBAT Take a collection of mash up stories featuring various classics, mutilated and then sewn back together Now pit those stories against each other a mash up of mash ups.FIGHT First up is the sepulchral Emily Dickinson versus the infernal Joe McCarthy Kristine Rusch s Death Stopped for Miss Dickinson tells a melancholy tale of Emily s ill fated romance with the Grim Reaper Thomas Tessier s The Green Menace finds the evil senator engaged in the good fight against a horde of rampant mutant frogs Rusch s wistful story has a lot of potential but it gets fatally muddied by an increasingly overbearing insistence that Dickinson destroyed her life due to an obsession with oblivion The whole affair is somehow both vague and strident Tessier s story recognizes but unfortunately underplays McCarthy s toxic nature Fortunately he lives in a well written, fun, pleasingly old fashioned and surprisingly evocative adventure WINNER Joseph McCarthy in the The Green Menace Next up is a clockwork Anne of Green Gables versus an undead but still canny Billy the Kid Lezli Robyn s Anne droid of Green Gables reimagines the plucky waif in a steampunk pastoral, yearning for the love of humans John Shirley s Frankenbilly has the Dr Frankenstein resurrected gunfighter visiting the set of the b film Billy the Kid vs Dracula Robyn s story is sweet and likeable but suffers from an excess of sugariness It really got to be too much On the other hand, Shirley an author I have disliked injects a certain mean spiritedness into his spikey and imaginative tale I m a reader who prefers the sour to sweet WINNER Billy the Kid in the pungent Frankenbilly Next we have the tragic life of Werner Herzog s Grizzly Man placed within the equally dangerous world of Pokemon monsters run rampant versus The Island of Dr Moreau visited and exploited by a shifty and egomaniacal Walt Disney Marc Laidlaw s Pokky Man is exceedingly clever and has a nicely challenging style consisting of testimonials about the eventually fatal attempt of a Pokeman advocate to enter the Poke world as an equal to those unknowable cartoon creatures Skipp Goodfellow s The Happiest Hell on Earth has a bracingly bitter quality to it and is also quite well written It goes in a surprising direction, with the second half of the story all about Disney s exploitation of Moreau s man animal hybrids within his film empire I enjoyed both, but I m going to go with the excitingly weird Pokky Man over Happiest Hell, if only because of the latter s rather saccharine ending although that ending is easy to overlook, seeing as the story is narrated by Dumbo Dumbo should always get a happy ending Nevertheless WINNER the Pok mon of Pokky Man Next is a battle between rock stars Jim Morrison of The Doors versus Sid Vicious of The Sex Pistols Rio Youers Quoth the Rock Star has an evil Edgar Allan Poe attempting to suck the soul out of Morrison s body so that he can replace it with his own Mark Morris Vicious has an already soul deadened Sid Vicious finding himself involved in some bad Louisiana voodoo Youers sinister and hypnotic story really gets the poetry in Morrison s nature his story has some wonderful moments describing the Lizard King s outlook on his performances and on himself It starts strong and gets even better, ending with a really cool battle between lizard and raven Morris Vicious is also pretty strong Morris is a talented writer and I appreciated his clear eyed empathy for Sid Vicious He also knows how to create an interestingly repugnant atmosphere when describing Vicious entrapment by a creepy duo of women Still, I would say Morris story is the weaker of the two because of a rather jarring lack of purpose I don t need resolution but I do need to know why I am reading something This was a close call, but WINNER Jim Morrison in Quoth the Rock Star And next up is the entire cast of Little Women versus that Norse bringer of Ragnarok, the trickster Loki Rick Hautala s Little Women in Black takes Alcott s classic and puts it through a gothic funhouse Chris Ryall s Twilight of the Gods places Loki in the teen world of Twilight as he is torn between Team Frost Giantess and Team Valkyrie Alcott Hautala s story is strange and eerie, full of creepy bits of horror that come sliding into the story in unexpected ways The writing is rather fantastic at times and I can say I often had very little idea of what was coming next Unfortunately there is a randomness to it all that ended up being confusing and, by the end, irritating It was as if the authors tried to throw everything they could think of at the story without really looking at the story as a whole Conversely, Ryall s tale is all of a piece This is an awesome story I would never guess that the drippy, bland world of Bella Edward Wolfie could be turned into a clever and fun quasi 90210 tale of romance run awry, with impudent, arrogant Loki torn between a hot blooded sword maiden and a giantess on the down low about her cold blooded nature The very clear WINNER Loki in Twilight of the Gods Finally we have Snow White Alice from Wonderland tag teaming Moby Dick s infamous Captain Ahab Sean Taylor s The Fairest of Them All is all sturm und drang dueling witches, a soldierly White Rabbit, lascivious dwarves, monsters fighting armies, worlds destroyed, an evil Alice and a tedious Snow White, ugh , and even a little Cthulhu mythos thrown in Nancy Collins From Hell s Heart has Captain Ahab, demon hunter, fighting the Wendigo in the frozen north I m sad to admit that I may have stacked the deck because this was not a fair fight Simply put, Taylor is long on ideas but short on talent his attempt to put a dark spin on two classics comes across as overly busy, eye rollingly juvenile, and just rather amateurish But Collins story is the real deal Elegant prose, wonderfully conveyed atmosphere, absorbing mysteries, and a suitably horrific monster made the whole endeavor a complete pleasure from beginning to end Her immortal Captain Ahab is a marvelous creation and deserves his own full length novel WINNER BY KNOCKOUT Capt Ahab From Hell s Heart There is a final story, out of competition Joe Lansdale s novella length Dread Island It is the best story in the collection Winners in descending order Dread IslandFrom Hell s HeartTwilight of the GodsQuoth the Rock StarPokky ManThe Green MenaceFrankenbilly

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    One of many recent books that are part of a new style of genre fiction called, CTRL ALT LIT, which is basically, genre mashup fiction An incredibly cool, put together anthology with new spins on classic stories and characters you should well know From Alice In Wonderland, to Snow White, to Huckleberry Finn vs Cthulhu, to Captain Ahab vs the Wendigo, to Billy the Kid vs Frankenstein, you meet up with a lot of familiar faces in memorable locations on some very strange and different adventures A couple of my favorites were by authors I ve already been a fan of for decades Joe R Lansdale and his Dread Island , a Huck Finn adventure horror that combines Mark Twain s world with H.P Lovecraft s, and is brilliant to say the least, and Nancy Collins From Hell s Heart , in which Captain Ahab, alive years after his Moby Dick encounter, comes on shore to target the Tuunbaq like Wendigo, which is my personal favorite amongst the 13 in this tome A couple of authors I didn t know, particulary, Sean Taylor, and his Fairest Of Them All where Alice in Wonderland and Snow White face the wicked Queen with a guest appearance by some of H.P Lovecraft s friends , is also memorable and a lot of fun All in all, a really great read though it shouldn t come as any surprise that you will probably have particular favorites over others You may even dislike a few, as can be expected with an anthology of this sort, knowing that you must suspend a great deal of disbelief to enjoy the stories contained within Highly recommended And what a wonderful cover by Menton3

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    Taking its cue from Monster Lit , those faddish take offs like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Classics Mutilated is a collection of 13 stories that combine different genres, literary classics, and fictional or historical characters Yet these tales, dubbed CTRL ALT LIT by editor Jeff Connor owes most of its zing to the computer age, noticeably the technique of the Mash up the mixing together of two or songs or videos into a new whole The various authors in this collection are given free rein to mix and mash various ideas and stories creating a eccentric assortment of strange fiction The result tends to be a bit uneven The best are brilliant and the least are little than novelties Yet when it is goodHere s a run down of my favorites Dread Island by Joe R Lansdale Even though it is the last story, I read it first due to both my love for all things Lansdale and its already legendary reputation The tale is a whopper Mixing Huckleberry Finn, Lovecraft, and Uncle Remus, Lansdale does a marvelous job channeling Mark Twain through a labyrinth of Brer people and Cut Through You Easily the best of the lot Five stars The Fairest of Them All by Sean Taylor Answers the age old question who would win in a grudge fight between Alice and Snow White Evokes both Tanith Lee and Angela Carter in its psychological manhandling of the classic fairly tales even if Alice is Tim Burton than Lewis Carroll Four stars Anne droid of Green Gable by Lezli Robyn Cute but old fashioned If it wasn t for the classic lit twist and the Steampunk, this tale would fit comfortably into Isaac Asimov s robot series A bit sweet for my taste but quite clever Three stars Death Stopped For Miss Dickinson by Kristine Kathryn Rusch Second best in the collection A darkly beautiful story featuring the poet Emily Dickinson There s than a taste of Charlotte Bronte in this evocative work Five stars Pokky Man by Marc Laidow A weird little send up of Werner Herzog and Pokemon Your enjoyment of this story will probably be parallel to your knowledge of the excellent documentary, Grizzly Man by Herzog Personally I was LMAO Four stars From Hell s Heart by Nancy Collins I haven t read Collins for ages This great piece of fiction tells me I need to check her out again The author brings back Captain Ahab from Moby Dick in a story that pits the literary style of Herman Melville against Algernon Blackwood This is the most chilling of the tales No pun intended Five stars The Green Menace by Thomas Tessier Joseph McCarthy vs frogs Yes, i said frogs Short, a bit of a one punch line story but fun Three stars Quoth the Rock Star by Rio Youers Jim Morrison meets Edgar Allen Poe, or less Good tense style evoking both Poe s dread and Morrison s rock and Roll angst Four stars.The rest go from near miss to by a mile However all of them are entertaining in one way or another This is a nifty anthology with a nice gimmick and good authors who can pull it off Don t miss the awesome illustrations by Mike Dubish and the striking cover art by Menton3.

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    This is an excellent collection of a form of twisted pastiches things that take literary excerpts and retell the stories in new ways, with elements added of the supernatural, horror, or suspense Crafted poorly, such stories can be painful and amateurish done well, they are compelling and bring new appreciation to the original work Classics Mutilated is overwhelmingly well done.The anchor story is form Joe Lansdale, taking Huck Finn down a much darker river, one which intersects with Uncle Remus and much worse Joe s always consistently brilliant, and this is no exception.There are many highlights in this books Anne droid of Green Gables, which is a heartwarming spin on the story of an outsider to a new space Twilight of the Gods recasting Twilight with Loki as Bella, fighting over two women whoa re attracted to him a hilarious pastiche that clearly surpasses the source material it mocks not that the bar was set very high and death stopped for Miss Dickinson, a short story that will give you new appreciation for Emily Dickinson s poems and is haunting A clever retelling of Little Women gets particular praise, for it manages to use what appears to be 80 90% of the original text, but with only subtle variations it turns the story dark, foreboding, and full of pathos The first story in the volume that pits Snow White alongside a dark Alice in Wonderland takes mythologies that certainly have been done before but in a way that is fresh and sharp.My appreciation for the two stories that highlight rock stars was much lessened, and while I thought the dark spin on Pokemon story was actually quite well crafted, my lack of knowledge of the genre probably caused em to appreciate it much less.

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    Classsics Mutilated is an anthology of 13 short stories that takes some literary classics and mashes them up with a twist of horror, that crosses genres, characters and the lines between them.Mutilated is kind of a misnomer for these stories, there s nothing mutilated or even stitched together about these stories They re a fusion of genres that enhances the originals Like alternate histories in writing a good mashup you have to have a good command of the material, balanced with a respect for the original while maintaining a sense of the irreverent about it Hopefully, the new story, besides being entertaining will also provide a better understanding or insight into the original, and these are well written stories.Some of the standout stories for me were Death Stopped for Miss Dickinson, which takes the literary assessment of Emily Dickinson courting death in her poetry from the figurative into the literal Kristine Kathryn Rusch writes a story that takes the fine lacey poetics of Dickinson and creates a story worthy of Dickinson Quoth The Rock Star has Jim Morrison entering the world of Edgar Allan Poe and The Raven as they battle it out for possession of a soul The author of Quoth, Rio Youers, writes one of the best descriptions of a Doors concert I ve ever read Youers interlaces Morrison s lyrics into the prose to create effect, tone and even real power in using Morrison s motif s and imagery in the telling of the story and will give Doors fans a rush of recognition.In From Hell s Heart Nancy Collins has Captain Ahab from Moby Dick fused with H.P Lovecraft I was never a big fan of Lovecraft when he was big in the mid 70 s because he always backed away from describing the horror, but Nancy Collins takes that extra step and describes Lovecraft s indescribable Frankenbilly, is a western homage to the B movie It meshes Frankenstein with the 60 s classic Billy the Kid Versus Dracula While successfully serving the flavor of a western and a B movie, without degenerating into B writing.For rock fans that want to continue in vein of Quoth The Rock Star, Mark Morris Vicious has Sid Vicious on tour in the U.S meeting up with a Voodoo priestess or two, and definitely maintains Vicious attitude and outlook towards life Twilight of the Gods has Norse mythology going to high school and meeting the 90210 world An apt tongue in cheek look at The Gods.The H.G Wells story The Island of Dr Moreau never seemed to work in concept either in Wells work or in the movies But in The Happiest Hell on Earth, John Skipp and Cody Goodfellow have Moreau working much better when he meets up with a Walt Disneyesque Hollywood impresario.In Classics Mutilated there is a quotient of fun in the stories, a joie de vive in the writing, that you can even see in titles like Anne Droid of Green Gables Classics Mutilated is a good for anyone who likes literature and or horror and is looking for a little different perspective on either A reading of Classics Mutilated will bring back fond memories and may even send you back to the originals.

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    There were one or two stories that I had to struggle to get trough, but overall an excellent collection There were so many well written and very interesting twists on the classics in here that I couldn t put the book down I will give my thoughts on a couple of them.Fairest of Them All by Sean Taylor This story was very well written, and I loved the fact that he combined all of the classic females into one story and even made them sisters Outstanding story.Twilight of the Gods by Chris Ryall I very thouroughly enjoyed this one Being a big fan of the stories of the old gods , this is probably the first time I ever rooted for Loki The story had a very nice flow to it, as content packed as it was.Vicious by Mark Morris I love rock star horror, and this story hit the mark What happens when one of one of the worlds biggest punk icons has a run in with a voodoo witch This story was so good, it actually made me go so, that s what happened to him , just for a second.Dread Island by Joe R Lansdale Every now and again a short story comes along that blows you away, makes you wish there was an entire novel based on it, better yet, an entire series of novels This is that story Mr Lansdale has created one of the most original worlds ever in this story Using Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer, he drags the reader into the story deeper and deeper by adding and to the story by way of compelling characters If you ever wondered what would happen if Huck were to go to work for the X Files, this story is it There were many many great stories in this book, but these were my favorites, the ones that stood out in my mind long after reading this book Oh, and Mr Lansdale book series based on Dread Island seriously do it.

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    I bought this book for the Mythos aspects of some of the stories Overall a great read, but it did have a few stories that were hit and miss They offer this book now in 4 mini books Huck Finn, Captain Ahab and the Snow white stories were my favorite.

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    This is an interesting collection of short horror stories I enjoyed most of them, my favorite in the bunch is From Hell s Heart, though The Fairest of Them All is a close second I could see those two working as full sized novels.

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    Great mix of stories, featuring Mash Ups of not only books, but some movies as well Awesome Illustrations as well.

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    Favorites Anne Droid of Green Gables, From The Heart of Hell, Frankenbilly, The Happiest Hell on Earth, and of course Dream Island

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